1. @princeoftidds I don’t think there ever has been a fascist who wasn’t a goon. Crude and ignorant is one of the calling cards. DeSantis attended Yale and Harvard where he graduated with honors. He’s not stupid, and that makes him more dangerous than Trump, though less embarrassing.

    1. Mindblowing in this day and age.
      Don’t care if the team is coached by a clown and the players lack skill and hunger..Still my team!!

  1. Hold up. Trump hasn’t acknowledged Biden Won 2020 and still calls himself the legit POTUS. So he Can’t Run a 3rd term😂

  2. “…so I am very dedicated to the party.”…(implying that any fool could be the leader because it doesn’t matter) Is this not the problem? Your dedication needs to be to your country madam.

  3. Ask why South Carolina has the worst roads leading to fatalities & every member of the South Carolina delegation voted against the instructure bill except Jim Clyburn.

  4. I’m a Black woman and if given the option of voting for Tim Scott or a dead flea ,the flea gets my vote. ‼️

    1. @Maggie Maloney Then why didnt she just say she Hates Black republicans instead of spouting confusing analogies? I have a better analogy: She’s more comfortable living on the Democrat Plantation than she is living a life of liberty.

    2. @Maggie Maloney actually, I’m a tiny bit older and know about the Bush years. Both of them. I don’t remember Dumbocraps back then complaining about oppression and bathroom confusion. How about you ?
      I do remember a certain president who didn’t know what sexual relations were.
      I’m talking about THESE Dumbocraps. The ones who have evidence of Russian collusion and now run for senate. The ones who marry their brother. The ones who want to defund police but spend $100k on personal security because they’re “important “ !
      The ones who continuously complain about climate change but fly around the globe routinely.
      You know, the hypocrites.

    3. @Edward Eckert that’s funny I remember cardboard blocking windows in Detroit so poll watchers couldn’t do their job.
      I remember a “water main break” in Atlanta and poll watchers being dismissed but people like Ruby Freeman continued running ballots. I also remember Philadelphia where, poll watchers weren’t even allowed in until the end of the day after a court order.
      Is that voter fraud ?
      Is that stealing the election ?
      Not when you change the definitions in dictionaries like, vaccine, man, woman.
      Put the Kool Aid down.
      Oh and are you bragging about voting FOR the inflation and war we have today ? Lol you must be so proud !
      As long as those food stamps keep coming, you’re in good shape I guess.

    4. @Middle Guy We don’t want a white supremacist in Black skin to succeed. Him being Black doesn’t change who he truly is

  5. “He made other people rich”!! What a wonderful selfless man, working so hard for the common man, he is probably struggling to get by on his meagre pension!!

    1. Republicans are alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll in the endgame endgame endgame endgame endgame endgame endgame endgame


    3. Tongue in cheek comment but the comment does show another oft lacking quality in Bank Managers.. A touch of Humility..

  6. “I’m not going to dodge your question, but I’m also not going to answer it.” lol not answering is by definition dodging the question.

  7. Tim Scott reminds me of the collaborators in the Nazi concentration camp that traded meager privileges to keep the incarcerated in order. Like — understandably despicable.

  8. You can literally see Mark Knapp’s brain short circuit when he’s asked about a black guy running for President.

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