Clumsy Arizona GOP Audit Stunt Risks Harming Faith In Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Clumsy Arizona GOP Audit Stunt Risks Harming Faith In Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs talks with Rachel Maddow about why Arizona Republicans risk causing damage to democracy beyond their own state as they push their election audit stunt with low regard for fairness, transparency, or security of the ballots. Aired on 04/28/2021.
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Clumsy Arizona GOP Audit Stunt Risks Harming Faith In Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Issac Asimov

    1. @Jasmany Foch I’m pretty sure liberal and communist are incompatible, I mean I realise you hate both but they’re pretty much the opposite of each other.

    2. @Bri V It’s so obvious it’s a uniparty. One side plays defense and the other plays offense. Anyone who can’t see that at this point is hopelessly brainwashed

    3. @Jasmine Devereaux Yes it is, but not for the reasons this video is telling you. Expand your research.

    4. @wesley rodgers science doesn’t evolve lol. Theres either science we already know or have yet to discover.


    1. the FBI will be involved when the result show fake china ballots for Biden. Auto filled with machines. PANIC!

    2. The walls are crumbling down for you Demorats. Once Arizona is exposed then it’s off to Georgia , Michigan etc… Your FBI can’t stop what’s coming because it’s all legal. The audit team has already invited Joe Biden and Harris to come and watch in person. The first clue of fraud was when the first time in history the election stopped count when Trump was winning all swing states. Then magically before sunrise Biden was winning them all. ALL LIES WILL BE REVEALED!

    3. @Traditional LivesMatter FBI is working for the Dims.
      They didn’t investigate Biden, Hillary, etc
      Now they are going after Rudy.
      They are part of the swamp
      Get it.
      Looks what they did yo Flynn
      Comey, Strok should be in prison.
      Ray is just as corrupt.

    1. @Good Vibes that’s why they’ve uncovered fraudulent votes already haha

    2. @BeatRegisteredDemocratsToDeath WHITE there have been a few fraudulent votes already before this – all Trump supporters, just like last time in 2016

    3. @BeatRegisteredDemocratsToDeath WHITE and YOU should be arrested for your violence-inciting nickname alone. That or being put into an Institution

  3. It’s not risking harming the faith in elections, it’s designed to harm faith in elections. There is no other reason for it.

  4. Seems like Katie knows what the outcome of the audit is going to be. And what the other states are going to do with the results.

    1. Sure –
      the outcome is clear: Biden won, that’s been proven several times now. And it will be proven again.

      they try to massively cheat – which is probably their plan, which is why they don’t allow press and have no transparency whatsoever. something magats CLAIMED happened in the actual election, but never did,
      yet nevertheless they were outraged over non-existent things,
      but now are totally with it, when they think, this “audit” will twist things in their favour
      Republicans are such hypocrites, it’s unbearable

    2. The only ones who are frantic are the SOS of all the swing states. Evidence dont lie. The party told you to reject the evidence of you eyes and ears. It was their final most essential command.

    3. @Good Vibes Pot calling the kettle black. Do you see pizza boxes covering windows? lol this audit is what the entire election process should be.

    4. @Traditional LivesMatter LOL, this is a partisan, no journalist audit, and you think pizza boxes is bad. Your a joke bud.

    1. @Sue Montgomery the left: “most secure election in history”
      also the left: “noooooo don’t audit the results”(sends 70+ lawyers to stop a forensic audit)
      lolololol SAD

    2. @Sue Montgomery You actually believe a dementia patient won the most presidential votes in history?!!! Hahahahahahahhhahhahhahhhahhahhhahhahhhahhahahhahahhahahahahhahhahhahahahhahhhahahhahahahahhhahhahhahhhahahh

  5. The ballots themselves – that they could be tampered with, be disappeared etc, that was my very very first thought.

    1. @Traditional LivesMatter this alleged „audit“ is still going on, and since these right wing nutters won’t stop at anything to re-install their dictator, and there’s no press, no transparency – I don’t trust them at all. And I worry for the integrity of the ballots

    2. @Good Vibes FBI can take a look after they are done if they are concerned. the audit team actually invited democrats in congress to come and watch or be a part of the audit. They all declined. Nothing fishy is going on. They just want legal ballots to count and fraudulent ballots to not count. The margin of victory for Biden was only like 12,000 on Arizona. This audit will most likely find enough fraud to make Trump the rightful winner. Then the State senator and legislators will have a choice to make. This will also trigger other swing states to do the same audit.

      I don’t care if all democrats were doing this forensic audit as long as they used the same system and looked for the same fraud.

    3. @Traditional LivesMatter Once ballots have been tampered with or disappeared, it’s too late for the FBI. Where did you read that Democrats were asked and have declined? Congress- that’s not their job, it should be eg the same (trained!) observers as during the original counts. Trump lost, by 7million, just accept it.
      If more authentically fraudulent votes are discovered, these will be Trump votes and Biden will even win bigger
      After all, Trump has incited his cult followers over and over to vote for him twice, at every rally, = to commit a crime. But not even Trump voters are that dumb to vote twice or in large numbers and risk going to jail.
      If you think they’ll find AUTHENTIC fraudulent Biden votes, let alone in such numbers, you’re truly delusional, refusing to accept that the majority hates Trump

    4. @Good Vibes They have done many audits and specialize in it. The Government is too lazy to get an official audit team themselves. It’s not rocket science to see if a person that is dead has their name on a ballot or if they are under age. It’s easy to use a black light and find out if a ballot is missing water marks. What is your concern? Please explain what they don’t know? There is nobody on this earth that could walk in there and prove what they are doing is wrong. Fraud is fraud.

      It’s fraud to use the same address for multiple voters, it’s fraud to use dead people, it’s fraud to use illegals, felons, it’s fraud for signatures not the match. Democrats just don’t want to be held by the standards of the law.

  6. Cyber Ninjas has been involved with the audit in Antrim County Michigan. Y’all should do a search on that and Bill Bailey.

  7. There are nine cameras filming this audit. Maybe every election should be fully visible to the public with live feeds.

  8. RM: “Part of me thinks this is laughable and we shouldn’t talk about it.”
    RM: Has a new guest every day to talk about it.

    1. She’s following orders. A major part of ANY political takeover by a Communist regime is propaganda. It’s way cheaper than tanks and warplanes and the way the vast majority of U.S. citizens are riveted to their TVs . . . all they’ve got to do is keep the media turning some U.S. citizens against other U.S. citizens and soon the Communists won’t have to fire a shot. They’ll just stand back and watch TV programmed Americans killing Americans who just want the truth

    2. @Ken Baumann yeah, it really sucks that so many Americans have fallen for Trump’s big lie. Sad, that those very same people have no idea what communism or socialism really is. CCP may be run by a political party that calls itself communist, but that isn’t communism.

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