1. Solar Aqier Wow, he got a couple halfway decent outlier poll results by non-qualifying pollsters. He’ll be our next POTUS for sure! In all seriousness though, Klobuchar qualified via very transparent and fair guidelines for polling and donor thresholds. She got a little bump in the early states and rode it to the debate stage. Very simple. You see when Yang qualified in past debates, the YangBang cheered and hollered about their cult leader’s strength and growth. Now that he’s fallen short, suddenly it’s all fake and bullshit and you cry and cry like persecuted little babies. Sorry, no PS5 for you, #1kbro, go cry into your Math hat.

    2. Only black and hispanic qualifies has diversity to liberals. Asians break the white privilege narrative so they just pretend asians dont exist.

    1. @cj p You right wing KKK defend cops who murder black kids , liberal means give a lot . conserve a shits give to the rich and give the working class low wages .

    2. @Robert Clawson Most whites in the USA were racist in 1860 . The war was not about slavery at first . IN Draft riots OF 1863 in Northern cities black citizens were hanged and burned to death by your republicans .

    3. @Robert Clawson those statues were put up in the 1920s by the KKK WHO had political power . 30.000 KKK march in Washington DC

    1. Frank White
      Omg Frank I can smell your white guilted need to overcompensate for the past from miles away. Just admit you have no interest in living in meritocracies because you’re too busy sucking up to people with my skin tone to make yourself feel like a “good person”.

    2. Kel El LUL democrats love identity politics, your worth as a politician either comes from your gender or race, or your far left viewpoints that’s it. Anything else is useless to them

  1. Is Yang still running??
    I never see him included in these conversations.
    Obviously they are pushing the agenda.
    He’s the only one i would vote for.
    Imo it’s racist.

  2. With the exception of Yang all their other poc were corporate tools. No one but media puppets and woke identity politics pushers are surprised by this.

  3. Where TF is yang gang????? Whats happening here…im not interested in nobody in this debate. #YangGang2020 #WeWantYang

    1. I hope Yang wins this sham in a landslide! And these Clinton bootlickers go to jail. Ask yourself why Epstien is “dead” MOSSAD OPERATIVES are yanking your chain! Wake up libtards! Your party is still being hijacked by Satan. And it will continue to be! Until you put Hillary in jail!

    1. Aaron the great DNC denied Yang request for more qualifying polls. They made less qualified polls this time. Reason why Yang isn’t on the debate. He had tones of polls that had 5% or more in each. But none qualified. DNC corrupted at it Best.

    1. Liberals hate black people. Only like them when scoring virtue points. My sister is uber liberal and lives in the whitest neighborhood in austin.

    1. It’s not? why have wicked leftist and socialists been playing that song and dance for the longest time. It’s evident that wicked leftist don’t care about people of color they don’t care about people who are hurting and poor. They seek to exploit people buy skin color and economical status.

    2. @Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

      I always wondered how people thought who have themselves been breathing farts rather than oxygen, so thanks for you perspective.

    3. @Pythagoras Pie yeah your mind thinks that garbage that’s the way of people who are not heavily modded but believe in the propaganda of CNN.

      if you really want to smell some steak move to San Francisco where people like your audiology rule

    1. The electoral college is rigged against democrats its rigged against the majority of the country. Our popular votes never really mattered much for president. Bcuz the electorals picks presidents not our popular votes.

    2. Yang doest count has diversity.
      Asians ruin the white privilege narrative since they are a monority with higher median incomes than whites.
      Yang will not be allowed.

    1. There will be a time for Yang but not right now. He’s too progressive today to win against Trump. BERNIE 2020

  4. CNN is race baiting again, everybody knows the color of somebody skin the race of a person has nothing to do with the quality work that they would have accomplished.

  5. There were Nationwide polls released today that had Andrew Yang in front of Klobochar and Steyer. Yet he is not on that stage. Tom Perez is a POS.

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