1. Iran’s a beautiful country with amazing architecture and wonderful people.

    Let’s hope they get rid of their insane leadership and restore sanity.

    1. Anyone who is reading this! anyone who care! pls ask G7 leaders to expel Iran’s Diplomats! Wishing the best for Iranian women and men is not gonna stop the regime from killing them.

    1. Iran has it’s enemies,and I doubt they are involved in fomenting anything over there, not that CNN would tell us anyway…

    2. look at the mirror.
      situation of USA and western nations:
      highest rape rate, highest incest rape rate, president raping women, NY governor raping women, cnn boss raping women, trump-biden-clinton raping women, gymnast doctor raping dozens of olympic performing women for years, women swimming Federation raping women, epstein making rape island, MeToo Tsunami says how insecure women are, porn infested society…..
      these nations are the most immoral, immodest, hypocrite people walking on Earth.

    1. Close to 140 convicted illegal alien sex offenders were arrested in a nationwide sting across multiple states, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency reveals.

      The sting operation, conducted from October 22 to November 4, saw ICE agents arrest 138 illegal aliens who are convicted sex offenders — including those guilty of rape.

    2. People are so intent on hating the US that everything is made about them when a regime is threatened so the criminals are left unchecked while the victims are unheard.

    3. Anyone who is reading this! anyone who care! pls ask G7 leaders to expel Iran’s Diplomats! Wishing the best for Iranian women and men is not gonna stop the regime from killing them.

    1. If you cried for Iranian Muslims I know that you much be suffering from stress,, depression, and anxieties for black Americans

    2. Anyone who is reading this! anyone who care! pls ask G7 leaders to expel Iran’s Diplomats! Wishing the best for Iranian women and men is not gonna stop the regime from killing them.

  2. I do not know when the “old fascists” of the “Iranian regime” will understand that the “great Islam” and the religion of “Muhammad and his family” (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon them) should not be imposed by force.
    I am disgusted by what the authorities are doing in Iran and I completely sympathize with the “brave women” there.

    1. LUL , Islamic Regime is doing what Quarn asked to do, we live in Iran and we studied Islam and Quran (mandatory in schools) and we know what the laws and rules of Islam is

  3. Please help in any way possible. Please be the voice of the Iranians.
    At the time you are reading this comment, many protesters are being tortured in Iranian prisons.
    Please help in any way possible. Please ask your government to stop having relationship with Iran.

    1. “It certainly seems reasonable that State security forces are torturing the protestors. I mean, what is the issue here? Are the State enforcers just supposed to treat them with kid gloves, instead of using any and all means to preserve the regime that is paying their salaries?

      If you wanna speak out for freedom, then you should be prepared to stand by your beliefs despite the extreme consequences.”

    2. @INTOODEEPSTL Who and What? If you mean us, Iranian, we’re fighting for freedom and peace, so all the world will face with a Real Iranian govt but not a brutal/terrorist regime which is killing the nation for 40+ years, not enough?!

    1. @E W my friend i don’t think he/she was insulting. He/she thanked you first.
      He/she is right about one thing though; most western governments had years of relationship with Iranian regime (because of oil). All Iranians want from these governments is to expell Iranian regime ambassadors from and deport the regime supporters (Iranian regime oligarchs), and seize the oligarchs wealth.
      It’s even beneficial for the west, because these regime supporters are using their wealth to destabilize west and are responsible for many terrorist activities in the west which puts western citizens in danger as well and even meddle with wests politics.

    2. @Fari Es Thank you 😊 we all don’t have money or sit in a position of power but if we lift our voices together we can impact change and prayer is the start

    3. Let’s not pray. God is letting this happen, it’s all part of his plan… Or people can stop believing in goofy fairytales

    4. Anyone who is reading this! anyone who care! pls ask G7 leaders to expel Iran’s Diplomats! Wishing the best for Iranian women and men is not gonna stop the regime from killing them.

  4. THANK YOU. In the past weeks, Ayatollas killed over 60 children including school girls at Shahed High School in Ardabil (e.g., Asma Panahi) because they refused to sing a propaganda song praising Khamenei. Others: Mona Naghib: 8 years old…

    1. Its now near a week after death of #KianPirfalak and i still cry in morning when awaking, and night before sleep and while i try to look at every where, im a father and im thinking of does “The God of Rainbow” exists?! why should that bright and full of life little boy been a target and victim for Ayatullas?!! Our Hope , Our Way and Our Goal has been told by Kian Pirfalak => “We conclude that it works” (protests) “And our examination was successfully completed” (revolution)

  5. This is not about hijab only. For those who don’t know how vicious a Theocracy can be: If they catch us eating or drinking during the day on Ramadan: 74 lashes and probably firing from job. It is unbearable not to drink water for more than 12 hours for the type of job that I have. Being able to drink water is a basic human right

  6. Thank you, CNN. Finally, you approve and confirm these horrible things that have been happening in Iran for many years. Please be our voice, and please share this so everyone knows. This report is very important and heartbreaking. That’s what we are fighting all over Iran, and my people need every action against this regime. 💔

    1. Hi Jina, from Canada. I regret that I have not been exploring the coverage of this abhorrent situation more fully thus far. The true courage that is necessary to put oneself in harms way Is a quality I suspect few in democratic western societies would ever let themselves in for.
      I’m not a prayerful person but I fervently hope that somehow a way can be found for the international community to take immediate action to rescue these innocent victims and hold the perpetrators to account.
      And I will say that the few reports I have watched have been well-constructed and very credible. The women doing the advocacy and providing the information are amazingly competent and have been able to speak to the world in clear and correct English, which in of itself is worth considering. Nobody (hardly) learns the language of another culture for no reason. What are we giving them in return for their intentional attainment of this ability? Some opportunities to share the information but not much or nothing to help them address the crisis is how it looks from here.
      ( posted by female not-mardon, 11/22)

    2. @Laurence Mardon Laurence: Thank you for your support. Thank you for the people of the globe in coming out with their support.
      Whatever courage the Young Brave boys and girls are exhibiting, they have foresaken their lives ! They like to die with honour, they even post
      videos of them showering, washing themselves with soap in a ritual of death, before putting on their back-packs of water, food and
      essential anti-gasmasks. They leave their mothers and fathers, everyday, knowing that they may not come back ! How Brave, does this
      degree of sacrifice for basic human rights, that even your children in America may face “One Day” ? These children are dying for your
      America’s children… God Bless. I can not help but to cry as I close this paragraph. God Bless

  7. This is so Horrifying we have a responsibility to keep in front of the public to the human rights violations that the Iranian regime is allowing and encouraging to allow

  8. The “United Nations Human Rights Council” will hold a special session to address the deteriorating human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran on Thursday, 24 November. Please share this video with the council.

    1. Thx for notifying f. R. I live in Canada and I hope the North American / international media will be providing substantial coverage of this meeting.
      They seem to have the tendency to limit the number of stories covering atrocity violence injustice and misery by always including something frivolous- the lighter side, show biz, scandal mongering and rumours about the private lives of high profile people. Even if Jen they are purportedly covering serious matters it is often hard to get clear of the impression the overt story is being told in such a way that it is being exploited to be covering other angles. Totally insulting to the people involved in the overt topic, and dangerously abusive of their power and influence.
      So called alternative media has many of these same tendencies and often less actual information.
      So yes I hope they will cover this pending UN blather fest but far better to be there in person and directly observe what is being said and by whom. Action-focussed consensus accompanied by swift implementation seems like a fairy tale goal but the treatment these men and women are experiencing must be stopped.

  9. I am an Iranian, the story is true. Iran government has been doing this for years, thousands of prisoners have told about it. In one recent case, a 16-years old girl was arrested and raped brutally, they killed her and removed her womb organ and then delivered the rest of the body to her family. Then tried to force her family to tell on national TV that she has committed suicide, but they refused and sent to prison. Her mother told on social media what has happened to her daughter, and what the government forces her to say.
    IRGC and Basij are the terrorists and thugs and they are responsible for all the crimes in Iran, they do whatever to keep the Mullahs in power, they keep the oil money, and send money and weapon to all militia in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, …

  10. my country has been occupied by these blood thirsty animals and r*pists for 43 years. the genocide of ” Khavaran ” went on in the 80’s without anyone from the outside world knowing.
    it’s sad but I’m finally relieved that our horror is being recognized and talked about. we’ve spent so many years in the darkness of this regime wondering if anyone will ever know what’s happened to us.
    this is one of the most emotional moments of my life right here.
    women of Iran deserve better.

    and to all the evils of this world calling this ” propaganda ” I pray and hope you never be a victim of a brutal terrorist government like this. and please be considerate

  11. Thank you CNN, for being our voice and allowing the world to hear about what the pure evil government of Iran have been doing to innocent Iranian for 43 years!

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