1. @Дмитрий hmm between the two countries, who doesn’t belong there? And who has a proven track record of war crimes? Yeah, Russia on both counts.

  1. “we can leave there. They can’t!”
    This just hits me the worst way.
    Hope you’ll have peace soon, Ukrainian heroes.

    1. *Ahem*.. I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank al the … bots writing all the idiotic comments below as they help boost the number of replies to my comment.
      To others: please don’t be triggered by those bots/Ruskies paid armchair warriors.

    2. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat no, I currently live in EU, I lived 7 years in the US (5 in Miami, 2 in NYC), worked in Europe, Middle East, South America and US with an high profile job and I fluently speak 3 languages. And you?

    3. @Francesco Guzzetta I live in the US and I design trusses. I don’t care to speak any language other than English and I can afford to buy a television. Thanks for asking.

  2. Ukrainian people has shown more courage than Russian army despite having less military equipment

  3. Dear reporter, you don’t have to risk your lives, we believe in your reporting without this dangerous situations.
    Stay healthy 💪 Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦 💙 💛

    1. Об этом рассказал журналист Роман Цымбалюк.

      Российская авиация случайно нанесла удар по 38-й отдельной мотострелковой бригаде, перепутав ее с украинским соединением, что привело к тяжелым потерям бригады. После этого командир части потребовал от Восточного военного округа прекратить оказание ему поддержки с воздуха.

      38-я бригада входит в состав 35-й общевойсковой армии Санчика, наступавшей на Киев.

      Редактировать: Я узнал, что в списке есть майор Руслин Петрухин из этой бригады.

      Майор Руслан Владимирович Петрухин, заместитель командира 38-й отдельной гвардейской мотострелковой бригады 35-й армии Восточного ВО (погиб 11 марта)

      107 человек здесь

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    1. If they were brave they would tell the truth instead of being told what and how to report everything.

    2. @The Dude I’m also pretty sure their distinct blue cars out in the open really helped the Russians target all of them there easier.

  4. It is incredible of how much damage shrapnel can cause. It looked like the other vehicle was usable, but it was not.

    1. @Angel Of Money often explosives work better when slightly off. They are different to bullets. Like you say, pressure and flying debris. Grenades are made like that too, it’s the flying metal that kills.

      And like humans, cars have critical/crucial points. A shot up lung is not that different from a gastank with a hole in it.
      (that BUK that downed the civilian plane also exploded next to it, perforating it with metal).

    2. My cousin was hit with shrapnel once. I remember seeing all of the tiny scars in his legs after surgery.

    3. @Mark Stuber Camo, when properly utilized works best at medium to long distances. Its fair to assume they saw the news crew and guessed there were military personal nearby.

      Artillery isn’t blindly fired. Modern artillery is quite accurate. Someone saw those news vehicles and called in their position.

  5. “The officer tells the translator we need to go, now”
    Not sure a translator was needed for that one… just watching the video is unnerving.

    1. 99% of people panic in such cases. Good training and experience is needed. No one in the video has any.

    2. @Phillip Leech they were waiting to make sure there was actually a window to leave. The ditch may well be safer than driving the car on the road amidst incoming artillery

    3. @Eddie House I didn’t see any panic from the soldiers, just urgency (likely for the benefit of the civilians)

  6. Your work is so important to tell the truth about this genocidal war to the world. Thank you so much to all involved! Stay safe!
    💙💛 Slava Ukraini! 💙💛 Justice for Bucha! 💙💛 Слава Україні ! 💙💛

    1. @Jasmine Bali Let’s adjust your reply and keep the discussion honest: please compare the number of “locals with camera phones” to the number of “CNN crew” on the scene. Your comment is distorting the truth.

  7. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦Mykolaiv is protecting itself and Odessa at the same time. Friends on the ground tell me that as long as Mykolaiv holds on Odessa should be fine. They are heroes 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦❤️

    1. I think this was recorded several days ago. Currently, the Russians have been dispersed (killed or captured) NE of Mikolaev and have retreated to Kherson SE of Mikolaev. Odessa is pretty safe at this point

    2. @K • You’re more optimistic about Odessa than I am. Odessa has already been hit by cruise missiles from ships in the Black Sea and is vulnerable to a sea assault.

  8. Props to John the Cameraman.

    Man, this reporter is so cheerful. It’s like watching your granddad in a war zone.

    1. 100% props to this crew. Handling this kind of pressure and still being able to face the camera and say, “Alrighty…” 1:11 and then getting the crew to safety 🤩

    2. “Cheerful” Thinking About His Nomation For Next Years Oscar Award For Best Drama In A Foreign Field!

    1. @spring cbas Special Forces found an expansive child trafficking syndicate in an office building only two blocks distance from the Government House, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s primary place of business, in downtown Kyiv. Spetznas infiltrated the structure, killed 8 traffickers, and beheld a truly gruesome scene: Sixty-five children were kenneled in cramped cages.

    2. @Snake Pliskin Lol, and unicorns were captured by russian troops, who also libeated the tooth fairy!🤡

  9. “Well alrighty. I hope the car is OK.” Damn, now that’s some field reporting! I’m glad that they are safe.

    1. @Fabrice Fauconnier Don’t those things come with a white flag pre-installed?
      Before you get all upset… it’s just a joke.

    2. @Jeep Dude No worries mate,
      I just noticed the reliable japanese 4wd was out of use.
      No white flag on it either !

    1. Wtf??!? Of course he cares, his whole countries reputation is based on his attitude and trying to keep them alive..

    2. I am surprised by the comments.
      Well, I assumed majority of the folks commenting did not have military experience.

      What I was referring,
      The Ukrainian soldiers are professional. While the attack is happening, any soldiers could panic and flee the battlefield.

      The clip have shown that the soldier not only have to care for his own safety, he also extended his care to the reporters and request them to flee for safety.

      Let me ask again, if a life threatening situation, it will be neutral for anyone to panic.

      Ukrainians fighters have huge balls and bravery that I really salute them.

      May them resolve the conflict for peace soon.

  10. my thoughts and prayers go to the soldiers left to face the russian invasion… true warriors

  11. Take it from a combat vet, when that adrenaline hits you, it REALLY hits you. You can see it in their face.

    1. Tnanks For Your Service! CNN Sorry NO Thanks To You! Local Citizens Armed Only With Camera Phones Doing A FAR BETTER Jon!

  12. May God protect the Ukrainian soldiers for protecting their land. And thanks to the CNN crew for this tough job they are doing to give us good news.

    1. @Jasmine Bali did he Express concern for the vehicle that was going to transport them out of the fire zone? Yeah why wouldn’t he? What a weird thing to criticize

    2. @The Panda Or, if Trump was President this war wouldn’t be happening, depends on how you think about it. LOL

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