Clinton, Bush, Obama Come Together To Discuss The Importance Of A Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC 1

Clinton, Bush, Obama Come Together To Discuss The Importance Of A Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC


Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama joined together to discuss the importance of a peaceful transfer of power. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Clinton, Bush, Obama Come Together To Discuss The Importance Of A Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC


  1. It’s kinda surreal seeing these three former presidents come together, each defining a decade of my life: Clinton in the ‘90s, Bush in the ‘00s, and Obama in the ‘10s. They all had a hand in shaping my political awareness, for better and for worse.

    1. @Bob Ross Trump tried very hard to start war. With Iran, and within the USA. Yes, the real war he struggled so hard to start was for total control of the USA, and he tried a coup, and threatened full-on civil war. His followers will continue to try. That try for war with Iran was a sideshow.

    1. @Sherry Chrisp relate your proof of what you allege or allude. Otherwise, you’re just another embittered complainer who spins yarns about massive conspiracies.

    2. @Turd Ferguson Yes, Obama referenced himself a lot in speaches. But it was better than “I know more about (fill in with subject) than (fill in with name or position of person/people who are professionals in the subject )”

    3. @Victor Pradha I definitely attached a link to all that.. that’s not a conspiracy.. that’s literally WikiLeak documents.. there’s A LOTthere.. don’t know where you get off saying anything to me without first at least looking?. Don’t look in front of children.. there are pictures of murder victims..

    1. it’s funny coz bush was particularly but the Donald trump presidency has washed the stain of Bush’s presidency away

    2. @bob lee I was thinking the same thing. How easily we forget…scary to think we’ll forgive and forget Trump and his enablers so easily!

    1. @jim jones why are you counting regions where Russia was selling weapons to dictators? oh I see.. 😛

    1. All three of these presidents were war criminals Clinton having more sexual harassment charges and bill Cosby George Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and Obama operation fast and furious . Let’s not forget the patriot act the national offense authorization act and dozens of other laws That led to spying on its own citizens wire tapping illegal search and seizures You must be brainwashed by the same media telling you to look at the puppet over here don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain

    2. @Rebecca Z According to an interview Trump did in 1998, he said that if he were to run for office it would be as a Republican as they are so dumb and he could lie all of the time and they would never catch on. Guess he was right in one thing.

      I guess you are one of those dumb people Trump was relying upon. How does that make you feel? Get some tissues so you can explore that.

    3. @Geovanny Not meaning to be mean, as I agree with the meaning of your sentence, however, the word you were looking for is ‘disgraced’. Minor error, but if we are going to use that it’s best to get the correct word. And I shall try to remember to use your corrected title as much as possible.

    4. @Kathleen Rose According to an interview Trump did in 1998 he said that if he were to run for office it would be as a Republican as they are so dumb and he could lie all of the time and they would never catch on. Guess he was right in one thing. You still believing in the Disgraced President is even more hilarious.

    1. @ZavionSteel How many members of Obama’s administration were charged with crimes or jailed? Not one. Despite many Republican attempts that wasted millions of dollars and found nothing. Now do I agree with all of the things that Obama did? No.

      Do you know who holds the record for the items I listed? St. Ronnie of Reagan. Do you know who tripled the national debt in 8 years? St. Ronnie of Reagan. And St. Ronnie of Reagan gave a speech in Japan after he was out of office that paid him a mere $1 million. I’m guessing you are proud of that.

    1. for a moment I forgot about D*** **ump. I was like wow here’s 2 former Dem. president and we got only one former Rep. president there?? how come. then was like a yes the nightmare is clearing up!

  2. It’s a little weird hearing presidents talk about anything other than themselves…maybe its cus we had 4 years of a hole

  3. HERE ARE THE THREE PRESIDENTS THAT SERVED TWO WHOLE TERMS. Then we had one with two impeachments and barely a term that didn’t serve the country but himself.

    1. And it just sad that he wouldn’t come to the inauguration and welcome the new president and first lady in, Michelle and Obama didn’t do them like that, when I seen Biden and his wife standing there alone, before they entered the White House for the first time, my heart cringed. That was just wrong, and it’s no way to act. Just sad.

    1. These 3 gentlemen account for 24 years of running our country and I thank each of them for their service to our nation .Im sure all 3 were outraged at what happened at the Capital January 6th because I know I was

    2. Thank you to our former President’s for speaking together about what it is to have been president. People like us, working together!

  4. Bill Clinton: *”We are trying to come back to normalcy.”*
    That is how far deep into dangerous territory Donald Trump steered America.

    1. @Saltyrobot ,lol, does Clinton still attack women? Isn’t Trump about to go to court for attacking a woman, not the ones he admitted to grabbing their…? I believe they both went to the same school and got a degree in that behavior.

    2. Dangerous territory alright…his maga plan, weve still got to come out of it, so many disillusioned fearbased supporters of his gone cray cray…and they got guns

    1. See what you mean; however, perhaps surreal also because Trump spent so much of his energy trying to divide us.

    1. There was a kinda cute moment when Congressman Steny Hoyer presented Biden with the inauguration photo:
      Hoyer: Dr. Biden. Mr. President-
      Biden: Joe.
      Hoyer: *obvious warmth* No, Joe. You’re “Mr. President.”

    2. They’re all “Mr. President” for life, but Obama called W “George” too…. it’s just that they’re on equal footing.

      Least no one called Pres. Carter Jimbo…lol.

    3. But with all due respect I feel like I could call him Joe and walk up to him and have a conversation like old friends. I also feel that way about President Obama and Clinton and yes now even President Bush. Blessing to you all that truly is the hardest job Gods Blessing President Biden.

    1. They were! May we all come together, beyond our differences, and get our country rolling towards better days!

  5. I’m in Canada and I felt like crying with joy and relief listening to these three decent human beings.

    1. You’re so right. Trump was his own worst enemy; then he blamed the other person always. It was his “style”.

    2. @Debbie Henri You’re so right Debbie, except that these grown men of stature would have shut down the mewling toddler in about three seconds flat :)) Stay well, enjoy your new President, good luck, fair winds USA

  6. “We can all breathe a huge sigh of relief – Donald Trump’s tyranny is over.”
    Martin Luther King. “I Have a Dream.” 1963 speech concludes ….
    “Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

    1. won’t be over until Congress passes new laws that limit the time someone can campaign for an election. Other countries have such laws for a reason. By limiting the period politicians can claim that what they say in public is political campaigning, it will prevent constant or endless lying by politicians under the guise that it is protected by political speech laws which allow lies to be excused as opinions. In fact, they should also make a law that makes it illegal for networks to lie to the public in their broadcasts, just like it used to be before the Reagan administration changed the laws to allow Fox to engage in false propaganda after Nixon’s impeachment showed them that they needed to lie to the public to hide presidential crimes in the future which they promptly did during the Iran-Contra fiasco.

    2. @in ter The item you are referring to is the Fairness Doctrine. St. Ronnie really was not in to fairness.

    3. @in ter very good point, Trump never stopped campaigning since he came down the escalator all the way to his farewell rally.

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