Clyburn On Poverty: ‘I’m Tired Of People Telling Me How Much It Costs’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Senate Democrats can either reject the Republicans’ police reform bill or work with them to try to make it better. Congressman James Clyburn joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss lawmakers’ plan to move toward an agreement on persistent poverty, and unemployment in our country. Aired on 06/18/2020.
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Clyburn On Poverty: ‘I’m Tired Of People Telling Me How Much It Costs’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. This guy has really jumped the shark. Working with rethuglikkkans means rich people get everything they want and poor people get SCREWED! GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB.

    1. I don’t think fighting the opposing party and demonizing them does anything beneficial. My family has actually saved 10k in ONE MONTH not having to go outside and buy unnecessary things and before you call me a “WHitE RethUUglIkkAn” that benefits off of your back my family has worked in construction ever since we’ve immigrated to America in the 90’s. It isn’t hard to make good money decisions and find a job that isn’t at a liquor store cashier or being a sign holder for the Laundromat that doesn’t offer benefits. This pandemic has actually done great for me and my family and although there are some tensions I don’t think there was ever a better time to be alive and my family is more financially stable then ever before. I can now save up for college and remodel and fix my house. These past months we’ve refinanced our house and have increased the value by over 100k. Many people just can’t just stop complaining and actually focus on themselves. Instead of hating everyone and being negative use this time to improve your health, invest in your home, invest in the economy, expand your education and build your relationships. That’s what I’ve done and I’m not complaining

    2. @The Lost Seal In my all black city where we pay taxes the people doing construction on the public dime are almost always white. my father was in construction a cement finisher and plasterer. he worked in white suburbs. But today construction workers in almost all areas are mostly white.

    3. @Librarian-at-Large That’s the exact opposite for California especially LA and in basically most suburbs all of the construction workers are Latinos. I’ve worked in construction my father did so did my grandpa as well as ever other Mexican Male in my family. In my entire time knowing people in construction and seeing the sites my father would work at I have never seen a black or white person working in construction. It could be that your city is less diverse than LA since you did just state it was an all black and some whites in that city but Latinos run the construction industry down here

  2. Q: What similarities are there between Twitter and Donald Trump?
    A: While Twitter has a limited number of characters, Donald has a limited number of words…. And no character. 😉

    1. Crystal Giddens, you epitomize shallow and stupid. On several lines you have never once sourced a statement. What is your source for your ridiculous statement here about Brazil? How is it pertinent to American figures? I’m beginning to suspect that you are, as others have mentioned, a Foreign troll, you provide no facts only provocation. Your comments should be regarded as irrelevant.

  3. It took all of 3 minutes for republicans to find that trillion dollars for corporate bailouts. Yet when it comes to helping the working folks in America, the money is almost as hard to find as Bigfoot. 👣 And those corporate tax loopholes? They wave those away like they do the Easter Bunny…just make believe. 🐇

    1. What sad is all that money is from taxpayers, but when working class and small businesses need bailout, government can’t never find any money, but they can find it for big companies and corporations. Very interesting!

    2. @Rusty Shackleford It’s still money the working class payed into the Federal Government.

    3. Mr. Medina, so what you’re telling us is that there are a million stupid people in this country, if you aren’t included, a million and one.

    4. @Wonder Wonderful no, that money didn’t exist before it wasn’t taxpayer money it’s new money created from nothing… do you not know how money is created?

    1. If the majority white male cops resign because they can’t shoot a N with impunity; then many of the single women in the cities can take these good jobs over and crime will go down. There is a subtle creation of criminals through unnecessary police maneuvers by cops to keep working. that is bad!

  4. Trump abruptly removes inspector general named to oversee $2T in stimulus spending.

    President Donald Trump has effectively removed the inspector general set to monitor spending from the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, the latest move to curb oversight efforts over the massive government coronavirus crisis relief measure.

    Trump also has attacked Democratic efforts to check on how the money gets spen
    abc NEWS: Alexander Mallin
    April 7, 2020, 2:53 PM

  5. I used to have a lucrative job until Donald tRump destroyed the economy & started this doozy of a Depression the likes no one has seen since 1929!

    1. Baby drumphf his base will tell you it’s not his fault, Obama’s fault 😂 my work started going downhill as soon as Trump got started…

    2. Actually Mr. Medina, the patriots dare social distancing, wearing masks, and not taking risks unnecessarily, but you wouldn’t understand that because you’re caught up in a cult of stupidity.

    1. @Megadog That’s not what the facts say, but do go on living in whatever fantasy world you like

    2. @Ral Deform Say the facts, In California there are many issues involving misuse of force. There are also these issues with the invention of CHAZ in Democratic held Washington Seattle. Republican held areas are smaller and not large cities. This is why democrats hold a majority of the power and the media since they hold the biggest cities in the country. Don’t act dumb and show the facts if you’re willing to rebutte this comment

    3. You are dreaming, @Alex Murphy if you thinks Trump will actually want to stop police brutality, cause he lives for the fun of the bloodspill.

    1. Ral Deform, he’s just asking if it is Trump’s fault that the rest of the world went on lockdown too. Not great grammar but I can understand his fair point. Very few countries didn’t lockdown of which Sweden is probably the most notable.

      Honestly, half of the time I don’t know how liberals perform some of their mental gymnastics to justify some of their positions. But nonetheless, it is entertaining. So how do you respond?

    2. @bryanatwku Well, he doesn’t have a fair point for starters. Some countries went into lockdown, not in ANY way near as much as the US, in fact I live in a country where the only rule was ‘keep distance’ and that’s over. It amazes me, that any time people like you encounter someone with a slightly different viewpoint than you, they are ‘liberals’ and therefore ‘stupid’.
      You are part of the reason that the world laughs at the US, you are a bunch of under-educated hicks riding a horse that is waaaayyy to high for you.
      So how do you respond?

    3. Ral Deform -The US lockdown was in no way comparable to many other countries, neither were their citizens supported in the same manner. The deflecting and gaslighting in this thread is ridiculous. The potus didn’t respond to the virus in America the way he should have, to prevent the number of deaths, the number of infected, nor the unemployment rate. He banned travel from China, when in fact the first case, was from someone traveling from the UK, hence an ineffective ban. He refused to listen to the experts, whilst saying the virus would magically go away. The answer to that will be Nancy Pelosi..blah blah blah-Nancy is not the potus. He failed to provide sufficient PPE to states that were in dire need of supplies, whilst supplying other countries with it. A one time stimulus check, that many US citizens have yet to receive and they were either forced back to work or terminated, or their unemployment benefits will soon be cut. The faux increase in employment is, a result of furloughed workers returning to work. The ignorance is astounding.

    4. Russian bot, Trump had greater warning than any other leader. The CIA, NSA, and the CDC issued warnings in December about the possibility of a pandemic. Trump also had a pandemic response plan from the Obama administration. He ignored both, he continued to lie, minimize, deny, and misinform the public. He had more resources, and time, as well as the separation of the oceans. He wasted almost three months in denial and his incompetence in organizing and addressing the pandemic turned a crisis into a catastrophe. He had a better chance of stopping the spread of the disease than any other leader, and squandered it. The fact that Europe and Asia have gotten the infection rate under control, while the United States is still increasing the numbers of infected, and deaths is proof enough that we’ve continued to mishandled it.

  6. Mnuchin and any business/organization who received money from Mnuchin who were not entitled, should be made to repay every penny of that money back, perhaps Mnuchin needs to pay much of it from out of his own pocket and jail time. The cost of committing crimes against the American people and a serious dereliction of duty.

  7. It is sickening to know that poor and poverty stricken communities even exist in America. That’s beyond deliberate and accepted by the idiots in society.

  8. Mnuchin is a criminal. Would you trust a criminal that says he’ll follow the law, when it’s been proven time and time again that he breaks the law every chance he gets?

  9. The vast majority of America’s work force lives on Poverty Wages. It’s modern day “Slavery to the System”.

    1. Eugene van Wyk, my filipina wife was earning $90 per month working at a restaurant before I met her.

    2. @Eugene van Wyk LOL $15 an hour for a factory, retail or hospitality job (which is what 80% of Americans work)? Yeah right! You get paid minimum wage which is $8 an hour. & you only get healthcare & benefits if you work full time (40 hours a week) which the employer must provide by law. So you know what employers do? Hire you on as part time then make you work 39 & a half hours a week.
      Oh look, working poor! You can’t survive off of that.

    3. Gypsy Wolf, well you certainly aren’t successful or you wouldn’t be complaining about wages. Maybe you are of the 0.2% impoverished Americans, or you are just the typical jealous Democrat wanting a handout instead of earning it.

  10. Dump Trump 2020. Need to get rid of Moscow Mitch, Bill Barr and the rest of the corrupt jerks ruining our country .

  11. Why is HOMER CITY, PENNSYLVANIA, the center for teargas distribution world wide? These canisters show up in the hands of fascists police suppressing democracy from EGYPT TO GREECE and points beyond.

    1. Are you talking about the place on Gary Street?
      It is easier to “treat” the symptoms rather than the problem.

  12. “He said that he would…” C’mon man. Who still believes this administration’s ‘word’ besides his redhats? Not me…that’s for sure.

  13. Why do you ever believe one word that comes out of the Foreclosure King’s mouth? He is a crook through and through.

  14. “A lot of poppycock is putting it mildly.” Americans need to demand full disclosure of all the recipients who received tax payer money from the C.A.R.E.S. ACT.

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