Closing In On Trump? Vet Of Office Pursuing Trump Org Says DA 'Going For Indictments' 1

Closing In On Trump? Vet Of Office Pursuing Trump Org Says DA ‘Going For Indictments’


The Manhattan DA has convened a grand jury to weigh possible charges in the criminal probe into the Trump Organization, according to reporting by The Washington Post. The grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict Trump and other executives at his company. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by former DOJ official Andrew Weissmann, MSNBC’s Neal Katyal, and former federal prosecutor Daniel Alonso.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Ayn Rand

      January 6th. The greatest temper tantrum in US history. Kicking, screaming and assaulting the capitol police to please your violent and emotional impulses. “Temper tantrum is a liberal with a mask”? LMFAO, look who is talking

    2. @Johnny English what? That didn’t happen. You need watch other videos or something. I saw much worse in Ohio, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin among others. Capital Police shot Ashli Babbitt in the face and killed her. A veteran too. Johnny, you must not trust MSNBC for all your opinions. When was the last time MSNBC talked about unarmed Ashli being killed?

    1. Looking at at a possible international contract on Weisselberg if he is that important to Trump & his children with others in the huge Trump organization & beyond that. Remember what happened to Jeffrey Epstein in USA jail because he knew to much for his own good that involved both political parties. I hope Weisselberg is surrounded with a lot of security at all times.

  1. Eric looks like he retains information at a slower pace than everyone around him. Donald will dump him first.

    1. @John James not an ounce of credible evidence stating Trump is a Billionaire, only his words which are of zero value.

    1. @Santy Clause yes, I thought the same (but a stainless steel plate)! Finally nobody likes that trump is able to harm himself with the pieces of the mirror. He should be able to enjoy his stay untill the bitter end.
      Generally I do not write like this, but I make an exception for evil and bad Trump.

    2. We pray our choice/ da great man of da world former President Donald J Trump who has entered bible prophecy by bringing lsraeli Jerusalem now da enemy is using its agents to downfall him but we will stand by him ,pray for him

    1. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Billionaires, unfortunately, in the United States don’t go to jail, only poor people who sell drugs on corners do. ,,….,

    2. @John James hm I hear, Trump is no billionaire, all borrowed and fake. So maybe, he will go

    1. @John B so you will be sticking around when you can no longer ignore that trump gave data on American citizens to Russia that they used to influence the election? You will be ok that he is a massive tax criminal?

    2. @John B You know who is the mommy’s boy. You know who told me? Your Mom. I paid her to film me. And your lady. Wanna see it? Check out your lady’s Only Fans site.

    3. @John B I’m sure you do have “all night”. And that might be one of your problems. Perhaps you should go do something productive with your life rather than wasting it on your conspiracies. There’s a beautiful world out there beyond your basement. Close the laptop and go be free from your insanity.

    1. Looking at at a possible international contract on Weisselberg if he is that important to Trump & his children with others in the huge Trump organization & beyond that. Remember what happened to Jeffrey Epstein in USA jail because he knew to much for his own good that involved both political parties. I hope Weisselberg is surrounded with a lot of security at all times.

  2. Donald jr will fall on the sword. Trump would have no problem with his children going to prison.

    1. @Mark Argent nobody is overturning a legit election, they’re investigating massive fraud which is a big difference. No , transparency for the sake of the integrity of every election is the right thing to do. I know ur badly misinformed and a loyal democrat the party of the KKK I can tell……. I also know u haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in maricopa county where the officials there never had the passwords to certify the election or have access to the dominion machines not to mention recently someone deleted all files luckily they were too stupid and now the audit team got all the files back and the audit team has reported massive irregularities aka massive fraud !!! I dnt know what “everything else and there’s a lot and u know it” mean because all dark roads lead to ur party . He will never be back in the White House ?? Lmao wishful thinking …….. us minorities are passing the word around , and a lot are starting to wake up …….. ur in for a big surprise!

    2. @Enrique Alvarez no he tried to overturn Georges election.
      Look guys i just need 11780 votes thats all .
      Thats trying to overturn an election result.
      So get your facts right.
      I forgot you lot don’t like facts
      He lost get over it.

    3. @Mark Argent no he didn’t that was also fake !!! Again the media has u by the neck and ur not thinking for yourself . The call was released and no malice was done he remained well within his legal parameter!! Yea he said he needed those votes but ur taking it out of context ……. He didn’t force him to put them there he was asking them to properly audit the ballots that he atleast needed those numbers not that to add them illegaly Jesus Christ !!! U can’t be this dumb I swear !! No actually he never lost and we will know very soon ! Ur so proud of biden this is what’s going on

      -mass job losses
      -lied about $2000 stimulus
      -gas outages
      -more than 100,000 jobs lost
      – border crisis
      -war in the Middle East There was none with trump
      -putting more kids in cages I live next to the border so don’t get to thinking u know more lefty
      -exodus of democrat states
      -inflation on everything including wood , gas , food ,
      – he lied to u ignorant fools he is building the wall
      -he can’t walk up stairs
      – he mumbles too much
      – they’re not following CDC guidelines
      – called Trump a dictator for 20 some executive orders that on his first day he signed more than 40
      – jobs are outsourcing and fleeing the US
      – giving money to Iran
      -u guys called us nazis and ur the ones laughing and attacking Jews
      – biden fired the first black surgeon general I bet u love that to
      – 81 million votes even more than Obama yet his viewership doesn’t reflect that not in the least bit he has the worst ratings of all time . His state of the union he only had 6000 viewers … recently Trump updated his page and had more than 29 million views !
      – hunter biden laptop
      – if u dnt vote for me then u ain’t black -biden !! I bet u loved that one to.
      -said minorities are stupid that we dnt know how to use the Internet or know where the dmv is I bet u love that one to because racists stick together .

      I could keep going but I know u can’t ever change an ignorant mind that loves racism

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath. American laws and consequences tend to give people in power a wide berth. I would like to see it though.

    2. @Zella417b Carter Tell us what criminal acts Biden and Obama did! Biden’s son is irrelevant, he holds no office, he is standing for no office. Also while you are about it, tell us why you think that because Biden/Obama got away with criminal acts that Trump should be excused for his many crimes.

  3. The words “donald trump” and “naked” should never be used in the same sentence. Ever.

    1. @Ayn Rand Jealous you’re the funniest person I’ve seen all day with your comments keep up the comedy routine don’t you have a Q conspiracy theory you need to update your cell phone. Maybe an insurrection to plan. Do you have a date with trashy manly Neanderthal steroid using Marjorie Taylor green there’s got to be something you could be doing

    1. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Billionaires, unfortunately, in the United States don’t go to jail, only poor people who sell drugs on corners do. ,,…

  4. I wonder if Lindsey Graham Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz are all practicing their we barely knew the president’s speech

    1. They will continue the same rhetoric even after Trump will be convicted, because they only care about his base of brainwashed hillbillies,riot lovers, Insurrection heroes, Qanan messiah crap..they care only about votes for holding onto power.. no more no less.

    2. @Управляющая компания ТОР Групп Totally, I Iive in the US southern states, and it’s horrific how much willful ignorance is prided here.

  5. Please USA, get to the bottom of it all – find the truth, whatever it is
    and have the courage to realize appropriate justice-consequences

    1. The United States Congress can’t even agree on a commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. I believe there are too many people willing to help Trump avoid consequences for his crimes. The Republican Party is the party of insurrectionists…

  6. Mar-a-Larceny is a tornado zone right now, I’m sure. Wouldn’t want to be an employee there right now.

    1. @Kendall Peters the stupid lie about “good people on both sides” come on now. Grow up. Trump says mean things. So what! Our economy was better, we had peace and the border was secure. What has Biden done?

    2. @Ayn Rand
      – “Trump says mean things.”
      You mean treasonous things, twisted things, untrue things, dangerous things, stupid things, deceitful things and moronic things?
      – “So what!”
      As in “so what, if he tried to destroy the democracy”?
      – “Our economy was better”
      No. The stock prices were higher. A better economy is something else. The economy is better, when a large majority of the people do better economically. That wasn’t the case.
      – “we had peace”
      Inside borders? No you didn’t. Trump also tried to start a war with Iran, but others succeeded in talking him out of it minutes before that attack would have been launched. Courting of world’s dictators and betraying allies also showed that Trump doesn’t care at all about peace.
      – “…and the border was secure.”
      Meaning what? That no people came illegally across the border to the USA? Not true. If you meant something else, give us some meaningful statistics about the matter from reliable sources.
      – “What has Biden done?”
      Oh, the “I’m just asking questions” approach. If you think that Biden hasn’t got anything meaningful done (during the first few months of his presidency), why don’t you stand straight and say so. We can then continue the debate from that, if you want. Anyway, you can’t measure a presidency based on the first four months of it. You also have to remember that it takes a lot of time and attention of the current government just to undo the damage that the incompetence and criminality of the previous government has done to the nation. There are also ongoing attacks by the Trump’s supporters against the democratic system, which burdens the government. Nothing like that was going on against Trump’s government when he started.

    3. @Ayn Rand absolutely. At least he doesn’t have 26 sexual assault charges under his belt. Waiting on a DNA sample for that poor woman that’s been holding onto her dress for 30 years. We have actual proof from the Supreme Court that you can check on any search engine, in seconds, to know that he’s a criminal, show me something on Biden? I don’t care what his kids do show me something on Biden himself. You can’t. It doesn’t exist.

    4. @Ado Atero I believe I can delete my comments now because you pretty much summed up everything that I’ve already said. Thank you for taking the time to type out that comment. I certainly do appreciate it. That saves me a lot of trouble and distress, as I don’t want to argue with this woman anymore or this person. They are too far gone.

  7. Too bad none of the grown ups was taught/disciplined in humility, respect, sincerity, honesty etc’s.

    1. Well, as long as the shower pressure is okay Donny should do just fine in his new home.

  8. “He worked for me, but I had zero to little interaction with him. I had no idea what he was doing with my money. This explains why I lost so many properties. ” -Teflon Don

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