CNN medical analyst disagrees with Fauci’s Covid announcement

Dr. Anthony Fauci announced on "PBS NewsHour" that the US is no longer in the pandemic phase of Covid-19. Former White House medical adviser Dr. Jonathan Reiner explains why he disagrees with this assessment. #CNN #News


    1. @JoeMiami 😂 the nerve of this network to assume people actually wanted to pay to listen to that garbage

  1. Imagine if media, showed what their financial interests were in a story, and their “experts” disclosed what investments they owned in the topic they are discussing.,

    1. And imagine if they started telling the truth to who writes the msm scripts and who owns them and what they had to do to keep their job. What did they get blackmailed with??

    2. Why? Everyone knows who the major donors are for both parties. All you have to do is listen to what they’re saying and you know who they’re getting paid by. The real question is, _So What?!_

    3. Gotta love all the “retired generals” who never get described as currently being on the boards of weapons manufacturers and arms dealers

  2. Oh, so NOW it’s okay to question “The Science,” CNN? Hey YouTube, medical misinformation!!!!

    1. @Gabriel Bennett there was no ‘directive from on high’ and the deplatforming only happened to those spreading disinformation. You can always spread factual information especially if it contrasts with what we’re being told by govt officials or medical professionals. But you need to be able to provide or point to supporting data.

    1. @Donald Rittenhouse You don’t know anything about genetics, do you. It’s possible to have more than 2 sex genes. That significantly confuses the sex issue. The issue is not as straight forward is only 2 choices. You need to educate yourself.

  3. Well, it is allergy season.. I know it’s tough to tell the difference between Covid and bad allergies

    1. @Abyssal that’s the majority % of who watch Fortnite videos on YouTube which is what is on my channel

  4. Just get the impression each is looking out for their own interests and not those of the American People

  5. Now that he says we aren’t in a pandemic anymore, they don’t trust him and want to question him 😂😂😂

    1. @Darrin Fry you mean the stuff they should have been using the whole time. Unless it doesn’t fit the agenda he’s gotta be right sooner or later.

    2. @Nate M oh stop it. Nobody has ever said “the science is final” because science is never final. It changes and evolves as new data is discovered. What isn’t accepted is feelings and wishful thinking masquerading as science.

    3. @Paul Miranda no. That’s not what i mean at all. Unless you’re talking about hospitalization and mortality trends… which they used the whole time. So ???

    1. @Bill richeter What wasn’t I lied to about? Are you serious. I guess we’ll never know the full extent of all the lies. But come on. Don’t tell me you believed everything from the start.

    2. @Ji Zim Because they didn’t know. And instead of saying “we don’t know but suggest these” they mandated masks regardless of its protection. Hence the results of one study showing “face coverings” did nothing to prevent the spread.

    3. @Corey Otis can you give me some specifics on what was lied about. Of course some mistakes were made but I believe most were doing their best to save lives. Most people that think others are not to be trusted is because of their propensity to be dishonest

    4. @Corey Otis you are the one too far gone. Gove me the instances of lying. I can tjonk of one case where they werent totally honest and it was understandable in the corcumstances.. Family members are medical workers and its people like tou that put so many including them in harms way. Keep believing the lies .
      Maybe educate yourself and not be so prone to conspiracy theories

  6. CNN: “Wow we should all listen to Fauci, I can’t believe that people aren’t listening to our Chief Medical Advisor”
    CNN: “We don’t agree with Dr. Fauci anymore, he’s clearly wrong”

  7. What Fauci said is factually correct. Even if case are rising, you have to set categorical standards & stick with them. If it categorically is no longer a pandemic, then that’s what it is.

  8. Dr. Fauci: Time to stop being afraid
    CNN leaders: How are we going to make people constantly afraid every day?!
    “Dr” Reiner: Hold my beer

    1. There are two things that no media outlet can afford to lose at this moment in history: COVID19 and Donald Trump.

  9. Him: “Nearly 1 million people have died”
    Also him: “thousands of children have been hospitalized, but will probably all survive, we’ve got to double down and protect them”

    1. we protect children more than adults, don’t we? they are the future, and are yet to live their lives whereas elderly have lived their lives

  10. When CNN or the CDC is saying things are getting worse, it really means things are getting better. They earned the reputation.

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