1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and families who lost their loved ones in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

    1. @Lil Play and Relentless you are delusional, he is fighting neo nazi who do not even let black people leave the country and poland do not let them in, just because they are black or brown! A 24 year old student from Algeria did in these conditions. Shame on the west for defending neo nazis! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7J4NeNlnqs&t=2s

    2. @LEO The Painter You are in a world of your own buddy. Oh wait, you got 4 trolls in your network to upvote you. ❤Ukraine/Zelensky 💪💪💪💪…GET OUT OF UKRAINE NOW PUTIN BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  2. To see the Pain in his Eyes and how tired he is, says more than any Words. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

    1. Less than 5 years in power, a 44-year-old leader of a small country tremendously gains inspiration and hearts of entire world as a legacy of true hero , a noble leader.
      More than 50 years in super power, a 79-year-old leader of the world number 1 nation still find his way to prove to the world that his withdrawing troops out of a warfare not a woeful tragedy

    2. zelensky israeli war criminal like ariel sharon and paul wolowitz. the iraqis wanted to surrender the usa would not allow them and kept bombing them. zelensky will not allow the nazis in ukraine to surrender.

    1. @Trolling Them Softly yeah I know I know. Because I’m typing the truth in reality and it’s not what you want to hear then I’m a putin trump loving republican that watches fox news and is off his meds right? “That’s right. If you were smart then you would be on the tell-lie-vison. I believe the Ukrainian parliament member Kira Rudik when she recently said ‘We Not only Fight For Ukraine – We Fight For this New World Order.’ I want a new world order. I want both Israel, a country that has Palestine completely surrounded and keeps the Palestinians locked in at all times, and America, a deeply divided country that’s full of gangs guns drugs illegals hate and violence to run the new world order. America kills for freedom. Just like the over 500,000 kids that America killed in Iraq was worth it. Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state, even said on the news and it still on video that yes the US killing over 500,000 innocent Iraqi children was worth in America’s invasion of Iraq. Freedom comes in the form of bombs and bullets. We need to start a war with Russia and take out Putin, a strong fearless intelligent leader who in my eyes definitely started the covid virus and caused youtube to get rid of its thumbs down numbers. I know that if a war started, I would be nuked immediately and the elites would be safe in their underground bunkers, but at least we would have dealt with Putin so it would worth it.
      Without the tell-lie-vison, I would be smart and have common sense, two things that are very dangerous nowadays. If everyone would just watch, believe, obey and repeat the for profit privately controlled tell-lie-vison instead of questioning it or second guessing then everything would be alright.”

    2. @Real Mommee whats wrong is america militerizing ukraine and threatening russia right on the border, Putin had to go in. Nato expanded 20 times the past 20 years

    3. @Trolling Them Softly <-- "Shortly the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. (basically become stupid) They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news." Zbigniew Brzezinski - former US National Security Advisor and father of msnbc's Mika Brzezinski

    4. @David Miller all of it bro…all of it. The fact that there people like him scattered throughout the world and have been allowed to live, rape and plunder for decades, tells me: there is no God. And if there ever was, that God or series of God’s left this planet eons ago. WE’RE ON OUR OWN BRUTHA🤣🤣

  3. The courage, resilience and bravery of the Ukrainian people is truly inspiring. This man,will go down in history as the leading example of what a true leader should be. He and his fellow Ukrainians have the heart of a lion!
    Stay strong, fight hard and make them sorry they ever messed with Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. I wish people would educate themselves on the history of Ukraine before assuming what fake news tells them. Russians originated in Ukraine and a large portion of the population there are russians. Just like a large number of ukranians live in Russia. They are both of Slavic origin that originated on the land of Ukraine before it was even decided in 1991 to give the name ukranians to people who live in Ukraine. They are basically fighting their own brothers and sisters all thanks to the influence of Nato and the constant pressure to surround Russia with Nato borders…. All Russia asked was for Nato to stop expanding East. Yet they can’t even fulfil one simple request that they promised to Russia 20 years ago. Now Putin has lost his mind and is trying to take Ukraine by force to prevent nato building military bases right on the border of Russia. I guarantee if Russia started building military bases on the Canadian/American border America would not appreciate that..dont be hypocrites and understand the motive for this war.. Respect and trust works both ways and I’m sorry but America has 0 Trust and Honour.

    1. indeed, a comedian who upset the balance of power by being duped into NATO expansionism and plunged his country into war.

    2. @Александр Примак dude are you like a kremlin troll what are you trying to say?

  4. Tears everyday for Ukraine from me in America. I wish we would help fight if I could find a way over seas to fight I would go asap. Not everyone wants to sit back and watch this. It’s like being chained down when you want to fight for freedom across the world. We should be giving Americans that want to fight free rides to Ukraine.

  5. He must be the most respected man in the world right now. He’s the epitome of an incredible leader- strong, brave, and dignified, but has a way of connecting so well. He’s got such sweet, kind eyes. He’s so real, he’s so genuine, he’s so compassionate, and smart and empathetic.

    He is such an incredible man it brings tears to my eyes.

    You can see the exhaustion in his face. He’s carrying the life of all of Ukraine on his shoulders. Please, world leaders, nato, eu, help them more . Don’t leave him alone in this.

  6. He is an incredible leader and you can tell he’s hurt by the suffering of his people. He truly cares about his country and his people.

    1. Don’t forget his horrible foreign policy lead to war. A leader should balance the foreign policy and not provoke to create war. He is courageous but he is not a leader. He arms up civilians what do you except Russia to do. I hate Russia invading Ukraine. Think outside the box. I see that all news channel are pro west,pro Ukraine and pro Nato. India knows mistakes on both side so they kept neutral

  7. He has truly risen to the occasion, above and beyond what anyone could have expected. A real leader.

    1. @sublogic that’s not true zelensky before all of this wasn’t even liked by his own people I agree 100% that Putin and Russian are wrong here but zelensky truly isn’t the angel he is suddenly being presented as by nato

    2. @Hunter Hamilton if that were remotely true. The Ukrainians would have folded already. Ukrainian President making Putin look like the weak power hungry Hitler wannabe that he is

    3. @Tim Burke these idots just do not want to accept the truth.How do these compliments come out,poor jokers

    4. @Tim Burke Lol, looks like Putin brainwahed you.Prople like you should be banned on YouTube for spreading fake news.Putin is killing innocent kids, isn’t that bad? You won’t talk about that???

  8. I am sombered by the turmoil we find ourselves in and the violence growing in Ukraine. My heart aches and my prayers are for the people of both Ukraine and Russia. All of Eastern Europe has felt the sting of war. Russians and Ukrainians today, were raised by parents and grandparents who fought in WWII, survived mass starvation, the Holocaust, and a series of authoritarian dictators. My love to you all.

    1. The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced the use of phosphorus ammunition by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
      Kiev renounced its obligations under the IAEA under the NPT.
      And it was the main reason of Putin`s decision. This decision appeared after that. Ukraine has already used phosphorus ammunition against its own territory…without any announcements. ALREADY. The NeoNazis of Ukraine take care of its civilians in such a way. Russians destroy only military infrastructure. But…Ukrainian army hides military heavy equipment in cities among ordinary citizens to not to be beaten. They use ordinary people like living shield! They give guns to criminals. It`s so patriotic:(.
      Russians promised to save life and freedom to every civilian and even every soldier if he stops fighting. Because Russia and Ukraine are one nation, one blood, one language. Russians don`t start wars like Terroristic States of America and NATO, they finish them. The Nazis seized power in Ukraine through an armed uprising 8 years ago. And they started this war and genocide of their own population with the support of Europe and America. But, of course, your channels didn`t tell you about it, they only tell you what is profitable for your leaders. They restrict access to the truth. Why? They are afraid of truth. They only have their opinions, and the rest of the opinions are wrong in their opinion. Why did NATO stage a violent coup and change of power in Ukraine in 2013-2014? It is thanks to you that Ukraine has now split. And why should NATO be afraid of Russia and surround it with its air defenses? Two-faced hypocrites. Get away from Russia!
      Russians don`t come to your land to force you do something, to divide your land, to make your children to be Nazis and fascists or terrorists or drug addicts, to get your resourses. Ukraine is a part of big russian body. And russians are treating this part from Nazis desease now. From NATO desease. This infection is already threatening the whole body. It`s historically russians` territory. We fight for our land and our people. Our ancestors live there for centuries. And NATO should keep further from here.
      Terroristic States of America will pay for all their crimes. Remember how the USA and NATO destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libiya, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine etc. and so many lives. Remember where americans live. Whose land was it? Indians. Yes. Where are they now? How many of them alive? America gives them democracy:)))). Their main slogan is: “If you have gas, oil, gold or diamonds, we`ll come to you.” And what can you say about Europe? How many colonies they destroyed and looted? Why do you keep silence about it?
      Russia saves the world. As always. Every country which NATO destroyed or tried to destroy should unite to one new powerful structure and put an end to their dirty games. We are strong when we are together. And the whole world will be freed from American terror.
      Any war is evil. Every life is important. But tell it to NATO, this Empire of Lies. The number of casualties among the population after the US aggression: Libya – the minimum estimates of the dead are 25 thousand people. According to some reports, 40 thousand people are missing. Syria – the number of those killed during the war reached 230 thousand people. 69494 dead are civilians, among them 11493 are children and 7371 are women. Iraq – according to official US data, about 80 thousand civilians were killed, more than 160 thousand were injured and maimed. A quarter of the dead are women and children. According to the British medical journal The Lancet, by the summer of 2006, 655,000 people had died. Make friends with America and find out who the hypocrites are and how they betray, and how civilians are actually shot at. Russian soldiers ruin their lives, trying to save civilians from the neo – fascists. What, everyone lost their memory??? Forgot how American soldiers fired at civilians from a helicopter in Iraq??? And why then the world community did not whine about the invasion and aggression??? Yeah, they “found” chemical weapons in Iraq, which later turned out to be missing. The Americans blatantly lied. Why didn`t you stand against it??????
      Why are our news channels blocked? Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Only those whose opinion coincides with the opinion of the Empire of Lies are allowed to speak. It`s so comfortable for you and it doesn’t interfere to tell lies further. FAKEDEMOCRACY. Don`t you have freedom of speech? FAKEFREEDOM.
      Why do you block our money? Sanctions have practically destroyed the legal institutions of the West, which have been developing for centuries. The West will understand the catastrophic consequences of its own actions for its countries very soon. Today, everyone should understand that there are no guarantees of property rights, protection of capital and investments anymore – neither in Europe nor in the USA. FAKEPROPERTYRIGHTS.
      Why do you block our sport? Are you afraid of honesty competitions? Аre you not sure of yourself at all? FAKESPORTRESULTS. The kingdom of Fakes.

  9. He is someone everyone should aspire to be like. You can tell, he’s way short on sleep, and he’s probably terrified for his and family’s safety. It’s admirable, that he *chooses* to stay in Kyiv and fight with his soldiers, putting himself in such a vulnerable and high-target area. That’s the courage we need to see from all world leaders. Furthermore, he tries his best to be respectful and understanding of a foreign reporter, attempting to speak English to the best of his ability, and while not fully understanding without a translator, still nodding respectfully, and maintaining eye contact. Even though he did have to switch to Ukrainian a few times, its heartwarming to see him attempt to speak English so his message is clear as possible for everyone. It’s amazing, the compassion he has. Him, his family, and Ukraine are in my prayers. Stay safe, hopefully peace comes soon. 🇺🇦🤍

    1. Believe me when Zelensky is understanding him fully. Problem is when you are half asleep you are not going to able to speak foreign language very much, understanding is going to be less of a problem. I could tell it from my experience.

    2. Click & see how Ukrainian government kills more than 13k innocent ppl in Donbas region throughout 20 yrs just because they are ethnic Russians and refuse to speak Ukrainian language. This news is reported by a French reporter and no English media have ever covered it. Watch if you understand French.

    3. That’s because English replaced French in the 1950s as the the main worldwide language of diplomacy and international relations. It is one of six official languages of the United Nations and one of the two official languages of the International Olympic Committee. While the European Union allows member states to designate any of the national languages as an official language of the Union, in practice English is the main working language of EU organisations.

  10. He’s a true leader. His will to fight a hopeless battle earned my respect. Hands down the bravest man of this year.

    1. It’s not hopeless. Russia has a relatively weak military, and Putin’s power has limits. I believe if dead Russians keep flowing back into Russia, coupled with these sanctions, Putin may find the limit of his power. I am hopeful that Russia will become Putin’s greatest enemy.

    2. ​@Dyl Connaway if that was the case ukraine wouldn’t be begging for help from so many countries…it is a hopless battle for them…just think logically duh…russian army is the second most powerful in this world after USA…and ukraine is not even on the top 10 list

  11. You can see his eyes light up when he talks about how strong Ukraine is and how hard they will fight and how much he truly believes in his country. You can’t take that look. That is a leader. 🇺🇦

    1. @Tokerlin Khonglah It is a pity that the West knows nothing about Zelensky…And he doesn’t want to know the truth.(((

  12. He has a very strong spirit. I can’t imagine how happy the people of Ukraine are to have him as their leader. My God bless President Zelensky.

    1. Click & see how Ukrainian government kills more than 13k innocent ppl in Donbas region throughout 20 yrs just because they are ethnic Russians and refuse to speak Ukrainian language. This news is reported by a French reporter and no English media have ever covered it. Watch if you understand French.

  13. I never thought I’d see the Head of State of a country to personally lead a fight against an invading enemy. This man is beyond brave! ❤🇺🇦

  14. My heart breaks for Zelensky and the Ukrainian people, wish there was more we could do, my prayers are with them all ❤️

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