Clooney's call for action against corruption in South Sudan 1

Clooney’s call for action against corruption in South Sudan


Actor George Clooney and his business partner John Prendergast are calling for action against multi-national companies and brokers who are profiting off the violence and instability in South Sudan. CNN's Nima Elbagir spoke with them about their campaign to stop what they call the "looting" of the central African nation. #CNN #News


  1. This is a pure joke I’m sorry to be sooo neg but Clooney we already know. The consequence and accountability should begin w our own actions.

    1. This is a fundraiser campaign. Just about using tragedy for money.
      If they fix the problem there will be no tragedy to fundraise off of.
      All actors do this on their downtime.

  2. Sadly arms dealings, and war profiteering is sadly so going on and all countries small and large like the United States

    1. It will not help. Trump is out of control and the republicans will not do anything to help. The USA is on the road of destruction with Trump in office.

    2. I guess you don’t believe in the right to free speech. So noted. (Assuming it is legal – and this CERTAINLY is) George Clooney should say whatever George Clooney wants to say.

    1. Stop invoking that jew’s name on this Jewish network. He’s dead and totally not huding out on his other secret island indulging in sex with underage girls like we all wish we were.

  3. So glad he said publicly… the West and Europe profit off of the naive and poor. We are the biggest culprits. Our own backyard poverty will stay impovershed, as long as we let the corruption at the top, fool us. It is the words and the guts of the poor, that will one day turn it all around. I personally thank god for the diversity of human.

    1. @Justin Jones , only a few Republicans? Wow. Gtfoh. Most Democrats are trash, but they’ve got nothing on Republicans these days.

    2. @Mimi Keel well the Republicans who work against President Trump have to go. But the Democrats who are socialists that want to give away our tax dollars to foreigners instead of Americans are the worse

  4. A joke Clooney is , nobody cares, oh what’s that georgie girl Trump will never be president , your words are a waste

  5. I’m sorry.
    When this country has so many homeless, I don’t listen to millionaires.
    It’s just a rule I have.

    1. California, New York, and Chicago just to name a few.
      Where is the cry to help these people ?
      Well Trump n Carson have plan for California. Watch the tour Carson took . Listen to what he says….
      Carson is a good man. Has very caring heart and puts it to action.

      Also….do not care what celebrities say or think. They are ones who led many astray w their garbage……now my eyes are open and never again . Hollywood is hellhole of demons who serve gods that are evil.

    2. 60% of the entire population of South Sudan is facing starvation, real starvation! George Clooney has been consistently bringing awareness to South Sudan and other nations where the common citizenry suffer unimaginably daily. George Clooney doesn’t do this to further his own interests, he does because he genuinely cares about the people no matter their nationality.

    1. Jan fromOz the guy held fundraisers for Obama and Hillary for them to receive millions in legal bribes, he supported those 2 candidates who have a horrible record on foreign policy, never criticized them, man I hate neolibs

    2. @Morenito Moreno ‘legal bribes? . . what’s going on in DC now is full fighting ‘Swamp Monsters’ & impeachable felonies.

    3. Jan fromOz what do you call it when pharmaceutical fat cats give “campaign donations” to politicians across the aisle so they can keep inflating the price of their drugs which in most cases where developed by tax payer funded researchers?

    4. @Morenito Moreno what does ‘across the aisle’ mean? swamp monster criminals are on all sides, that the ironic part of my 1st comment. Clooney has high ideals but he expects current policy makers to give a rats about corruption in Sudan?

  6. Profiting off of the conflict in Sudan. Would be nice to have my own “Foundation” where most of the donations are written off as “EXPENSES” for those who run it. Stay in expensive hotels. All traveling costs paid for by the “Foundation” and on and on it goes …

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