CNN legal analyst says Trump cases are getting dismissed at 'record speed' 1

CNN legal analyst says Trump cases are getting dismissed at ‘record speed’


CNN legal analyst Elie Honig examines the legal challenges proposed by the Trump campaign regarding election fraud and says they lack legitimacy.

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  1. Trumpers: “Stop counting the votes in Pennsylvania, immediately!”

    Same Trumpers: “All of the votes in Arizona MUST be counted before the race can be called!”


    1. @Bandi Saleh they dont care about the facts their identity politics is rooted so deeply they wont see reason. Deep down even if they knew for a fact that the election was rigged they wouldn’t car as long as bad mean orange man was gone.

  2. Trumpies: “Media DOESNT call elections!!!”

    Media: Calls election in Alaska

    Trumpies: “Congrats Trump!!!!!”

    1. @meowmeow It’s apparently the guy himself saying he never recanted the story, despite the Washington Post saying he did. This isn’t a coup by Joe Biden. It’s a coup by the MSM. How much time did we spend investigating the possibility of Russia influencing the 2016 election? That was just Russians trying to change voter’s minds on how to vote. This is actual ballot tampering, but the MSM is shouting it down.

    2. @boredom2go how about I turn on Fox News? Oh wait……y’all hate them now Now all you got is your kool aid making cult leader and grifter supporters

    3. @The Flame Fist God OK then. Stop crying about Russia and don’t cry in 2024 when the election is rigged the other way. Tell CNN not to cry about it either.

    4. @The Flame Fist God Do you understand why Fox News doesn’t like Trump? They’re carrying the water for the GOP establishment (or at least whatever’s left of the GOP establishment after Trump dismantled it in 2016). Yes, election fraud is so funny.

    1. President Donald Trump has already won. So much fake news. My heavenly Father Yah knows who He has put in office for the second term. Dems and media may want to repent quickly for their fake news and corruptions. Yah is watching and will bring judgement soon.

    2. Illegal aliens, sanctuary cites, higher taxes, weakening the military, defunding police, rights to protect yourself. Biden/Harris sounds just great!

    3. @bingbonga binga GTFOH,do a recount,and then another after that,he’d still be the loser,the only difference is Trump and his racist MAGA bots will just come up with a new thing to try and blame his loss on.

    1. Alaska and north Carolina go to trump . Georgia to hand count votes . Election official ” let me be clear we will find people who where not eligible to vote ,double votes . We won’t allow fraud “

  3. Trump is broke and getting donations to pay for his lawyers. He is also using the money to pay his other bills.

  4. Does the AG have the power to do that unilaterally? The fact that he, and the President, can get away with anything really troubles me. In a democracy aren’t they limited in any way?

  5. Remember when Obama locked himself in the whitehouse and refused to recognize Trump as president elect.
    Ya neither do I.

    1. @Geoff Nelsen “Doesn’t matter if he WANTS to leave or not.”
      oh, it matters to ME.
      i’d love to see him try and stay.
      I’d be riveted to the TV.

    2. I think that he’s calling the millitary suckers and losers. People are tiered of the Trump BS. Slowly but shorely he’s going to sleep. Things that make you go hmmm

    1. I saw this with father. He became somewhat child like in his last 2 years or so. Bad news had to be gently and gradually spelled out to him.

    1. @White Champion You are a fool. I truly feel sorry for people like you who believe everything that comes out of his mouth. It’s truly sad to see people being so gullible.

    1. true and you heard in this video Trump’s lawyers withdrew their own appeals and cases..that is due to the lawyers becoming worried that their bar license is on the line if they lie to a judge…or file frivolous cases

  6. Veterans fought and died for freedom and democracy, we can not allow Trump and his minions to overthrow our democracy as they are trying to do right now

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