1. They didn’t find clear evidence because they gave Hillary a heads up and
    chance to destroy evidence.

    It wasn’t a single email account it was a private server which she wiped.

  2. and how is it her public statements not part of the investigation?? how can
    an investigator not consider this as part not have the Congress send a

  3. they all have been bought off.. they are all criminals and all our
    government has been infiltrated.. Doesnt it make you feel safe having these
    types of people working for the people of America, and dosnt it make you
    even more proud that our hard earned taxes pay these people good good

  4. here is what you are forgetting she was required by law to turn over all
    work related emails immediately after serving she only turned them over
    because of the bengazi hearing she kept them for 2 years wich is a crime
    she a scum bag putting our people in harms way so she could hide the
    clinton foundation crimes

  5. she is criminal clear as crystal. and comey is puppet over all i dont see
    any Congress man with ball to take a right action on the case with enough

  6. Dr Evil was missing his suits and he thinks he just may have just found out
    who has been stealing them!

    1. The mayority is not voting for her, but the press_titute says it is to
      confuse the people. They even forge the polls, when in reality Trump is
      more popular than her.

  7. The issue is not really about her sending state secrets, bad as thats is.
    She with premeditated intent to avoid oversight & official information
    requests set up a communication system, that is an offence no ifs buts or
    maybe’s IT is AN OFFENCE. As at today this ploy has worked. When caught she
    deleted & destroyed information. Is that the actions of an innocent party?
    SHE decided what evidence was viewed. SHE has NO right to do this & should
    have been arrested on the spot. There has got to be something wrong with
    her mentally to continue to just lie about everything , it is as if it is
    part of who she is. When caught, cornered etc she just starts lying. I
    think is called pseudologia fantastica or mythomania, she has it diognosed
    or not.

  8. The inability of America’s criminal justice system to prosecute this woman,
    makes us the laughingstock of the world.

  9. Throw the hag in the penitentiary!!!! Donald Trump for president! Latinos
    for Trump right here! Donald Trump for president! President Trump 2016!!!

  10. “I would certainly do differently if I could.” What does that mean? If I
    COULD? She spoke truth, she CAN’T.

  11. Yawn …the giant mound of hardened Cheez Whiz running for president
    boasting about sexually assaulting women is much more interesting and

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