1. Don’t you just love it when a brutal “little dictator” gets slapped back down to reality in the most humiliating way? Let’s all take a step back and have a good laugh at Putin’s pathetic “Special Military Operation”. Hahaha Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

    1. Why doesn’t anyone completely write the slogan “glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes, glory of the nation, death to Poles”? You also wrote only the first sentence, and what else you didn’t write? This will offend Ukrainians. If you want to support them, write the whole slogan. After all, it is not for nothing that the hero of Ukraine in whose honor the streets Stepan Bandera is called and his followers invented him and let him into everyday work.

    2. @Mitch Haelann You are not familiar with Nazism and fascism in Ukraine. I advise you to familiarize yourself with this, as well as with who Stepan Bandera is. In Ukraine, there is also a song “our father Bandera, Ukraine mother and we will fight for Ukraine.” Bandera in Ukraine is considered a hero after whom entire streets are called

  2. Australia is well recognised as punching above its weight internationally, and for being a positive force on a wide range of issues. Unfortunately, the ridicule and opprobrium the Morrison government brought upon the country has damaged that standing, but there is great appetite to see Australia back in the game and on the right side of history.

  3. The simple answer could have been that “we’ll definitely discuss this issue internally and we’re willing to help in whatever we can do.”

  4. Thank you Sam Kiley and CNN for covering this. Evil in the form of imperialism should not happen in the 21st century. The U.S and other modern nations must lead the fight for self-determination of all peoples, as we in the U.S codified in our Declaration oF Independence.

    1. @jonathan adderly how would anyone know if they’re interested or not in your comment unless they read it. smooth brain huh?

  5. I love the way the Russians show respect to Zelenskyy by putting his initial on all of their military vehicles and hardware.

    1. Russia, experiencing a shortage of ammunition, is looking for help from Tajikistan🇹🇯

      Over the past week, from time to time I have only commented on the issue that Russia can allegedly receive ammunition from the DPRK🇰🇵. Personally, this option raises questions about its rationality for me, but on the other hand, I always emphasize that while everyone is pointing their fingers at the DPRK, few people talk live about the fact that since last summer the command of the armed forces of the Russian Federation has gained access to warehouses and centers storage of ammunition in Belarus🇧🇾.

      To date, the Russian command, in agreement with Minsk, has gained access to 1405, 1398, 1886 warehouses and 25, 43, 46 ammunition storage arsenals. In August, they removed more than 12 thousand tons of ammunition to reduce the delivery time.

      Who? Who on what TV channel said this? Well, except for me. Meanwhile, everyone likes to discuss the topic of North Korea so much… Do you know what it means to deliver 12,000 tons of ammunition, at a distance of more than 11,000 kilometers, in echelons with an average load of 400 tons, through a single artery – the Friendship Bridge?

      What the hell is North Korea when, in addition to Belarus, there is …

      There is, for example, Tajikistan!

      Russia has a special relationship with Tajikistan, since this country is the main base of the Russian Federation for exerting influence in the region. For example, it was through Tajikistan that Moscow has been supplying ammunition and weapons to the Taliban since 2017.

      In turn, Rahmon enlists loyalty from Moscow in matters of his ambitions, including territorial claims against Kyrgyzstan🇰🇬.

      That is, here is such an ouroboros from a toad and a viper. Some need ammunition to kill in Ukraine, others need loyalty to commit future murders in Kyrgyzstan.

      Two tyrants and dictators found each other in an essentially common goal, but for some reason everyone likes to focus on Kim Jong-un. Reflecting on bright markers, we lose sight of those that really deserve attention. Especially from the authorities whose sanctions can prevent killing and destruction.

      Source: https://site.ua/alexander.kovalenko/rossiya-ispytyvaya-deficit-boepripasov-ishhet-pomoshhi-u-tadzikistana-i0lnmpn🪣🧴🧴🔑🔑🛏🧸🪆🖼🖼

    2. Z for Zapad 🇷🇺? No Z is for Zelensky 🇺🇦 because we know who’s armed forces are going to be using all the kindly donated armour. “A good will operational withdrawal” indeed

  6. krainians are true Badasses and their courage and determination to survive this long shows the Orcs from Russia had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Stay Strong Ukraine from the US. 💪🇺🇸♥🇺🇦☮💙💛

  7. That’s encouraging in Ukraine, the last few days. My heart hours out to them this evening, as we look at the damage. The brave Ukrainian forces have freed …these places. It’s just gut wrenching though,
    to see the destruction of this war. We will need a new Marshall plan.. to help the Ukrainian people rebuild their country. May peace come. We know, it will not be soon. Prayers to Ukraine. Viva Ukraine. 🇺🇦💙⭐️🧡🇺🇸

  8. As a person from India, its weird to see Putin not being able to understand that he is giving NATO and Western military establishments a priceless gift: a real-time opportunity to test their latest weapons, weapons-systems and combat tactics, at no cost. Plus, the Ukranians are smart enough, and motivated enough, to put everything into practice, and to provide real-time feedback. This situation could not be fully replicated in any training context – how good is that! Unless Putin pulls the plug on this adventure now his military will be so strategically and tactically degraded that it will no longer exist as a viable military force for decades to come, if ever. Their incompetence is extraordinary.

  9. This is a greediness on the part of Russia. They have the largest land mass in the world and still want more. This is ridiculous. Other people need to live too.

    1. Agree. But most of Russia is not great for settlements. Vast majority of Russians live in the west Europe part and Ukraine is very fertile and close to their population hubs

  10. President Zelensky, February ’22: ” I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!”
    Russian Soldiers September ’13: I don’t need ammunition; I need a ride!”

    Well done Russia, the 5th largest supplier of arms to Ukraine.

    1. @TI5QU4NTUM From you? Never saw your posts before. That comment is everywhere and who says it’s yours, apart from you! This is a combination of 4 or 5 different posts 🙄

    2. @Paul FureyOf course there are different combinations. Still, you have to give credit. Now, it is your responsibility to find out who’s the author. Go on now and research.
      Quotes are meant to be share, also respected. ✌🏼

    1. I like the video of some random lady flagging down Ukranian troops and giving them armfuls of fresh-baked bread.

  11. Amazing and historic times. It’s wonderful to see a dictatorship built on hate, fear and lies collapses as a result of a self-inflicted war. Finland stands with Ukraine.

  12. Dear western allies thank you so much for a way to save lives of innocent and defending our motherland from Vladolf Putler’s slavery. For the right to protect freedom and democracy values.
    Glory to the heroes of Azovstal! Glory to Ukraine! Support Ukraine with United24 (YouTube).

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