CNN fact checks GOP claims that Soros was involved in Trump indictment

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact checks right wing theories that billionaire philanthropist George Soros was involved in bankrolling the election of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is pursuing the case against former President Donald Trump. #CNN #News


  1. Any Republicans heard of the Koch bros? Wikipedia: “They actively fund and support organizations that contribute significantly to Republican candidates…” Read more about the hundreds of millions of dollars they spent.

    1. Koch bros stopped donating money to campaigns about 12yrs ago.

      They are not even republicans so it’s a great laugh to see these feeble attempts to make a comparison.
      That and they contribute by cause not party.

      You’d have to actually know more than the name and to think that’s a sufficient answer is literally acknowledging the lack of knowledge.

  2. Cops : sir do you know your Miranda’s Right.
    Trump : Miranda ! I already pay her hush money. Is she back again.

  3. I donated to Color of Change, too and before this I’d never heard of Bragg. I’m happy to know him now, though. 🙂

  4. You can tell by how quickly and covertly they get him into the vehicle they have serious assassination concerns. I feel for him

    1. @Richard Madrid sounds like free ad time and a gain in polling and the drive for the base growth to the base

    2. @Farris Racy that doesn’t appear to be reflected in the number of people protesting before or against trump. I think outside of people thinking it’s a juicy entertaining story, hardly anyone cares that much

  5. The only thing Donald does not have to falsely brag about is Bragg himself. Witch hunt is no defense when you are clearly a witch.

  6. I am all for getting ALL big money out of ALL things political at ALL levels of government. very useful information

    1. YOU’RE A BOT. You’re the second commenter on this video to end their comment with the exact phrase “very useful information” with no capitalization or punctuation, which means your comment was likely electronically generated. Plus, you and the other commenter have accounts that are only a day or two old.

  7. I wanna hear about the insurrection at the Tennessee State Capitol. very useful information

    1. A, Republican party… Transeressrectiion!

      The only thing that is the only reason why she was there was to make sure that the Democrats were absolutely made to be the scapegoat in order to make them responsible for her ACTIONS!!!!

    2. You’re a bot. This is at least the second commenter that ends their comment with the exact same phrase “very useful information” with no punctuation or capitalization. And like the other commenter, your YouTube account is only a day or two old. BOT.

  8. if you want know how the justice system works or does not work – senator Sheldon Whitehouse…blessings to all

  9. As an Indian citizen, I am highly concerned about collapse of democracy in the US.😢

  10. I’m actually the shadowy guiding hand in this whole indictment, I tweeted at Bragg in 2021 that he should lock up trump AFTER I’d made a $13 donation to his election campaign AND tweeted derogatory comments about his opponent. He’s basically at my beckon call now!!!!

  11. When I was growing up, Green Cards were so highly prized they were almost mythologised. They were the golden ticket, a chance to move to the greatest country on earth and pursue the American Dream. When a friend of mine won one in the Green Card lottery, we were awed and envious and disbelieving.

    I loved the US. I admired the patriotism, the enthusiasm so many Americans held for their country. I admired Hollywood. I adored the John Hughes movies, and the TV dramas like Hill Street Blues and Family Ties and LA Law. I admired the multiculturalism, the idea of a melting pot of immigrants from around the globe. I coveted the college system, the diners, Walmart, and brands like Gap and Banana Republic. I marvelled at New York, which did and still does feel like the centre of the universe.
    Now, I wouldn’t take a Green Card if it came with a bag of cash and a date with Beyonce. The country is so divided and so toxic that I worry for my American friends. From an ex-president who tells blatant lies and tries to undermine the democratic process, to the lack of socialised medicine and soaring costs of health care, from the institutionalised racism to the police violence, from the daily mass shootings (sometimes more than daily), to the “don’t say gay” bill, the US is an ongoing series of horror stories.
    I still love New York and American movies, but New York isn’t the US, and neither is Hollywood. The US is 50 states, 24 of which have recently banned abortion. The US has more guns than people, and the highest rate of gun ownership in the world by a huge margin. The US had almost one school shooting per week last year, and homicide is the leading cause of death for kids and adolescents. The religious right is waging war on the rights of transgender people, the rights of gay people, and the reproductive rights of women, and they are making progress. Incarceration rates in the US are among the highest in the world and income inequality is the highest among developed nations.
    There are progressives in the US, people who care about social justice and about the rights of the most vulnerable citizens. Most people didn’t vote for Donald Trump and most people don’t support the overturning of Roe vs Wade. But access to voting is unequal, the electoral college system is inequitable, and the stacked Supreme Court means that the values of a conservative minority beat the wishes of the majority. It is democracy, yes, but it is certainly not inclusive.
    I used to revere the US, now I ache for the women and the LGBT+ community and the people of colour and the thousands upon thousands dead from gun violence each year. The US is now my Bill Cosby. It is a fallen hero for many of us.
    I do sincerely pray the US can get past this mess and reclaim its right to greatness.

  12. Talk about clutching at straws protecting a known traitor thief and felon They should be ashamed of themselves 😭

  13. This indictment changed me
    forever. I have seriously and
    silently of course, disowned
    all family, friends and others
    who celebrate this indictment.

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