1. Would you accept the election a result if you win?😂😂😂😂guess I’ll have to move back there. I was born there. I think I’ll go back and help turn the state blue they need help what a bunch of wackos

    1. Something that’s nice to see is people that see the truth and we can sit here and chat like Norman normal people when a Donald Trump supporter still set and denies

  2. Soooo they are going to contest their own GOP primary??? Uhh…. Really??? Wow… just…. Wow…

    1. ​@Deborah Freedman I’m from Oregon as well and I have to say it’s California, Texas, Idaho and Montana that’s really fucking us up

    2. Wisconsin here and we have our embarrassment (call out by name during the Jan. 6 hearings) I feel your pain!

  3. “Raise your hand if you’re actually having children and saying stupid stuff in public forums?” What a fool that woman is.

  4. That should prove to you guys once and for all that the Matrix is real and Trump minions are clearly locked in the amniotic fluid filled chambers , but thinking their minds are actually free! 😅😆🤣

  5. Can we just make a new law that if you believe stupid things you can’t run for office?

  6. Don’t Y’all laugh at the AZ GOP Debate! They’re doing the best they can, under the possession of 45! God Save my Grand Canyon State!

  7. Arizona has had universal mail ballots since 1992. I jumped on it because I was an RN working 12 hour day shifts with no ability to change my schedule if it fell on election day. Since then Arizona has elected Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden. That’s Arizona.

    1. @Sherrill Whately Colorado and Oregon have had predominately mail in balloting for many many years already. And it works perfectly. Every state should have it. It is more efficient, costs much less, gets better voter participation, and is a real incentive for more people to actually vote. There are drop boxes at thousands of locations … libraries, community centers, etc. It just makes no sense that this system is not used in every state.

    2. @Sandi Harris yikes. Why is it so hard for you folks to appreciate making voting available to ALL legal voters?

    3. @Sherrill Whately What truth dear? That the elections were fair and proper? Keep carrying water for your god, and PLEASE!!! Don’t forget to donate to his legal fund! It’s so important that not only you but your father and mother should also donate everything they can. Sell your house and give ALL proceeds to trump. He’ll take care of it and make sure to take care of you. Trust in trump…. Donate EVERYTHING you have!!! It’s soooo important!!

    1. @William Parks Conservatives: You’ll never take ma gun!
      Also Conservatives: Government can tell me what I can do in the privacy of my home and what I can do with my body.

  8. We never appreciate anything we have until it’s gone, including democracy which we’re throwing away with every trumper we elect.

    1. The fact that you don’t perform violence against the fascists is the sole indicator of whether or not you deserve democracy. If you won’t be violent against fascist, you don’t deserve democracy. That is very simple. If you can’t fight for it, you don’t deserve it.

  9. 😂🤣😂 Let me think, “If I lose it means it was stolen from me!” These jerks crack me up!

  10. That, “We’re going to see what happens,” answer is the same Trump gave to the question, “Will you respect the results of the election.” There should be a federal law, that anyone who gives such an answer, to that question, is instantly disqualified. Nobody, who refuses to accept the voters’ choice, should be allowed to run.

  11. You should have seen the Wyoming debate Cheney was in. Watched it on Hal Sparks channel, absolute freak show, thank God Hal keep us laughing.

    1. Pretty soon the next GOP debate will have a head banging contest.
      Last person standing without falling into unconsciousness wins. 😵

    1. @Teena Selman
      Good Job.
      And go to their channel, and report ever troll/bot spamming.
      It only takes a second. And it’s actually Fun getting a hit in on the cult 👍

    2. Hmmm fascism please enlighten us what is a fascist exactly. I mean I haven’t heard a single Republicans make any fascist statements. So please explain to the rest of us what a fascist is and why specifically you view them as such…..

  12. I think that moderator just hit rock bottom at that point. He was looking at the camera and was like, “I just want to talk about policy during a primary debate with serious debate. Now I’m here having to act like some sort of doctor in a talk circle with psychiatric patients awaiting an lobotomy who might end up becoming a serious nominee for governor of Arizona. What happened to my life?”

  13. The crazy thing is I never agreed with Ms cheney in my life until now. I can’t help but respect her. Who else put their career on the line for what is right and best for the country? John mccain and her. Bravo ms cheney.

    1. McCain was an exemplary Republican, with morals well above his pocket. I don’t live in your country, but it’s sad to see what it’s become!

  14. The best part was the woman who asked everyone to raise their hand would later keep saying “Is this a spoof?” like she was the sane one in the room.

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