1. @Morten Grue ..ask California, they allowed illegal voters. If you remove them, Trump won the majority.

    2. @Brian Halvorsen The UK’s ambassador to the US certainly reported back his findings about the administration been inept. All the facts about his incompetence speak for themselves.

    1. @David Albers just FYI… The middle class is growing like crazy in Texas. 1000 people a day move to Texas, all of the smart people from California have already left that shithole 😂😂😂😂

    2. @David Albers small businesses are exploding all across the nation with the exception of California, Illinois and New York. This is a fact. You don’t get out much do you?

    3. @Chadillac I see. So the decline of small business in California is its eventual demise? Because all of those illegal immigrants, drug addicts, and stupid democrats refuse to buy a hammer from Home Depot? Really insightful. Do you routinely publish economic reports? I should subscribe then.

    4. Because CNN never plays more then one sentence so you can’t get context…that’s how they keep the retards misinformed.

  1. How can you fact Trump when he uses no facts. Here is a fact, Trump has lied 10,796x since slithering into the Oval Office.

    1. doright man,
      Lmao! You cannot even spell the word loser, but you say that’s what I am. Fucking brilliant of you.

    2. I am not surprised at any thing this person say. The POTU is out of touch with how to run our America. He’s like a third grade child.
      I realize that DT will try to silence a person who disagree with his madness. His agenda is to destroy the structure of country. I believe he’s being encouraged by a dictator who wants to take our country.

    3. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat are you one if the worthless human beings that couldn’t get another job after Obamacare took yours away? No, it’s not Obama’s fault. You just have zero work ethic. Dumbass.

    1. @Sharon Taylor Possibly. But he has lots of equally stupid followers. Hard to tell an idiot from another idiot.

    2. @mct _ Most Americans did NOT vote for TRUMP, if that’s what you’re asking. That’s why many people want to get rid of the “Electoral College” system, which can allow a fool like Trump to “win” an election even when a majority of people voted for his opponent, as happened in 2016.

    3. @mct _ Please, start talking about your bees. 🙂 That will surely give some “flavour” to the discussion.

    4. @Sharon Taylor
      Can you tell if he’s guilty or not ?
      If you can’t download right, so runs the presumption of innocence.
      You morally simply have no right to judge because you are criminals.

  2. This inept has consistently removed environmental protections and installed fossil fuel advocates as caretakers of our earth. His policy has been damaging and dangerous to every living being on the earth. What a hypocritical monster.

    1. FACT: Since pulling out of the Paris Accord, out of all the countries in the Accord ONLY the USA has reduced their carbon emissions. What is the point of the Paris Accord? Why should the USA pay hundreds of millions to be in an agreement with countries, who, for all their complaining don’t seem to be interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

  3. Trump claims that not only do windmills cause cancer, they’re also responsible for fanning the flames of forest fires. 😄
    If you don’t think about it, it almost makes too much sense.😂

    1. Anti trumpers; when programmed hate inspires more effort to find something wrong than simply observe when when something is right.

    1. John Roberts Every Rally ive been to or seen that the Left was setting up was a bunch of hypocrites, fascists, & people who were violent. You cant even support trump anymore without being called a KKK member. im a black conservative & i say that i am deeply offended that you say all conservatives are KKK members. but what you fail yo believe is that the Democratic party created the KKK and started slavery. Dont be a hypocrite

    2. @ice man no they just say illegals vote like mr humpty dumpty did when he lost by 3 million votes in the popular vote

    1. Trump is also on record as saying he he knew Epsitens party girls were too young and that they banged them anyway.

  4. This is history, we are living in a time which will be remembered in history as America’s stupid period.

    1. Actually first there was the Cretaceous period, now we are living in the cretinous period. Where bloated, Orange dinosaurs with the IQ of mould roam the country, calling out to its bretheren who are sinking in the tar sands of intellectual impoverishment.

    2. what I don’t understand is if people are too stupid or not stupid enough to start the civil war in america. It is long overdue!

    1. @tony plow That’s due to Obama, Trump is doing all he can to make a massive recession happen.

    2. @tony plow Lying about wages isn’t going to help your position. Also, grammar is important.

    3. @POHUL why not blame both.
      Him for being the PoS he is and has always been.
      Them for being dumb enough to believe the lies and misinformation spread to his benefit.

    4. the people who didn’t vote are the real problem. By not voting they are effectively responsible for whoever won….and, by my calculations, there’s more who chose not to vote than voted for Trump?

    1. Gina R what’s the matter, truth hurt you again? The way you’re flapping your gums, you sound like the idiot.

  5. How about a fact check to find out where those airports were during the revolutionary war?? I’ve checked a lot of history books and there was no mention of them.

    1. @Shadow Banned Im sure every evening before you go to sleep you look under your bed to make sure Obama isn’t there xD

  6. After that Twilight Zone spectacle of a press conference with Comrade Drumph and his boss Putin in Helsinki, I got to the point where I could no longer watch the orange oaf speak. Virtually everything out of his mouth is a lie, an exaggeration, or just something so vile it turns the stomach.

    1. kim ofallmedia ..What a surprise that you have no content on your page, just like a troll.

    2. All you stupid fucks think the Russians hacked the podesta emails. Julian Assange said it wasnt the Russians. Mueller never even fucking questioned Assange. The FBI never even got their hands on the dnc server that was supposedly hacked. They just went off a report from crowd strike. A 3rd party firm hired by the dnc that refused to hand over the server.
      You zombie idiots are lied to on a regular basis and too stupid to look into it.


    1. wild cat all you’ll do is keep shooting up schools, run over protesters, make edgy comments on the internet, and not get any walls built.

  8. I haven’t been able to listen to trump for a long while now. I either mute or skip the parts where he speaks. It’s like listening to a child trying to explain something.

    1. Lopici :- we need a bla, bla, bla button on our remotes to automatically silence/skip that nonsense.

  9. Trump,” I’m a very stable genius, that’s why I lie, you wouldn’t understand believe me”.

  10. This ain’t a shocker trump lies he doesnt even know hes lying that’s how much he lies 🤣🤣

    1. wild cat No need to get hateful man let people have other opinions. & leave the insults, the fascism, and the hate to left because thats what they’re known for.

  11. ask the people in Oklahoma whose drinking water is flammable about trumps environmental record

    1. @Stev Wood “That was happening during the Obama Administration”
      Good point! I hope your next point will be equally good: explain to me/us why the tRump administration hasn’t done anything to change it, yet?
      He usually has no problems reversing stuff that Obama did.

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