CNN gets exclusive access to Afghan base in Kandahar 1

CNN gets exclusive access to Afghan base in Kandahar

Afghanistan's swift descent into violence following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops supporting the government has shocked many. Afghan commandos gave CNN's Clarissa Ward exclusive access to one of their bases along Kandahar's front line amid fears it, with other provincial capitals, will fall.

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    1. China played it perfectly: let the USA fight and sap their strength, then send out diplomatic advanced to the Taliban, to buy influence given they appear to be the next political force.

    2. @TheNatfrog That is false. The total number of deaths has fluctuated around 3500 since 2014, with little to no clear correlation. The total number of deaths in 2021 thus far is 1659. If you extrapolate that out to the full year, the prediction is about 2500.
      Maybe try doing some research. Personally, I don’t think this has a lot to do with who is president. They are a bunch of savage zealots.

  1. When our own government can’t solve its own problems, it sure as heck isn’t going to solve someone else’s.

    1. @Ayden CZ123 lol……lol….
      Crusades were 1090.

      Battle of Tours 742 (France)
      Death of Mohammad 632

      What was a Muslim Army doing in France?

    2. @New Yawk Giants
      We’re talking about Islam here.

      You know Mohammad was described as white and had black slaves.

      He sold two black slaves for one Arab slave (al-Tirmhidi 1239)

      and called Ethiopians raisinheads (bukhari 693)

      These are Muslim sources

    3. @Ayden CZ123
      Actually I won’t.
      Islam attacked Christian lands from 632-742.
      They were stopped at the Battle of Tours in France (742).

      This started the Reconquista.

      Nice try

    4. @New Yawk Giants
      Check this “whoever says the prophet was black is killed. The prophet is not black”

  2. Afghanistan was always doomed. We were just delaying the inevitable. Thousands of American lives lost and trillions spent and the Taliban will be back in power within a year.

    1. Only 2 thousand some Americans have died in Afghanistan, over 60 thousand Afghan security forces have died in those 20 years.

    2. @New Yawk Giants we backed specifically the mujahadeen in that conclict, which became the taliban. Bullet meet foot

    3. Thousands of American lives lost. You mean about 2,378. About 5,000 vets commit suicide yearly. The guys in Afghanistan were safer. Babble on.

    1. With only 2,378 deaths over 20 years the memorial could be painted on a city bus or train car. Have graffiti artists vie for the job. You’re a kid, right?

  3. Places being surrounded by their adversaries do not have a good history of surviving….Vicksburg, Berlin, Jericho, Benghazi, Alamo, Saigon, Custer’s last stand…etc….the only one I know of is Bastonge and don’t see Patton with an army coming.

  4. Sounds like a Afghan problem to me. I spent 6 years fighting over there for nothing to be resolved. U.S. just needs to pull all support and let them deal with their own problems.

    1. Thank you sorry three friends and a brother in-law all fight. Not one came back the same. My father said “I lost two brothers to war it just took years for them to die I’ll be dammed if it’s going to take my son!” I was going to sign when the towers fell.

    2. @Dennis Murphy Sorry to hear that. I lost many friends over there and also came back with severe PTSD and various combat injuries. All for the Army to medically retire me for have too many issues from combat.

    3. @scipher99 What you get with a weak USAF. You get weak results. My mighty red, white and blue will always stand by the light of the early dawn. No matter where I plant it.

  5. I watched the story until the end of the video, waiting to hear of some optimistic ’light on the horizon’.
    …there was none.

  6. It was inevitable for this to come as their nation was a geographical asset to the US. If anyone pays attention to the events in the White House, the timing between our most recent talks with China, for our troops to pull out of Afghanistan, and for their government to have talks with the Taliban should give you some idea on what questions you should be thinking at this point.

  7. I bet they were not even out of the United States. Even though they would love CNN since they hate America also.

  8. I’m glad their equipped like American soldiers, they were trained well by Americas soldiers, they did all they could on the field of battle

  9. send the cnn analysists to negotiate with them and the reporters, especially that guy that exposed himself on zoom. At least the anti vaxers get to live though since they got fired.

  10. We were training the Afghans for 20 years and they still can’t do the job properly. That is not on us that their country will disintegrate by March 2022.

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