CNN legal analyst: This is what happens when law professors get too clever

CNN legal analyst: This is what happens when law professors get too clever 1


President Donald Trump is officially on Christmas vacation at his Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida as his team is in full preparation mode for the anticipated Senate impeachment trial in 2020. CNN's Sarah Westwood, Marshal Cohen and Elie Honig share the latest developments and analysis with Amara Walker and Victor Blackwell on CNN Newsroom. #CNN #News

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  1. This is really where the US is at now? The question from anchor ” Is there anything in the constitution that states the trial needs to be fair”

  2. That STATE OF THE UNION is going to be lit!

  3. I wish you all a joyful and peaceful christmas and a blessed new year 🍉🍓🎁🎂🎄🎑👑🗽🇸🇱

  4. Stargate’s “Homeworld Security” finally here.

    • Babylon 5 did this as well back in 94 or 95. They called it homeguard. My wife and I have been rewatching it lately. It is actually very chilling how that today parallels what happened in that TV show tjat was truly ahead of its time. Have a nice day.

  5. Good good

  6. Al alba vincero vincero | December 21, 2019 at 1:49 PM | Reply

    Space force???? He’s the king of clowns.

    • Industrial military complex. Did you notice that the corporate news didn’t criticize the space force and did you notice that the Congress was all for it while also impeaching trump.

  7. In space, no one can feel thier bone spurs.

  8. Roald Shakleton | December 21, 2019 at 1:57 PM | Reply

    Don’t think cleverness is driving their argument. It’s desperation and the grasping at the straws of cleverness.

  9. I thought the Senate cannot continue until the House Judiciary committee picks managers which appear in the Senate and present the Articles to them…

  10. *FISA Warrant investigation into Trump Organization connection to Russian Spy Tech in U.S. territory.*

  11. Erik Olivecrona | December 21, 2019 at 2:43 PM | Reply

    _What a doofus!_

    • Only in a CNN comment section would a comment with no clarity or context get support.
      Who’s the “doofus”? The Legal expert? Pelosi? The host?

    • @hugh jorgan “Only in a CNN comment section” —- pfft, hardly. I perused several fox news vids yesterday, spotted only around 3 dozen such ditties. If you think it’s only on CNN’s you’re missing more than half the fun.

    • @CD Smith..Fair point. And I’m still waiting for “Erik” to answer my question.

    • TRUMP 2020 AND Pence in 2024

  12. While millions are literally sleeping in the streets we see the government is more concerned about space.

  13. Screw the spaceforce can we get some health insurance

    • @christopher weise Amen brotha preach

    • @Houston binkley Dont say hateful F words man. We have different opinions but its all love. You be blessed

    • @Austin Daniels
      Jesus me many times in a day. !! I have 20 to 30 people a day come by to visit with me a Jesus. Sometimes 100 a day. They know. !! They have seen..!! Jesus speak to me.. !!

    • Whats wrong with obama care? I thought thats what we absolutely needed in this country?

    • @Austin Daniels you feel guilty? How thoughtful of you to remind me that you make 6 figures and you assume that you pay more taxes through business than me. Oh, and nice touch to tell me not to be heartless. LMAO. I don’t need to impress you or anybody else about my personal finance. Whether you pay $1 mil in taxes or $1, treat everyone with respect and let people live their lives as they choose, within the law. I don’t want any government telling me how to live my life, do you? If you make more money and you do it legally, I’m happy for you. That’s what America is about. If you feel guilty about making too much money, there is no law that says you can’t donate or pay more in taxes.

  14. When you can keep the truth from coming out,know one will ever know .The longer this goes on the Dummer it gets .

  15. Looks(!) like we’re into holiday back up reporters. CNN’s second string. Unemployed anywhere else.

  16. It’s hardly clever unless sophomoric semantic arguments are now considered clever or relevant.

  17. What do we know about the new Space Force?
    I bet they’ll have to flush 10 times there, too…

  18. Brilliant… let’s nuke hurricanes too

  19. They should hire George Lucas as a consultant

  20. Spurs Farce for Drumpf, and go bankrupt and/or die in the streets from lack of healthcare for everyone else!

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