1. You can’t abandon your principles if you don’t have any. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Thank you Donald Trump for doing this to the GOP.

    1. @John Patrick First of all, gas prices didnt really rise that much until Aug-sep 2022, after a fifth round of sanctions were levied by NATO against Russia. Russia is one of the largest Gas-exporters, and now when NATO-Countries are taking the moral highground (except Germany), Gas Prices are going higher.
      Gas Prices right now are highest in Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore, with America at 74th (According to Numbeo). So America is actually the Western Country with the lowest gas prices.

    1. @Sarah Brown It was reported by the New York Times, Forbes, CBS and other news outlets that Gaetz had asked Trump for a pardon. Gaetz also went on Fox News around 11/4/2020 and said that Trump should pardon himself, his family, the Thanksgiving turkey, Michael Flynn and anybody who wanted one. There are other sources but you can google those.

  2. I hear George Santos has the experience leadership skill and grit to be the next Republican Party leader… Why not elect someone who represents Republican values?

    1. ROFL!! He went from owing rent to a multimillion dollar salary in no time, of course Anthony Devolder . . . I mean George Santos . . . the first Jew-ish, gay-ish, college graduate-ish not on the run from Brazil-ish speaker of the house.

  3. it seems strange that the ones blocking mcarthy (trump supporters) have mcarthy to thank for trump still being relevant.

    1. McCarty appears to suffer defeat on 4th speaker ballot what does that say for the Republican Party? they’re a bunch of failures.
      Vote for Hakeem Jeffers

    2. Someone’s probably said this already, it’s not “strange” – the proper phrase is strangely ironic.

  4. Remember when donnie left his boy Gaetz hangin some months ago and didn’t move to help him? It just came back to bite donnie.

    1. Gaetz is realigning himself…. with DeSantis.. Gaetz is a thoroughly disgusting Chancer… Only thing needed is for Trump and DeSantis to compare notes about Gaetz Oral Sex techniques….

    2. @Trent Timoy Yep! and Matt (my girlfriend is 17) Gaetz is worried that he will be facing the ethics committee soon, and darn well should be! Any of us did the same thing we’d be in prison, and rightfully so!

  5. The reviews are in:
    “So far this season of Congressional Apprentice has been fantastic!!! Many people are saying Best Season Ever.”
    — Donald Trump

    1. That laugh is actually Meghan McCain choking on donuts. Songbird has no conscience that you need to be able to laugh.

  6. When dealing with Trump or the Freedom Caucus it important to understand: No good deed goes un-punished.

    1. This one has so much low hanging fruit it’s going to take a bushel basket to carry it all. I’m experiencing sensory overload. Lol

    1. @Conscious Objector
      I have a nephew who is Down Syndrome. Shame on you making fun of people with disabilities to score a point. You are a real jerk.

    2. @Fk Ya So full of HATE! So sad. Mind your own biz and let folks live the way they want. Work on love and peace to your cold soul.

    3. @Matthew Chick In neither election did he win the popular vote. In 2016, he won only the Electoral College. There. Fixed that for you!

    1. I think there still elected representatives, they may be acting like rebels but No there doing the job they believe their constituents voted for them for. Embarrassing? Yes, unwarranted, NO, un-American, of course not, that’s why its called a floor fight. Thank God the last congress passed everything for 2023 because the sad truth is if you can’t elect a speaker you sure as hell are not passing any laws whatsoever.

  7. Let’s not forget about the most important thing they don’t want and that’s the Ethics Committee they want to do away with that because because some of these individuals who are holding out are under ethics scrutiny and possible legal Jeopardy they’re just trying to cover their butts

  8. 100% McCarthy gave Trump oxygen and I guarantee he’s regretting it. This should be a warning to anyone who puts yourself ahead of the country, which you were sworn to protect, it doesn’t end well.

    1. Gaetz is realigning himself…. with DeSantis.. Gaetz is a thoroughly disgusting Chancer… Only thing needed is for Trump and DeSantis to compare notes about Gaetz Oral Sex techniques….

  9. McCarthy had a chance to save himself when he gave that speech condemning Trump and his Jan 6th debacle. At first, he denounced it, but two weeks later, he was at Mara-Lago shaking hands with Trump. We all saw it McCarthy – what did you expect?

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