1. Just remember these people do not just mean adults they mean CHILDREN as well.
    This so horrific unbelievable it’s still going on.

  2. God Bless these people and the beautiful grandmothers who are at the age where they have nothing left to lose and they take no prisoners!!! God Bless Ukraine and it’s Courageous People. 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

    1. @piertinence No, being _Russian_ is what contributed to this mess. And yes, I do blame the Russian people to some extent, because Putler has received a great deal of support from the Russian people for many years, despite his invasion of Crimea and the atrocities he’s committed in places like Chechnya and Georgia.

  3. There are children standing here Arms outstretched into the sky
    He has been here
    Brothers lie in shallow graves
    Fathers lost without a trace
    A nation blind to its disgrace
    No Bravery….James Blunt

  4. The son of the great Serpent is very cruel. That’s good that finally he’s losing his mask. Thank you, CNN guys, you are brave to work there

    1. I am sure a lot of Russians are knowing of their despot evil deeds. Those oligarchs losing billions may react to their despot mindless war

  5. “It is said that for the first week after the Russians took berlin , all woman who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken Berlin if I had been allowed.”
    -Gen George S Patton

    1. Patton wanted to take Berlin and Czechoslovakia. Like Churchill wanted to shake hands with Stalin as far East of the river Oder as possible.

    2. @Bobbo Lan sure he was right. Churchill had that view too. Unfortunately the White House didn’t agree.
      Americans react always late. Nowadays either.

  6. my heart breaks every day for these innocent ppl. such evil in this world,
    it boggles my mind. god bless you, ukraine

  7. Ukraine stay strong!! My heart goes with you guys!😭😭😭😭😭
    Don’t give up!💙💛❤🙏💙💛

    1. @Catherine Kostritskaya Thinking and praying for Ukraine especially families who have lost loved ones. Glory to Ukraine.

  8. “I believe that by taking a strong attitude with the Russians, they will back down. We have already yielded too much to their mongolian nature.”
    -Gen George S Patton

    1. @Ivy Bannerman-Wood
      Their tragedy. Your drama.
      Actually, the doctrine says “pray in private”. You are not supposed to pray in public. But you all love the drama. Just like with the media, war is king.

    2. @Jonathan Sterling Tania and Ivy like all civilized humans support Ukraine in the Russian invasion. You have a problem with that?

  9. It’s all I can do to keep myself in hand, and not wish every Russian dead in the worst way possible – and I’m sitting here in the US all safe and warm and well-fed. I hate this feeling. I can only imagine what it must be like for people at the broken end of the bottle all day every day.
    Слава Україні 🌎🌏🌍❤️🇺🇦

    1. I can understand your feeling. However, remember what happened to Afghan civilians and Iraq. Much greater harm was done to them. I didn’t see any outcry from you (West) and others. There is no way that this is right what Putin has done to Ukraine. It is illegal and unprovoked aggression waged by a madman in Moscow. But in fairness, the west has done much worse atrocities to other countries over the years. I hope that we recognize criminals regardless of their countries.

    2. @Abdirahman Yusuf That’s fair.
      It wasn’t enough, but I did what I thought I could do to keep us from making those mistakes, and taking actions that cost the lives of too many innocents in Vietnam, Central America, South America, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and and and. There have been many times I’ve had to feel shame for what my government has done. Maybe my outrage towards Russia now is a consequence of that shame.

    3. @eVilleMike USA has done mistakes but after WWII they never targeted civilian shelters and hospitals. They never bombed a train station full of children

  10. All these lives gone just like that, because of power thirsty and greed for other people’s resources. Its worst of worst.

  11. That attack on the train station was not ‘indiscriminate’. it was an attack by the Russians using accurate missiles to hit a station that they KNEW would be full of mostly women and children trying to escape.
    This on its own is a war crime. No argument. And it is clear where the missiles came from. Yes missiles plural. Although one was shot down by Ukraine air defences.

    1. Please learn how to use a dictionary.
      It most definitely was “indiscriminate”.

      This is NOT a hard word, and you should have learned it in early junior high…..




      done at random or *without careful judgment.*

      “the indiscriminate killing of civilians”

      synonyms: nonselective, unselective, undiscriminating, uncritical, aimless, hit-or-miss, haphazard, random, unsystematic, unmethodical, wholesale, general, sweeping, blanket, broad-based, wide, catholic, eclectic, varied, miscellaneous, heterogeneous, motley, confused, chaotic, thoughtless , unthinking, unconsidered, casual, careless, promiscuous”

    2. @Hey You
      Too many suicidal people in the world.
      One easy way to stop it would be for Zelensky and clan to swallow their pride and face reality.

  12. *Keep the truth in front of the rest of the world!* We ALL stand with Ukraine. *We MUST all help Ukraine stand against Russia, NO MATTER THE COST because it is to proper and ethical thing to do!* My heart and prayers go out to Ukraine. Slava Ukraine!

    1. Pride comes before the fall.
      And if you knew anything about praying, you would know it’s supposed be done in private, not in public.
      You just LOVE the drama.

  13. I look at my city and with horror understand, I do not recognise the streets. It is the true nightmare to see your motherland like that. No words can describe feelings

  14. I’m not a praying man, but I will pray for these innocent people who had such a great life ahead of them👏

  15. Львів і Чернігів — міста моїх предків. Я сумую про те, що трапилося навіть так. Вітаю всіх вас, дорогі брати і сестри. Нехай загиблим буде вічний спокій, а ворог несе гіршу долю, ніж ви. Слава України💙💛

  16. God it’s so heartbreaking seeing the family members searching for the grave of their loved ones. It was also devastating to see the family of the soldier Vladimir. Judging by his last moments he was a brave man, may he rest in peace. We have to do more to help Ukraine, this nightmare cannot be allowed to go on.

    1. It was sad at first. Now it’s all just become mundane. Someone else’s war in another country. Happens all the time.

    2. @Mark Ogle This war is a global conflict between liberty and tyranny. Ukraine is fighting to defend their nation from genocide and Russia is fighting in an attempt to conquer and subjugate the Ukrainian population. The outcome of this war will have worldwide repercussions which is part of why it’s so important that Ukraine wins.

    3. @Juba Yuva It will stop. When the Ukrainians grow weary of being cannon fodder, and overthrow Zelensky.

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