CNN calls on President Trump to denounce horrific anti-media shooting video 1

CNN calls on President Trump to denounce horrific anti-media shooting video


CNN and other reporters have called on President Trump to denounce a fake video of him shooting members of the news media. According to The New York Times, the clip appears to be edited from a church massacre scene in the 2014 movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service." #CNN #News


    1. Helsinki. Abandoning the Kurds. 10k ISIS fighters escape. Farmers on welfare. Truckers on welfare. Mexico didn’t pay for the wall. You did. A video is made of him gunning down people in a church. Impeach.

  1. He will not condemn this video inciting violence, he thinks a civil war is appropriate if he doesn’t get re-elected!!

    1. @Garry G
      Hate to tell you this Garry but there have only been 2 Presidents since WW2 to serve only one term. Jimmy Carter and George H Bush. Carter b/c of a recession and Bush due to Desert Storm. Americans are not Socialists and no matter how much the MSM like to say otherwise they will not vote for the policies the Dems are promoting. The economy is doing to well for Americans to make a change. Trump will win in 2020. The only question that remains is will it be a clean sweep.

    2. Leftists incite violence all the time and we hear nothing from you on it. Some random dude makes a FUNNY MEME and you morons REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Over it. What a bunch of dumbasses.

    1. Rob Masdorp It’s so sad that we’ve fallen so far. Three years ago we had a First Lady who wanted our kids to be healthier and fitter and whose mantra was when they go low, we go high…now we have a First Lady who “says” she’s anti-bullying, but ALLOWS her own husband to bully EVERYONE!!!

    1. But you like Antifa dem goons in the streets randomly attacking people…..see that’s the thing you have no credibility!

    1. Wow. I was going to say the same thing. It’s not a coincidence that it was set up at his hotel. It was totally planned.

    1. davids11131113 getting out of war? He caused a flare up of a war in northeast Syria and deployed troops to KSA to provoke Iran. You must be brainwashed.

    2. @Hawkzblade Dude, is that how you view white people? Jeez, the Left really hate people having the wrong skin color. Democrats created the KKK and just changed the skin-colored scapegoats ever since…

  2. maybe the so called president should start paying for secret servicemen to protect all media people out of his own pocket…

  3. Project Veritas will be releasing their video today at noon. It’s the video CNN is really worried about, probably the only video that really exists.

    1. Or..or..go back to Mexico…think about it…think about it.. can’t show a fake video but will show children being attacked oh CNN you silly

    2. Please, Hoosiers don’t want Pence back. When he was governor, women all over the state had booths at festivals protesting this idiot. Yard signs every where protesting this embicile.

    1. A pattern of presenting actions, means and objective-functional rhetoric, usually of ill nature, followed by lack of condemnation, resulting in fairly clear implicit permission(s) to employ said actions and means. Once or twice might be incidental, but an extensive and prolonged use of the same methods, show it’s a pattern; a communication strategy for “implicitly but clearly” condoning things, that would severely backfire if condoned _explicitly._

    1. @John Dough

      I live in South Africa, best of luck with that

      Your entire family’s net worth could not buy the ticket.

    2. @John Dough You seriously need an education, your ignorance is an embarrassment to well educated Americans.

  4. Erdogan: “hey Donaldski, if you do not withdraw your soldiers, I will confiscate your Trumptowers in Istanbul”
    Donaldski: “you have convinced me, how do I convince the GOP?”
    Erdogan: “just say that the Kurds didn’t help you to throw out the Brits”
    Donaldski: “brilliant, so true”

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