Clinton Impeachment Manager: Without Evidence, Witnesses Trump Will Be Acquitted | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Clinton Impeachment Manager: Without Evidence, Witnesses Trump Will Be Acquitted | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


    1. The evidence provided in the articles of impeachment is substantial and overwhelming. There is no need for witnesses. Just in cast though…. Where’s Hunter? Has anyone seen Hunter?

    1. Margaret Nicol : So you expect the senators in all those red states to vote against the wishes of the people they represent ?

    2. Real Americans already are free. Those suffering TDS and shackled to the Fed Govt are the only ones seeking freedom. Move out of your cities and embrace America. Second thought, don’t. You people corrupt the good places in America.

  1. Americans will show what they are made of….wanting truth or not caring if their government is run by a crime family

  2. Trump will be acquitted with witnesses cuz the Republicans are just as guilty tryin to cover up he is GUILTY regardless he is GUILTY and will be held accountable oops he has been IMPEACHED either way. Clinton was a player took care of America but was IMPEACHED trump is a CRIMINAL DESTROYING America but Republicans look the other way.

  3. To Independents like me, gun owners, business owners, veterans, the GOP disrespect for oaths, country, Constitution, and duty has pushed us away. We won’t be voting GOP this year, perhaps never again.

  4. A pity, if it’s true, the end of the USA.
    Is it not time to start asking what needs to CHANGE?
    Perhaps try inviting some INTELLIGENT people on the show.

  5. This hoax impeachment is a waste of time and money. Good thing the senate won’t waste much time on the stupidity.

  6. Republicans have already announced that he’ll be acquitted, no evidence or testimony required, like sheep for a dictator.

  7. They can always impeach him again :/ depending if the Senate is running a cover up too. Plus it seems the charged him with lots of obstruction

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