CNN asks GOP senator why he didn't vote for January 6 commission 1

CNN asks GOP senator why he didn’t vote for January 6 commission


Kansas GOP Senator Roger Marshall, who voted against the January 6 commission, told CNN that his decision was not based on politics and that he believes the insurrection is already being investigated. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.

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  1. Senator Roger Marshall: “I didn’t vote for the commission because of Blah, blah, blah, obfuscate, obfuscate, don’t answer question”.

    1. @Joe V How was your border secure when trump himself manipulated you with his insane stories of human “caravans” determined to invade the US. If trump’s wall fantasy was in any way effective, the borders should be secure by now. They are not. So he sold you BS and you bought it. President Biden did not ask for the existing border protection to be demolished. So that means that, contrary to what trump tried to sell you, he, during his mandate did not secure the border at all. Otherwise, the problem would have been solved. Which should be obvious to anyone, but not you. YOu make no sense whatsoever. And “lower taxes” for whom? You better keep your lies and misconceptions to yourself. It makes embarrassing reading. And btw, I think, since the US as it is, would simply not exist without immigrants, you would do well to integrate that fact. After all, the US history is defined by the native Americans societies being destroyed by multiple waves of immigrants. Those trying to build a new and better life in this country do want not to destroy anything. They just want a safe haven. So cut your lies and BS. And as for the supposed manipulation of kids, boy, you are so way out of line that it is embarrassing. You allow yourself to project your own perverse agenda in putting the onus on a body of professionals about whom you know nothing,i.e. the multiple underpaid teachers. My, how vile you show yourself to behave. You disgust me.

    2. @John B Democrats protested police brutally and injustice
      Republicans storm the states capital because they lost the election.

    3. @Joe V Wow! You are skilled at lying to yourself. What a strange way to live. It’s cool. We all know what motivates you folks. It rhymes with “face”. Careful, your bigotry is showing!

  2. When he states that it has been investigated properly he is lying, it’s right there in his voice, anyone cane hear it, he does not believe what he is saying. How dishonorable.

    1. @John Boddie You are attempting to reason with evil morons who have turned their backs on the Blue Lives, our democracy and their morals. Save your breath and hope that the FBI and the Justice Department do their jobs. Congress needs to bypass the Senate and take care of business.

    2. @John Boddie some people believe in the gop berceuse it is so easy to believe in what someone tells you and not do your own research

    3. Dishonorable speaking which old Sniffer Joe caught in another lie. I never had contact with Hunters business partners. They got pictures of the big guy eating dinner with them.

    4. agreed. we can always hear it in their voices. one can always hear the slight panic in the voice. the way they both speed and slow down to get their bearings/figure out exactly what statement they are landing on this time. they always slightly fumble. all of them. it’s so so so obvious. the sick thing is for the most part they get away with it. or even if things like this are shown, exposing that they are lying. they never have to actually stand there in front of the public and admit, no i was lying. no i was wrong. no i made a mistake. whatever. it kind of just dies. like our country apparently. so sad.

  3. If this was the other way around, you would have republicons creating commissions and asking for investigations up the wazoo. The hypocrisy with the GOP is staggering.

    1. Even trump said in an interview in 96 himself if were to run for office it would be republican because they are stupid

    1. ALL their names should go into the history books, they are ALL guilty who try to protect the guilty

    2. “It’s a holiday” doesn’t work for me. I’m a nurse and worked plenty of holidays. Just like the millions of people who were working yesterday.

    3. That alone would not have been enough. You need to get rid of this minority-rules nonsense.

    4. @woowooNeedsFaith Sure but making voting mandatory and eliminating the “present” forcing them to say yes or no on record would make it easier for voters to know where their reps stand and get rid of the ones we don’t agree with, they wouldn’t be able to hide from their voters.


  5. Politics 101; Unmitigated gall: cliché Complete and outrageous insolence, impudence, or effrontery.

    1. Absolutely and he had to mention Trump as hero in his response. Disgusting lying snake. blaming on Pelosi is the height of hypocrisy and complete utter lies.


    They know they’ll be caught and subpoenaed.

    1. Because it’s bullshit and if any comission needs to be started it’s one to investigate and authenticate the 2020 election.

    2. The hypocrisy for a comission on Jan 6 but not for BLM ongoing terrorist activities. And again, if it’s no issue and proves Biden won then started a comission that verifies the election results upholding integrity wouldn’t be hard to do but then again orange man is bad… for CCP and their agents in US politics.


    2. @Doug H Because that is what it is supposed to be. Which party keeps chipping away from that again? Can we can voting right?

    3. @clumsy wizard All of America collectively took one big one, Jan 20th. Got rid of all the s***!

    1. Of course he is. Those are all GQP/Fox talking points. Complete lies that the MAGAts eat up.

    2. If they really believed Pelosi somehow impeded troops, which Trump didn’t order ahead, they’d want this 1-6 Commission to investigate her.
      As it is, the Republican politicians don’t want their selves investigated. That’s the real reason. At least one of them.

    3. @Selah The GQP know if they are investigated we’re going to find out they were part of the attempted coup.
      McConnell is literally shitting his pants because he knows they’re so close to being caught out.

  7. Marshall: “It’s not Benghazi is it? We only allow investigations of things Democrats do! It’s only a Nation of Laws when we can lie about Democrats and claim they did something.”

    1. @Alan Dematei You got that completely backwards. She is one of the most corrupt “democrats”.

    2. Jack Sparrow, you’re REALLY going with the Democrats and slavery? You’re ignoring the past fifty years of history? Did your history books end in 1960? Do you know about Nixon’s Southern strategy, how by the 1972 election the entire South voted Republican because of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the Voting Rights Act, or the gerrymandering, the voter suppression, the endorsements by the Klan and white supremacist groups and Nazis or did all these things slip your feeble mind?

  8. Look at him squirm; the change in body language… He’s memorized those points…he knows what he is doing.

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