CMO comments on Jamaican Journalist Michael Sharpe's Death | TVJ New - April 21 2021 1

CMO comments on Jamaican Journalist Michael Sharpe’s Death | TVJ New – April 21 2021


Chief Medical Officer (CMO) confirmed that Jamaican Journalist, Michael Sharpe did contract COVID-19.

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  1. Him nah go have reaction so quick . It take few days or weeks to develop symptoms from the vaccines. Enuh just a cover up the vaccines on enuh not even know a what in it. Kmt

  2. How u mean no adverse reaction?? How much more adverse can it get that death??? And it mek mi cringe each time mi hear these people pretending to be experts, keep saying that the vaccine is safe. No medical doctor in Jamaica is fully qualified to assure that any of these vaccines are safe because these vaccines have not gone through the traditional rigorous and timely process to adequately satisfy established global standards. So how are people who are not even in the medical field swearing and promoting the safety of these vaccines. Troubling times!

  3. Even though the vaccine might have been the cause of the death of people, it shouldn’t be eliminated from being a possiblity. Also, the nurse administering the vaccine shouldn’t be held culpable either (Sharpe probably should’ve sought advice, if he hadn’t, before taking it and he took the vaccine voluntarily. It was his choice). Condolences to Sharpe’s whole family, his close friends, and me he R.I.P.)

  4. …expect mass cover-ups re some of these autopsy results. It is not in the best interest of the govament for certain information to be released ( because of what is at stake re those monster global pharmaceutical entities). Remember that the govament has already produced and signed off on a legal framework that provides indemnity for the vaccine manufacturers that will protect them from being sued by Jamaicans. We can only hope that some brave hearted whistleblower will do just that. God help us.

  5. All when a nuh Covid him catch dem ago say a it. People, Jamaica, government stop lie now nuh please. Nuff ppl died n it’s not Covid but unuh just lie bout a Covid.

  6. Dead boy way fight dancehall who sorry for him not mi fi dat wicked boy way frght dancehall .f.the news boy

  7. God vaccine mi n my family n anyone or anything that is a part of me with ur blood because the people in dis world r wicked.

  8. CMO if uh go hospital fi uh big toe, is covid dem put pon uh death certificate… Suh right now death certificate means nothing.. We d public done do d autopsy on Mr Sharpe already!

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