CNN goes aboard Ukrainian patrol boat challenging Russian navy 1

CNN goes aboard Ukrainian patrol boat challenging Russian navy


The message from the Russians to the Ukrainian patrol was clear: Go no further. As Russian ships deploy to the Sea of Azov — a body of water surrounded by both Russia and Ukraine — for what Moscow says are exercises, the Ukrainians ready their defenses. CNN's Matthew Chance reports from a Ukrainian patrol boat.

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  1. i have watched in real time John Matthew Chance and Sputnik vaccine if memory served me right good Sir

  2. “really rough seas” apparently is like 2ft swells this guy has not been out to sea!

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  4. Gonna be kind of hard for Ukraine to “challenge” a navy ten times the size of its own.

    1. @Ramon Guzman Russia originated in the north, around the 9-10th century. Then the princes from Novgorod captured Kiev.

    2. @Алексей П They are holding neonazi marches in a few Western countries where all crazy ideologies and religions are tolerated.
      And Vlad Vladdy Putin supports a number of those neonazi groups in his efforts to destabilize Western democracies.

      We all know it.
      Even in the USA there are neonazis marching like some groups in Charlottesville.

      Why is Vlad playing with fire?
      Why would Vlad support the Alternative für Deutschland?
      Why would Vlad support Marie LePen?

    3. Zelensky is no mere coward if Ukraine is attacked and Kiev becomes under siege they will attack the Russian homeland however any attack on the Russian homeland at all may result in a nuclear strike

    4. Israel defeted 7 arab nations armies + rebelling arabs citizens on its first week as a country with no normal army…..everything is possible…….GO UKRAINE

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    2. When their navy is ten times the size of yours, you challenge politely and at a distance. Unless of course, you are a fool.

  7. The amount of time we spend believing we can’t is more than enough time to learn how we can.

    1. @Jasmine T. Redfeather I think the other commenters fell for their rags to riches story

    1. People who board Russian vessels never unboard… a good reason not to take your advice.

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