Clyburn Hopeful Joe Manchin Will See Wisdom Of Scrapping Filibuster For Voting Rights 1

Clyburn Hopeful Joe Manchin Will See Wisdom Of Scrapping Filibuster For Voting Rights


Rep. James Clyburn talks with Rachel Maddow about the idea of making an exception to the Senate filibuster for constitutional issues like voting rights and the prospect of Senator Joe Manchin agreeing that his support for the filibuster can sustain this new specification.
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    1. “The filibuster must go!” Absolutely. The anti-American voter suppression bills are not subject to it. So the filibuster is like being in a fight with one hand tied behind your back.

    2. @Romeo Democrats want KYC (know your customer laws) but not know your voter laws. 😱 Shocker there boi!

    3. @OldManGhost so you’re saying that minorities should have no protection from becoming subjects- if you have critical thought at all. 🤔

  1. Scrap the Fillabuster
    Cut the Red Tape in politics 👍
    Force Congress to actually VOTE on issues & do there jobs
    Actually VOTE pass what will pass scrap what doesn’t 👍
    Our system of government is majority rules 👍

    NOT the whine minority..

    Aney one who Does Not agree need a civics class again to learn more about the government & how it works +
    Minority is LESS
    Majority is MORE
    just how it works Out

    1. @Scientific Methodologist even one gets a vote but if your legislation dose NOT have the VOTS to pass you loose
      that’s how it works
      you as well need a remedial civic class in USA Government🤦& actually attend and open your ear’s and LEARN how government actually works
      Obviously YOU don’t have a clue on how Democracy or Voting works🤦

    2. @Mr.M Wis I get your message, but you don’t need to be telling anyone about grammar. That post gave every English teacher in the world a heart attack.

    1. @Michael Phifer I think that you are wrong. Which recent action by the Supreme Court – when they struck down article 2? We do NOT need to be giving state governments to OVER turn election results.

    2. .. 👀The DemoRats have Not acted this Upset since Lincoln & the Republicans freed the Slaves 💡

    3. . 👎the most astonishing thing is that the Media is Not screaming about Bidens INEPTNESS every day >> they are IN ON this entire Schamm 💡 [ Traitors to America ; shielding and diverting the TRUTH from AMERICANS ]

  2. Dino Manchin & Sinema would rather worship dark money more than listen to the people. Don’t forget the GOP Lawmakers are making fun at them.

    1. Because they know that this bill is for pushing to allow mail in voting. Mail in voting is a great way to cheat without being caught.

  3. Even the voting places in Texas are being are being reduced in minority areas but not so in dominant white republican districts.

  4. The anti-American voter suppression bills only need a simple majority. Not getting rid of the filibuster is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

    1. Voter integrity you meant when you said suppression. There, I fixed it for you. 👍

    2. Will you be ok with republicans doing the same thing WHEN they regain power at some point???? That will happen

    3. However, when there is a Republican majority in office, the filibuster has protected Democratic principles in the past.
      Turn out the vote, and give Biden/Harris the 60 votes they need in the Senate.

  5. Good to know that there is a path around the filibuster. Now let’s start carving like it’s a turkey.

    1. @marmac dear lord calm down………you’ve obviously been watching too much conspiracy TV aka cnn, msnbc, and/or Fox. I’m an independent so I think it’s hilarious to watch the Left collapse because of their failed policies. Are you that scared that because of those said bad policies that the Republicans win back congress in 2022? I would be

    2. @Ralph Sims – oh you poor things, just pi’ng in yur jc pennies over lil ole moi – if i wasn’t really getting under your thin skins so well, U wouldn’t b trying to break me down… suffice, tho rush nimblah taught some of you well, i know that when people can’t attack the message, they go after the messenger… that’ won’t work either. Just quite slummin and go back to faux tv, i know yur just itching 2do it! so go on now, get.

    3. @Scientific Methodologist – since when have ignorant racist white people EVER – been in the ‘minority!’ what a jokkke

  6. They already STOLE the SCOTUS! don’t ALLOW them to STEAL the Legislative Branch – as well!!! not to mention, the Executive Branch!!!!

    1. @Randy Marsh There was no excuse for what happened to Garland’s nomination it was an out and out disgrace perpetrated by Moscow Mitch. Garland was respected as a prosecutor and judge on both sides of the aisle and would have had a fair chance of being voted onto the Supreme Court.

    2. @Randy Marsh – U haven’t paid enuf attention if U don’t atleast know that?! But i just don’t have time to explain that to You – i suggest U read up on it ….

    3. @Clark Davis – that’s the problem – the dems have NO backbone! We should be busting the filibuster AND, increasing the SCOTUS to 13, like YESTERDAY! Things are that desperate!!!

    4. @Clark Davis you do understand that it has been 9 sc judges SINCE 1869(Judiciary Act of 1869 ). And there was no changed since then.

      Also why would want to eliminate the filibuster? Dont you want checks and balances? If you eliminate it, then one side can do whatever they want based on majority rules.

    5. If democrats pass HR1 they will effectively be blowing up the constitution and starting the 2nd civil war

  7. Also, mitch the filibuster master, has said more than once since Biden WON, that his ONE and ONLY focus, was going to be Blocking Everything that Biden and the Dems want – how much more PROOF do manchin and sinema and prolly others – STILL NEED!

    1. @Randy Marsh Besides I don’t think their Office of Land Management had any civil infrastructure projects awaiting the final approval.

  8. Even if the Democrats pass the For the People Act (S1) and/or John Lewis Voting Rights Act (H.R.4) there is nothing to stop the Republikkkan Supreme Court from gutting those, just like they gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

    Pres Biden needs to add 6 more Supreme Court Justices. There is nothing in the Constitution that says there can’t be 15 Supreme Court Justices.

  9. Rep Clyburn needs to talk to his friend President Biden and hopefully he’ll understand that Black’s will have no incentive to vote for him if we get kicked under the 🚌 and not be full citizens in this country because of voting rights and nullification issues are outstanding. Our votes must be respected and counted fairly.

  10. Manchin’s primary goal is to stay in the news to head for the WH; most voters in WV only watch Fox so they don’t have a clue

  11. Let me point out something to James Clyburn: to Joe Manchin, his upcoming appointment as a honorary member of the criminal GOP syndicate is far more important than his ‘friendship’ with James Clyburn or, for that matter, ‘doing the right thing’.

    1. manchin and sinema are klearly in the pockets of those who run industries that are still in oil and fossil fuels …

  12. What was Clyburn’s answer to Maddow’s Manchin question? She asked how open the door was, and he answered by saying…what? It was platitudes mixed with waffling mixed with equivocations. Speaking for so long without actually saying anything really is an art in itself.

  13. Galatians 6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  14. How much is Machin making under the table, to keep us in limbo. His daughter company made a mint by overcharging for the epi pens, a few years ago.

  15. Forget the filibuster. Why don’t D.C. Democrats take a page out of their Texan colleagues playbook, and take a private jet to Cuba and deny Republicans a quorum! 😜

  16. Jim Clyburn is a traitor. He committed the greatest betrayal of his own people by endorsing Biden in the 2020 Democratic primary – to get rid of the only candidate who would offer the working class and working poor, Bernie Sanders.

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