1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers,children who lost their loved ones in Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @Myron Helton I don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You blaming Ukrainian soldiers for killing soldiers who have invaded their country and are murdering civilians?

    1. @Jayson Pida lol… I’m simply stating he will never be held responsible, just like our fine upstanding war criminals

  2. RIP to the innocent civilians .
    This is so sad and heartbreaking for innocent civilians got slaughtered for no reason .

  3. My deepest condolences and prayers to the Ukrainian people. I’m heartbroken for you all.

    1. @Nibir Halder
      We are all with you. I went to my Congressman’s office to ask for support for more arms – tanks, jets, if possible, ANYTHING. If I were a young man, I think I might be tempted to join you… but I thought differently when I was young and maybe would not have. But today, if my body could do it, I think I would join you.

  4. When you think you’re having a bad day, think again….my condolences to those deceased 😔😔

    1. Brandee 78 Your Excellent Comment Detracted From By Your OTT Thumbnail Pic! Maybe Lose The Pic When Posting?

    1. @Thor Odin son its a free world (well in some countries) to support whom every you choose. Some Americans also supported Hilter.

  5. My sympathy and deepest condolences to those who died.So heartbreaking.
    Stay strong Ukraine 💪💪

    1. @Kitty Cat
      That last was hardly “covert”, so bad example. But yes – we have done this – so what? I know we have done many bad things in our history – that does not change what is happening now.

    1. @Truth hunter yeah those who are different need not be worried for or missed. Are you happy now?

  6. How can someone think that they
    Don’t deserve all the love and help we can give them? That’s also inhumane.

    1. @Андрей Суворов It is not first time to falsely blame Russia for what Ukraine did. An American Journalist was killed and the photographer was injured. The photographer stated that they didn’t know who shot them. The earlier reports also stated that the shooters were unknown. Couple of days later, the news reported that local police did investigation and found nothing. So far, the information showed that Russia military was not nearby and the city was under Ukraine Government’s control. In fact, Zelensky forced the makes in 16-60 to stay to fight and shot the men who wanted to leave. Two American men were confused to be Ukrainians and got shot. However, many US media falsely blamed Russia.

    2. @Андрей Суворов killing is a war crime but the fabrication of war crimes is a war the crime of anti-humanity.

    1. Nuka cola – how dare you question someone else’s pronouns! That’s violence like literal violence and a hate crime!

  7. My heart goes out to all those affected in Ukraine. Words can’t explain the horror I feel for you from Kansas, USA!

    1. @voluntaryist donate money or not! everyone’s business! since it is his personally earned !

  8. My deepest condolences to the Ukrainian Nation, and Eternal rest to all those who lost their lives in this tragic incident.

    1. @Leo H Bro I’m talking to another American is why. I do not only think about America. And it’s the truth. Wtf was the United States government doing in the affairs of Ukraine? C’mon man. You act like that’s irrelevant, it could be the very reason Russia invaded.

  9. My deepest condolences to the Ukrainian Nation, and Eternal rest to all those who lost their lives in this unjust war.

    1. I pray for my TRUE president donald trump
      He is the one who’ll bring peace to Ukraine and to America

    1. @John Moates Oh, you are one of those people who use a situation to argue about another situation. Not too smart are you?

  10. Tragic and heartbreaking. I hope to see the day when the culprits and their bosses are made accountable for these gruesome crimes against humanity. No words. May the Lord give strength to the people of Ukraine and make them come out victorious against this insolent tyranny.

  11. My heart bleeds for the people of Ukraine. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. This is so brutal, so cold, very inhumane.

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