Clyburn: 'Nothing Is More Private' Than The Decision To Have An Abortion 1

Clyburn: ‘Nothing Is More Private’ Than The Decision To Have An Abortion

Majority whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) says the filibuster has been used to push the agendas of a small minority and has been pushing for “carve-outs” from the filibuster for Constitutional matters such as voting and abortion rights. He “commended” his colleague Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) who has been trying since 2013 to trying to codify abortion rights into law. “We should have done this years ago…I hope that we get the vote on it next month and I suspect that long before November 1st it will pass the senate.”
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  1. It’s amazing how many people want to stick their nose into somebody else’s business, they must like the smell

    1. @Cray yes of course, the right of the child to live a life being unwanted, living in severe poverty or being bounced from foster home to foster home. You do realize the vast majority of those children don’t get adopted, right? They never experience a loving home and live adulthood in poverty, and end up having children they can’t afford, and the cycle continues. Those same children who grow up in foster care homes are the ones you people love to complain about for crime, drugs, etc.

    2. @Sarah N And I will add that dying of Covid is an awful death. Each breath is a labor and in the end Covid sufferers just suffocate to death. It is NOT a nice way to die, and it is NOT quick; it is a long and painful death.

    3. @Marcel Hache You are wrong and have been for years (since the Hyde amendment years ago) and if if the government did pay for the procedure it would save a huge amount of money in the long run so your “logic” fails on both fronts.

    1. How about no. “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in declaration of independence. A baby should have rights and abortion denies them these right until they are born. They are not just a cluster of cells

    1. @Douglas Lucas Really? Tell that to the indigenous peoples of the land. The US is a multi-cultual land. Many reliigions exist here, including the right to NOT be religious.

    2. @Douglas Lucas The planet is dying. Capitalism includes fossil fuels, plastics that are clogging the oceans, over-consumption, pollution. Are women’s wombs also a commodity? Are women incubators for children they don’t want, can’t afford and can’t care for? There is no love in your definition of christianity.

    3. @Douglas Lucas I’m not Christian, neither were the founding fathers. And even if they were, they purposely left g-d out of the Constitution and put in the establishment clause in the first amendment so we had separation of church and state.

    4. @Bethany well, actually, I do believe they were all Christians. Separation of church and state was necessary and they knew this. This goes all the way back the creation of Protestantism in Europe. England made sure to have separation of church and state because they didnt want to be influenced by the church like they previously were.

    5. @Bruh except they don’t, England has a state religion, the Anglican Church. The PM is responsible for appointing two Archbishops. In fact, Benjamin Disraeli had to renounce his Jewish faith before taking the role of PM. Tony Blair got a lot of grief for being Catholic and whether or not he could fulfill any duties required of him as regards the state religion. The Queen is the head of the Anglican Church.

    1. @patricia lafountain I’ve been wondering if I should give Texass some sh*t because I passed through the El Paso airport to get an abortion in Juarez before Roe in 1968! Pukes!

    2. @mythbuster I know how bad fascism is. I’m not a fascist simply because I want $10,000. I think that part of the texas law is dumb. It should be enforced by the govt somehow

    1. Odd the Republikkkans use religion, on this topic which is God’s law. But don’t use it when talking about their crimes in stealing, greed, lying, cheating, violence, how to treat your neighbor, or adultery .
      (Which are also mentioned in God’s laws)

  2. I am a theatre nurse. We had a 25 year old patient booked for termination and I wondered what was her reason, not that it was my business. However, when I entered the pre op, from a distance I could see she was jaundiced, and I thought so that was her reason. She told me that she had severe back pain and took paracetamol (Tylenol) as recommended. Then she started vomiting and she phoned the nurse on call and from the conversation assumed that, while she was vomiting, she should continue taking the medication. In a 24 hour period she unintentionally took much more than the recommended dose which is 4gm. After a couple of days she had liver failure, ended up in ICU then was blind for 4 days. After being discharged she discovered she was 8 weeks pregnant. She decided to have an abortion because, as she said, if what had happened to her was an indication of the poisoning, what chance would that baby have with the toxicity in the first trimester. And the sad thing, she really wanted a baby. I don’t think it’s my place or anyone else to question women’s decisions. We are not walking in their shoes.

    1. @Bruh Why do you assume the baby to be more important? Are you claiming that the mother could not possibly be the one to do greater acts?

    2. @Dawn Naomi Gad I totally agree with you Dawn. I really wished more people would get informed before making their judgements against women who gets an abortion. Some think they know all about it but they will never really know unless they are in that situation.

    3. @The Northern Spinozist But also it’s men many times that are the very people pushing a woman to get an abortion and even paying for it. That’s a fact.

    4. @Bruh Its very easy to be all self-righteous when you’re NOT in that position. That’s why people need to make their own decisions……and stop trying to take away the rights of others to do the same.

  3. Instead of giving the $10,000 to someone after a woman terminates her pregnancy, why not give it to the woman to have her baby? That’s what you would do if you really cared about the life of the child.

    1. @Bruh $10,000 going to nosy vigilantes should be going to already-living children who are struggling in poverty. Much better use of funds.

    2. @Bruh and do you not see how much MORE money would have to be spent to take care of more children, since outlawing abortion? On top of the children we already have?

    3. @The Northern Spinozist unfortunately the supreme court will not come to it’s senses because they’re majority anti-abortion conservatives

    4. @The Northern Spinozist I sure hope you’re right! It’s what I think as well, I just can’t see the Supreme Court….even though it’s packed with trump supporters… passing this kind of law. It would a huge step backwards in the fight for equality and equal rights for all. I just can’t see that happening in the 21st century!

  4. “My body, my choice.” When it comes to the vaccine.

    “Your body, my choice.” When it comes to what a female can do with their body.

    “And since a man can’t make one, he has NO RIGHT to tell a woman when and where to create one.” ~Tupac Shakur

    1. @Sincerely Bold Those who are vaccinated live to tell the story, those who are not die. Simple isn’t it.

    2. @The Northern Spinozist I’m 44, so if it is ever compromised it will be due to age. And considering I have lived over half of the life expectancy, I think I will be dead for my immune system is compromised.

    3. @Hollywood Dodger they ate 2 different circumstances, yes, but people saying don’t tell me what to do with my body are telling people what to do with their body. That’s my whole point.

  5. MEN should also be responsible; without men there would be zero unwanted pregnancies,… what about the guy that has babies from multiple women, and no intention to take care of them? Are there no penalties for him? Maybe get him clipped, or chipped? mandatory condom use? So many possibilities when ya take away their rights, right?

  6. If these assine governors put as much effort into actually doing something for the people instead of imposing these totally unconstitutional laws against women everyone would be better off. Amazing how they push their agenda through in the dark of night. The Poppy’s song I Never Knew Where Evil Grew describes them to a T.

    1. Not unconstitutional until the supreme court decides if it is or isnt. The right to an abortion is not in the constituion.

  7. He’s slowing it down to allow time for the 2022 elections so that hopefully his GOP buddies can come up with a majority in the House and the Senate. That way he can scrap the whole thing, and come out with his own version, or

  8. Just forget about it altogether. And let me tell you, his state of West Virginia and McConnell’s state of Kentucky really needs this infrastructure to happen!

    1. They don’t want it because they want to make Biden look bad. Also the fact that big corps, the rich would have to pay their fair share and the dark money would also be exposed and Republicans can’t have that money removed from their pockets now can they?? That’s the main reason they are refusing to vote yes on the bill. They’re just crooks. How do you think they make their money?? Sure isn’t from helping people and making policies, writing bills because they haven’t any. They’re to busy finding ways to destroy everything in site. They need to be voted out of office.

    1. I agree! The founding fathers were crazy to make up such a Stoopid rule. While we’re At it we should abolish the constitution and the Bill of Rights to,it’s outdated and totalled unprogressive and racist. Down with america. We should abolish elections to totally and someone should be appointed by a world government who will lead us

  9. The longer Rep Jim and his buddies, keep offering band aids, the more gaping wounds appear in his precious institutions. Fighting extremism with moderation, is as stupid as it sounds.

  10. Have been saying since the start the top priorities for Democrats should be voting rights, eliminating the filibuster, and expanding the Supreme Court to 15 justices.

  11. No, Dems need to keep pushing their agenda forward. No pause, just keep passing legislation. We need these 2 infrastructures bills, we need voting rights, and we need equal rights for women in this country!

  12. I just hope women in this country will help us send the GQP packing in the 2022 midterms. Vote ALL BLUE in ’22. A minority in this country should not ever be allowed to set policy.

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