1. Windmills will rise up and enslave the human race. Please Mr Trump, save us from the tyrants of renewable energy

    2. @Bryan Purdy He is right…windmills churn up something called “O2” and can be intoxicating if inhaled.

    1. @DG unearthed
      I love my second amendment rights and I’ll vote and fight to keep my second amendment rights.

    1. @DivineHeresy : Which ones? Because you’d have to cite at least — oh, 1,500 to at least get a start on the Donald.

    2. @America First Unfortunately Don Post watches a lot of cnn, the “most trusted news” he doesn’t know better.

    1. @trainwreck told ya it’s insanity! Literally the definition! After years of the Russian collusion delusion lie these people are gonna believe anything these opinion shows say! I try so hard to see it from their side! I just don’t have that much hatred for my life! I refuse to be a victim!

    2. Mark LaPointe isn’t is awesome to take responsibility for your own successes and attitude about life. Feels good to be successful in life no matter who the President is doesn’t it? Being a victim and making excuses comes from the mentally weak.

    3. @Jimmy Stanbery I wouldn’t say awesome but it’s amazing to see you defend these liars! Who lies to you for years! Everyday!

    4. @Mark LaPointe Don’t watch then!! Watch dumbasses on Fox who whine about trump getting cut from movie made in the 90’s to shorten it for TV like it’s a damn conspiracy!!

    1. @Anthony S2K04
      Round and round we go again
      Never have said a word of truth
      Constantly deflecting and lying

    2. @Anthony S2K04 Isn’t it strange how everytime someone points out one of Trump’s 15000+ lies the first instinct is to talk about Hunter Biden, using some conspiracy site as a source.
      Come back when Reuters, AFP or some other unbiased source reports on Hunter Biden.

    3. @Anthony S2K04 boy you trumpers will grasp at anything as long as the lie benefits your dotard sociopath fake president your all pathetic

    1. @MIDNIGHT EYE So you think raping a woman is nothing wrong. Go figure you would say something stupid like that.

    2. @MIDNIGHT EYE He didnt lie about giving his pay to charities and vets. He didnt lie about the swamp. He didnt lie about it being a witch hunt with russia collusion, having his phones tapped, hillary cant be trusted ( oh wait my bad that was obama that said that) etc…. But i digress your point is he lied like EVERY person in government doesnt do that every day.

    3. @Jay Chan There are too many to try to put into one list for cnn. You can find them on multiple sites and put all the pages together or see with your own eyes on youtube vids ( at the least some of them )

    4. @Judi Biggerstaff He is not stupid enough to fall for the dems games to try to corner him in a lie. Only dems think this whole impeachment joke will go anywhere.

  1. As a child I was taught that an exaggeration was a lie, plain and simple. I do not see how ‘false claims’ is any different.

  2. Ps. I’m personally amazed that the citizens of the US actually can even consider one jar of this bullshit to be acceptable from a commander in chief.
    Rest of the world thinks he’s a clown

    1. @cj p That’s a new about Schiff saying Trump laundered Russian money. Can you provide the source? Or some proof?

    2. @cj p Politifact: Nonprofit run by a school of journalism and research institution – “BIASED BULLSHIT”
      “Trump Fan Network”: Some boomer with stupid humour – “THIS IS HOW FACT CHECKING WORKS”

      This is the real reason why the Chinese are beating us. If you’re a real person, I really hope you’re too mentally handicapped to vote.

    3. @Aizz Sorry Dude the facts tell us otherwise so you Trumpeters have no right to be calling anyone names when you appear to have been hypnotised by an imbecile who is working for the Russian dictator in the hope of making a few million by selling out his country and his countries allies. That is TREASON, look up the meaning if you need to as you dont seem too smart.

  3. There is one FACT that you can always count on whenever “The Donald” opens his mouth or Tweets: HE is a liar and he lies about his lies while he is lying! PERIOD.

    1. The Economy is Not Lying! The leaches crossing the border have come down! Hmmmm.. Only Those Indoctrinated by The Coup News Network Need Gum ball to keep up with fake news events, TRUMP🎺 WILL BE 💥PRESIDENT💥 FOR 5 MORE YRS🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽 !
      Corrupt Socialist Control Freaks the DemoRats 🐀 🐀🐀 in The Sewer 💩 🚽💩🚽💩!

    1. You obviously dont pay attention to government. They all lie more times than we can count. It isnt just trump it is ALL of government.

    1. .At 11 hourly pay and 2 baby mommas , 5 kids . Im up 600.00 more than when Obama was in office .. ..Im doing better now than 8 years ago….

    1. Name a trump lie from today?

      Based on this bullshit number he will have to lie a minumum of 13 times a day..
      You idiots are so gullible.

    2. @cj p Every time he says there was no quid pro quo, each time he says he’s smart, every time he says he’s the least racist person, “I wont be playing golf because I’ll be too busy working”…Every time he says I love you to Melania or any of his kids. These are examples of lies from the past and present. I’m sure he’s lied about at least two of these things today.

  4. If he (by some miracle from hell) gets elected for a second term, you will need to go to the gumball factories (all of them!) to show how much he lies.
    God save us.

    1. @Alexander Cartier who said Trump said that? He was referring to the manufacturing fumes of windmills have cancer causing agents. You gotta getaway from The Coup News Network! You Know He will Be President For 5 more years! And The USA will be booming! MAGA KAG!

    2. @Alexander Cartier Comrade? is over with and stale. Trump rallies Cause Patriots, Unity, Excitement and Path from MAGA to KAG. While any DemoRat Rally shows poor attendance, no unity, Just anger and path to poverty. 5 more Yrs of TRUMP MAGA to KAG!

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