1. @Chae Baker Look at the crimes and murder committed in Chicago last weekend, or any weekend for that matter.😅🤣😂

    2. @Deeds Yep, that was really bad and sad. How many mass shootings have we in this month? Who committed those shootings? How many innocent child have been killed this year? How committed those crimes. I believe the stats show that 99.9% of all mass shootings are committed what race? Let me think about🫢. Do I dare say. At the end of the day all killings are bad, and it does not matter who does – black, white, purple, green. What makes it worst is if you killed for justing ringing a door bell or if you in your classroom trying to learn or buying groceries or being at a parade. There are bad people in all races, period. I will not reply to anymore comments. Sending you blessings and prayers😇

  1. Our Father Love’s ALL his children and Nations,..
    Nations..( Greek) for ethnos..ethnic people 🙏
    Have you read it ?

    1. The first will be last and the last will be first.I don’t put my trust in men but in GOD first.

  2. Mr Jimenez is right, and I can relate to his experience. I am a middle-aged Black man, well -spoken and professional appearance. About 4 years ago I worked p/t as a Field Rep. for a Data Collection firm, I live in the DFW Metroplex. After making contact with prospective subjects via phone or email, we would have to go the subject’s home and conduct the Interview in person. I was the only black man on our Team, in order to do this type of work you need Gov’t security clearance. and extensive background Checks because we work on behalf of Gov agencies. In the 4 months the project lasted I was not able to secure 1 in person interview, although my white counterparts were nailing 4 or 5 a week. Positive phone appoinments turned into doorbells not being answered, or no shows at the appointed times if I had to reschedule the appointment. The only success I had was with appointments that were purely conducted over the phone. Many of the neighborhoods I had to visit were very upscale, I would not go directly to the door, I would always stand a few feet away, and announce myself, even though we had fixed appointments set for an interview. Some of these interviews the Respondents would be paid up to $300.00 for participation. From behind the windows I could see the fear, the scowls and looks of utter fright on the look of many who dared to look through the window. I was always professionally dressed, I do not have a fearsome or unwelcoming appearance, quite the opposite, I have been spokesperson, and model for almost all the Companies that I have worked for my photograph being featured in both National and International magazines. There are many negative perceptions about Black people, which has given rise to a lot of fear among people. While the extra money was good…..I never signed up for any projects again, the rejection and humiliation finally took a toll on me. I totally understand where Mr. Jimenez is coming from.

    1. @Anthony McCauley Sorry – I had to report that as hate speech because telling someone that they should “blame your race for all the violence” is racist AF. So now it looks like you’re responding to no one but I couldn’t let it slide.

    2. Maybe if 8% of the American population, young black men, would stop committing 50% of violent crimes people would have a different outlook.🤷‍♂

    3. You seem intelligent so you know full well that as a black man the number one threat of violence being committed against you comes from … other black men.

  3. I remember meeting you at George Floyd Square. We spoke amongst that group at the gas station brotha. I’d love to reconnect with you and really just have a conversation @omar ….. STAY STRONG.

    Michael Wilson

    1. They should’ve asked the panelists what they think about the Chicago riots and that woman who was beat up by a mob for no reason.

    1. @charles fadeley “Your” is possessive. You are = You’re (this is the contraction for “you are”)

  4. It is real important that children not come into contact with strangers until they are ready to process the information they find.

  5. I remember watching CNN that day that Omar was arrested… *for being a reporter* .
    He looked frightened. That’s NO excuse for how the police treated him.

    1. @Pablo What would that have to do with the topic? That’s like saying let’s talk about girls in the Middle East being murdered for not following social rules.

    2. @Pou1gie1 Nice to know you care more about a journalist getting detained than an innocent woman getting beat up by a mob.

  6. I want to leave this comment every time i feel so helpless…USA is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people who are filled with love and goodwill. The problem is, we may not be making enough noise. Love is not rewarded much at all these days, and it would be so nice to begin to change that. But how?

  7. It’s insane the wickedness and brutality in people’s hearts that they shoot at people at a slightest opportunity. Shame! very useful information

  8. It makes one nervous just walking up to any door as it is because you never know but how thing’s are now it’s spooky very useful information

  9. Part of the solution is to demand better firearms training & encourage more range time. Addressing mental health issues is a vital aspect of this crisis

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