Clint Watts On The White House’s Effort To Combat Vaccine Disinformation

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts and Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire discuss the White House’s efforts to combat vaccine disinformation .

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    1. @TommyK I just responded to your defamation correcting you. Do you have a memory of a goldfish? Poor thing.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Looking around at my living conditions I have to laugh at you. I have no running water and live in Appalachia. What did you think it looked like ?

    3. @Roger Brown I have seen the living conditions of Appalachia, if you have internet, electricity for a fridge and ac, you have running water, unless you didn’t pay your bill.

  1. Daily Reminder: January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. @Cup o’ Sooth trump said ” this is the democrats new hoax”, he also said ” it will magically disappear”

    2. @Cup o’ Sooth trump most certainly did mock a disable reporter it was on live tv, look this up on YOUTUBE

    3. @Cup o’ Sooth continues wars under trump.
      NO historic peace deals, historic would be peace between Palestine and Israel
      moving the embassy is no big deal
      trump so called trade deal is the same as NAFTA
      first step act is not much different than obama’s second chance act
      first step act and prison reform go together and they only work if you fund them
      funding a black university for 10 years is NOT permanantly
      again EO’s only work when congress rights the law
      the economy went downhill after trump implemented his tax cuts for the rich and the tariffs. There was NO skyrocketing after covid because trump was NOT here and did NOTHING for the economy
      trump is the only one who separated families,
      VA reform was Obama’s
      a nomination for the Nobel Peace prize is NOT big news
      ISIS was NOT ended they are still going strong
      trump was NOT the toughest on russia sanctions because he was FORCED into signing bills with sanctions in them
      trump did NOT condemn white supremacy 38 or more times
      progress to fight human trafficking slowed under trump
      the EUA is NOTHING new Obama used that for the H1N1

  2. Story today on rawstory about med staff feeling angry about having to care for rising number of covid cases, among they unvax

    1. @Roger Brown Why do you folks lie like Trump? Fun fact, it’s none of your business. Get over yourself.

    1. I wish I could share a meme of that kid dancing and then label it with “Me dancing around all the republicans or respirators in the covid wing, without my mask on”

    1. The crowd was unbelievable and I mentioned the word ‘love,’ the love in the air, I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said of his rally on the Ellipse. “That’s why they went to Washington.”

      He added: “Too much spirit and faith and love, there was such love at that rally, you had over a million people,” inflating the size of his rally crowd.


    2. @No Show Joe russia is having their problems too – almost 800 comments in three months ? What’s that half a ruble per comment? FOH

    1. Democrats are the chief proponents of misinformation- if we’re being serious and honest. 🤷‍♂️

    2. @Scientific Methodologist Your username belies your lack of critical thinking and logic.
      Misinformation is rampant regardless of party lines or affiliation.

    3. Obviously MAGAtards don’t care if Trump was vaccinated or not which is kinda odd.

    4. If Trump only told his supporters to get vaccinated, instead of whining about fake voter “fraud”, things would improve vastly.

  3. Goebbels in 1941 said, “There are so many lies that truth and swindle can scarcely be distinguished.”

    MAGAs are going to the grave just to “own the libs.”

    Fox, Trump, and the republican party, are responsible for the needless loss of thousands of lives. Their lies have consequences.

    1. Rupert Murdoch, who shoved to the head of the vax queue, butting in past the Queen, to get his shot, gets his Fox minions, Tucker & Ingraham, (who also both wisely chose to vaccinate along with their families) to spin lurid tales of masked government brown shirts showing up at your door to jab you with poison and rob you of your God given freedoms.

    2. TFG is such a fan of Hitler and Goebbels using their warped propaganda and philosophy it’s no surprise. And his supporters cling stubbornly to him apparently willing to die. Cult anyone?

  4. Why don’t commentators tell the public each time, that Trump, and any commentator on Fox have all taken the vaccine.

    1. It could be a fun word experiment but to act as if it would make even the slightest difference to them… it’s optimistic to the point of ‘silly’.

    2. I agree with this statement. I also want to say why don’t they say it. Clearly we all know that the trump family got vaccinated.

  5. Fox: Trump deserves credit for the Trumpcine
    Fox: don’t take the poison

    Trumpists: We don’t understand the meaning of “deserves” and “credit”. So we just take the second statement to heart

  6. A function in large part of the GOP, this mass mental illness of Republicans is itself a public health issue of grave importance.

    1. Well done, comrade. I see you have read the talking points memo. If you now call everything “racist”, your homework assignment will be completed.

  7. These selfish and ignorant people should be held accountable for infecting others and increasingly isolated from the public like they are doing in France

    1. @bryan buhrman yes! Like abortion! You finally get it! No one else dies from MY abortion. You anti-vaxxers are putting your family, friends, people you don’t know, your community, at risk. For NO REASON. New variants will rise. 99.5 percent of people in hospital are unvaccinated. Get real.

  8. The News Media will not call out the Right Wing Extremist Republicans for their Anti-Mask and Anti-Vax Position on the Country’s Coronavirus Control Efforts, however it is Common Knowledge that republicans are holding the country back in its effort to control the spread of the coronavirus.

  9. I’m in Missouri. There’s a l9cal doctor who has continually, for over a year now, posted anti-vax and virus denial on his personal and office’s FB page. I have been reporting it as false info/ health all this time, but his site continues with the lies. FB has done nothing.

    1. Paging Doctor Cris, Doctor Cris. Report immediately to the fact room to perform medical superiority surgery. Show that local doctor who’s boss!

  10. Why did you cut Jen’s clip before she said that the WH is working with Facebook to flag and remove content? That’s the whole story. Wtf

  11. I hope Steve Doocey took that info from Vivek Murphy back to the Fox “news” team after the press conference. They are just as bad as FB!

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