CNN goes inside Afghanistan's 'deserted' Bagram Airfield after US troops depart 1

CNN goes inside Afghanistan’s ‘deserted’ Bagram Airfield after US troops depart


CNN's Anna Coren goes inside Bagram Airfield to capture scenes of abandonment as Afghan forces pick up the pieces following the withdrawal of US and NATO troops after nearly two decades of war.


  1. Is very easy to start a war….but to finish it, is a completely different ball game. What a fantastic job they left there. And the responsible Bush and others where are they? retired a living theirs lives normally, yup business as usually.

    1. @N3 is a 5th rate channel. Everything these days is FakeNews, the truth now these days is like a religion, each one chose what to believe.

    1. She’s describing all the stuff Americans tax payers paid for and is being left behind free for somebody else.

  2. Now china would be next player for afghans but Chinese are too smart they handle from outside.

  3. Hay know we know what the Russian’s found out 40 years ago.
    In the Immortal Words of Lewis Black;
    “ You can’t defeat an enemy without Indoor Plumbing,,,, They have Nothing To Lose”

    1. @WaterDog It’s not youtube it’s CNN, youtube give channels options to not allow links to be posted.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek It’s always somebody or something that doesn’t like the cross referencing of websites and posting a simple HTML.
      Funny CNN didn’t have that searchable information.

      Ohhhh thank you!

    3. @Sara Mill Ahhhhh Detroit is only #3 so far this year.
      Behind St. Louis and Baltimore, then you have NOLA, then the place I’m retreating from Memphis.
      So I suggest Retreat.
      It’s quite out here in Da Country, next to the Millionaire Hunting Clubs & National Forest is my Eastern Property line. Nobody’s gonna put a house on wheels there.
      Lots of cute little fuzzy wuzzy forest creatures.
      Violent I really don’t know how you can to that summation.
      I just saved one of my wild baby bunny’s from the owl sitting in the tree.
      It’s a nice place,,,, it can be your if you got like,,,,,,,,,300k.

  4. Got memories of listening to the call to prayers as I watched F-16s takeoff with full afterburner from Bagram.

  5. Bagram airbase is more of a small city than an Airfield.
    I had to take a bus just to get from the In/out Tents to the post exchange.
    It really is huge.

    1. @Alex Banica Yeah they do actually have you watch the Sopranos? Everyone is a victim of the mob the friends just get extorted slightly less. Do you feel like you were being represented appropriately for the amount of taxes you pay?

    2. @Hamilton Cannagar Do you want an answer to that?Your argument relies on a tv series…I mean,i dont know what to say to that.
      The US had the Marshall plan after ww2,the Soviet Union had the “we are going to take everything you own” program to the countries under their control after ww2.No,its business as usual that countries that conquer other countries to financially support them.Its in fact ….quite the oposite.Hence the expression “war spoils”.Its not “war aid”.
      But whatever.

    3. @Alex Banica It’s more profitable to keep people in business that is why you text them and safe and resources

      I’ve never seen the Sopranos but I guarantee that sort of thing happens all the time because that’s how mobs work that’s how governments work

    4. *USA and India trained Afghanistan Army. India in its propaganda videos has multiple times showed Afghanistan soldiers and lady officers getting training in various indian military academias*

      And now once USA has left afghanistan, the situation is that 4 taliban in one vehicle entered Afghanistan Wakhan province and has captured complete province. It is a moment of shame for Afghanistan Army and its indian añd US trainers.

      Moreover USA has spend 2 trillion dollars in equipping and training Afghan Army for 20 years. But Afghan Army and Ashraf ghani puppit government prove to be wall of sand.

      Over more than 1000 Afghan army officials had fled to neighbouring countries Tajikistan and Pakistan.
      Taliban is using captured Hamvee vehicles from Afghan Army as taxi in Afghanistan. Afghanistan airforce pilots has targeted and killed its own soldiers in airstrike killing 12 its soldiers.

      Moral of the story is: A soldier is replica of its trainer, a young and energetic soldiers can be molded to any frame by his trainer. But Afghan army was trained by India, who themselves are so incompetent that on 27 February 2019 conflict its airdefence shot down their own MI 17 aircraft and 2 aircrafts (SU 30 and MIG 21) were shot down by Pakistani pilots.

  6. This is amazing, does anyone doubt we’ll be after the Taliban again in about 6 months, all we had to do is ask the Soviets no one in history has ever controlled Afghanistan.

  7. What’s amazing is how fast the taliban took over and things went back to the same way they were before American troops entered. Watch the news Friday you’ll see. So many American lives lost for nothing.

  8. When we INVADED, Afghan officials who were fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda, begged us not to. They told us how we could help; that invasion wouldn’t work. Now, 21 years later, we leave them with the Taliban ready to take over. But, they have a deserted Air Base and some trucks – Yay.

    1. And some locked hangers! “There are air hangers in the background that have been locked. The Afghans still don’t have access to them.” (1:10) It’s kind of a telling symbol of the whole American attitude towards the Afghans that they didn’t even bother giving them the keys to these hangers when they handed over the base.

  9. After 20 years of U.S. training wheels, if they won’t or can’t fight for their own homes and families…I’m done sending my friends and family to do it for them. We “left” Iraq too while we remain.

  10. “If” the U.S. really is leaving (I doubt it), they must have a bunch of tons of stronger coke they are about to introduce to america and everywhere else

  11. This piece of journalism and analysis of one could even call it that, is awful. It’s so poorly conjured. It misses all the key points. Neglects issues on international law and communicates in a very narrow, carefully tailored package. Nice piece of propaganda.

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