1. @rolback are you sure you’re not the one with dementia? Cuz that’s what happens to people who watch Fox News all the time

    2. Biden loves war. He has voted for it every time it was an option. Now he must repay those who installed him.

    1. @Artiom Beknazaryancomrade..this isn’t Russia…russia doesn’t run NATO and can’t keep countries from joining because they fear a United world that they can’t bully …tell Putin I said hi honey

    2. the Russians will enter the Donbass and the war will end. Why the fuss and hysteria? The fact that Joe Biden will lose part of the pie is not scary. Relax.

    3. @Matt Foley so NATO has the right to intimidate, but the Russians have no right to defend themselves from NATO? You hypocrite !

    1. But still, they can’t find the MAGA terrorist who was caught on camera planting a bomb. Amazing how that technology works, eh?

    2. @Patria y vida! They did, just when then learned it was antifa they ignored it.
      19,000 hours of footage and we beraly get to see anything, infact for some reason they are actifly blocking the release.

  1. aww, 8 years of not doing anything for implementation of Minsk’s agreement and now we are concerned 🤭 how adorable

    1. Why is it that every time a Democrat is in charge, Russia attacks Ukraine? And why did Hillary and Obama both tell us that Russia was their ally, and not an enemy? But when Trump was elected, suddenly the democrats told us that even though the Russians and Republicans have historically hated each other, now they loved Trump. In reality, there has never been a Democrat that didn’t love a former communist, and vice versa. I’ve come to learn, that a Democrat politician will tell you exactly the opposite of what reality is.

    2. The dishonest western diplomacy is the one at fault for this, Russia told them what their grievances where and the western world told him to take a hike…..

  2. At that time security council meeting in Moscow decided to recognized DNR and LNR. That means,, that these republics can ask Russia for protection like Syria did.

    1. @Ravan Pee Look the invasion of Iraq was definitely a false flag that no doubt had some underlying notion of exploiting resources, however that really never came to fruition. We DID support the Kurds, though, and they were an awesome ally that many Marines still honor, and cried in shame with the Orangutan we put in office made them abandon them.

      But what *I* said was that imagining it was either ISIS or Assad is a false dichotomy, and it is. Assad absolutely used the ISIS problem to put down the other opposition groups including the Kurds, and the Russians aided that. I don’t know how you want to make the Kosovo debacle align with all this, though. That was a completely different administration, however establishing a separate state for Muslims in Kosovo was at least one solution to ending the conflict there. As I understand it, Milosovic initiated the conflict opposing the Muslim demographic control of the region. Again, though, how this compares with Ukraine is a stretch. Separatists in the East are undoubtedly backed by Russian infiltration and support, and unless and until Ukraine can secure itself from Putin’s desire to invade, they can’t start working on what are decidedly severe problems within their country regarding human rights and individual autonomy, much less corruption. First things first, pal.

    2. @Аня Бу No. Since the US abandoned them to be mercilessly attacked by Turkish and rebel forces, they’ve been in discussions with the Russians and Assad about establishing autonomy in a federated Syrian state, but Assad opposes this. You can’t even consider that as “support.”

    3. There are people here accusing America for setting the prime example in Iraq. Well, if Russia thinks that it can simply do the same then I’m confident that the Iraqi insurgents also set the prime example for the Ukrainians how to turn such a needless military adventure into a nightmare for Russia.

    1. It’s not really a question of what Russia can do with tanks and troops, that much is obvious, it’s a question of how they can do any of that without getting sanctioned to an economic black hole. The manipulations they pulled off in 2014 were brilliant and they mostly worked back then, the international relations backlash was significant and so were the economic costs of it, but it could have been much worse had they not succeeded with their “little green men” gambit. Trouble for them is, nobody is falling for the same thing twice and this time US specifically has been quite successful in undercutting their propaganda, I guess they learned their lessons getting made fools of last time. Russias remaining argument is gas exports to Europe, but that’s just one thing and spring is not far, it’s not going to save their bacon if they overestimate their position and try an actual blitzkrieg to Ukraine.

    2. Surrounding and cutting off Ukraine, yet air support from NATO would make it an expensive attack! Take out their western troops cutting off Ukraine. Remember CCP is watching the response. Broken Arrow

    3. Remember that when Trump met with Putin in 2018 in Helsinki and Trump said “ he trusted Putin and not our intelligence agencies “

  3. Its one of those situations in history where every move can be devastating my friends. As someone living within central Europe these times right now a scary af.

    1. Yeah well Putin doesn’t care about him or sanctions. Gottta do a whole lot more to even slow him but Biden is showing weakness since well before Afghanistan.

    2. “if you want peace, prepare for war.” ~Roman General Vegetius
      “To insist on strength, let me impress you, is not warmongering. It is peace-mongering.” ~Barry Goldwater

    3. @sly bob are you suggesting we go to war with Russia & cause WW3? Then you’d complain about being in another war. The lengths you would go to just to make Biden look even worse is disgusting.

  4. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.”
    ~Martin Luther King Jr. 🕊️

    1. Would Martin Luther King Jr. accept that argument talking about fighting Adolf Hitler?
      Of course he said that when talking about Vietnam, because he falsely believed that blacks were being disproportionately conscripted to fight in it, when in actuality, blacks were underrepresented among the American soldiers sent to fight in that conflict.

  5. I still don’t understand why US is making big news …let them decide… every time US makes a statement of help to the weak and make a mess…look at Afghan, Iraq,Syria…take care of yourselves..not make the movie content or story.. my generation watched great war movies of world war which we never saw the truth ..and also witnessed the failures of US..

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