1. @Todd C you are partially correct. CNN and MSNBC NEWS are liberal and Fox NEWS is conservative. The problem is viewers struggle with opinion vs fact. While on Fox News, Shep Smith tended to cover stories that conservatives were interested in, but he reported facts. This interview points out how Fox has more opinion shows than news. And I have noticed even the news shows have a lot more opinion than facts.

    2. Yes. He was fighting a losing battle. Which will become SO much worse b/c fox has to out-right themselves against news max and oan. It’s going to get A LOT worse with them in the mix

  1. Fox has already begun the “Biden re-education camps” That is what Fox viewers want. Fear,anger and resentment is their heroin.

    1. Wow John, and I guess the FEAR, ANGER, AND RESENTMENT that was propagated by CNN for the last 4 years is ok with you though. Hypocrite.


    3. @Devo A couple pundits or politicians ISN’T “the Democrats” nor “the Republicans”. These are sensationalized narratives to keep the populace riled up and tuned in to these B.S.TV shows.The internet and 24/7 cable “news” makes REAL news boring now. Political ideology, principles and policy are dead too. It’s all an audience participation team sport.

  2. Thank you, Christiane, for interviewing Shep. I’ve always wanted to hear directly from Shep what he feels about FOX.

  3. He is a professional and a stand up guy. He was one of the only people who gave Fox News a shred of credibility in those last few years.

    1. So true, I remember watching him confused because he seemed out of place at Fox and was using every bit of his journalistic integrity to hold his dignity together.

    2. Turner Classic movies schedule for January 20th:
      6am Ode to Billy Joe
      8am Polo Joe
      930am The Fabulous Joe
      1045am The Story of G.I. Joe
      1245pm Joe Smith, American
      2pm A Guy Named Joe
      415pm Pal Joey
      615pm Mighty Joe Young
      8pm Murder She Said
      945pm Murder at the Gallop
      1115pm Murder Most Foul

    1. I think it’s because Wallace knows he’s that last screw before the wheel comes off.
      I give him credit, I would have left that wheel fall a long time ago and not be in the wreck.

  4. How true is what he said “Consumers have to be smart and know when to shut off the lies and false information. “

    1. And turn the freaken xhannel… but once in a while hear what they r planning at fos opinion not news to see who they r inciting.

    1. @Cyrill P why does it suprise people that news is biased? All news is to one extent or another. The key is to watch a variety of news and fact check.

    2. @Preston Hanson Funny you are concerned about lies yet i am guessing you are a Trump supporter.
      Only source that lies more than FOX OPINION is Donald Trump.

    1. @David R. Stone I can understand Biden’s priority. Health is your #1 wealth. Had Trump made it his priority, he would have had the Econ up and running. But no, instead he ignored the medical experts, minimized it, yet already knowing just how deadly it was. Per taped convo with Bob Woodward, nearly a year ago. I call that Gross Negligence and Manslaughter. Psychopaths like Trump, have no moral conscience.  

      Sorry, retired former Paralegal here, with around 15,000 hours of research on Mental Disorders under my belt. I have have worked in both a Facility for the Mentally Disordered as well as a local County Jail, where these types often land themselves prior to a court-ordered Psychiatric exam. Trump is facing all kinds of charges, both civil and criminal.

    1. @Preston Hanson I’m glad I live a good life and not a sad one like yours. I couldn’t bare being anything like you. Its a very sad existence.

  5. “I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns and I left” that’s my new line for when a girl tries to argue

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