1. Do you see destroyed houses in this video? I’m not. Yes, I see the damage, I see the gray ground as if something was burning there, exploding. But why are these buildings standing? Did buildings in Iraq remain intact after the bombing? This video proves that Russia does not use heavy weapons in the city. Otherwise, the houses would all be destroyed. it is obvious that there were explosions and shattered windows. There were also attacks from 2 sides. Fighting in the city will always lead to damage and death.

    2. Give them a few years to get comfortable then arrest Putin on a foreign state visit. The one good thing to come from the Pinochet case was establishing that there is and never can be diplomatic or sovereign immunity for prosecution on crimes against humanity.

    3. @playonesong Get an appointment with an optician, if your screen reader can capture this. Those empty shells are apartment blocks, dozens of them, in an entirely residential area.

    4. @Ravan Pee
      turning him is also turning all american in coz they didnt try to stop bush invading iraq

  1. It almost seems like he wants to achieve flat-out chaos and destruction, using a reasoning that sane humans might struggle to comprehend.

    1. @animatedfiles-com
      A slave crawls on its belly to subjugation , submission and supine servitude.
      And that’s only the modern Russians.
      Serf is a better description of these people.

    2. @playonesong
      The Russian troll factory does indeed not use cluster munitions or thermobaric weapons, unlike the Russian military.

    3. Ukraine Volunteer Breaks Down, western media will never show you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QitliHzBnU.

      Russian “Invade”? … but it’s only the US who always INVADE others and Russia is only protecting their homeland and/or their front door. When Russian or any other countries soldiers die…..they die as a patriot defending their country, when NATO/Canada/UK/Aussie soldiers die…..they die for their Master, and when US solders die….they die for their Weapons Contractors ( MIC) and the rich. SAD.

    1. @smkxodnwbwkdns How much of difference from wars with swords and arrows to wars with guns and bullets? Still deaths and destruction.

    2. @Commander Iosif Stalin doesn’t a single serial killer leave behind “death and destruction”? That’s principal is so broad it’s meaningless. War is so different. There’s much less war now days. Lot of it has to do with nuclear weapons and chemical weapons creating stalemates between nations because no one wants to go to war and no one can take down a country now that has sufficient wealth for military. Before, barbarians chipped away at the Roman Empire and eventually took them down. Today the equivalent of barbarians would be exterminated in one hour if they dared chipped at China , america, or Russia. And Russia is going to war against ukraine with both hands tied behind its back and one eye close cause international community pressures them not to use nuclear or chemical etc. many changes I can go on.

  2. So it takes the flattening of a whole city before war crimes are acknowledged by NATO? Come now man. DO SOMETHING!

    1. NATO and the UN won’t do anything but talk tough and watch. Mainly because their countries are still lining Putin’s pockets through the purchase of Adolf Putin’s oil and gas

    1. @Maple88 So you only have a counter argument that criticizes Russia, but are you satisfied with the criminal actions and war crimes of the United States and Europe in the world? You are ready to condemn us, but you are not ready to condemn your countries, which SYSTEMATICALLY invade foreign countries, violate sovereignty and kill peaceful people. Okay I’m responding to your argument. We cannot support Ukraine against the separatists because Ukraine aspires to join NATO. And this is the risk of their bases appearing on the territory that is located near our borders. Any NATO country places their weapons. Until 2014, we did not interfere, because the country was ruled by people loyal to Moscow. And then others came who wanted to go to the European Union. Why, for example, did we take Crimea? Because, again, our naval fleet is located in this region, our bases are located and we cannot allow all this to be influenced by NATO. This is 1 reason. Another reason is that we decided to support the independence of this region because of its proximity to the Russian border. There are many Russians living there, pro-Russian sentiments. We had to protect these people. But we did not introduce troops. We helped them humanitarily for 8 years.

      About Yugoslavia. NATO bombed both military and civilian targets. Fact. They acted without the permission of the UN Security Council. Fact. They killed more than 400 children because of the bombing. Fact. They used chemical weapons. Fact. Why was it called a special operation and not a war? Russia could support Serbia, of course. But this does not give NATO the right to violate someone else’s sovereignty and kill civilians. Who gave them such a right?

      Russia values the lives of peaceful people and that is why from the very beginning we say “demilitarization and denazification operation”. But you’re not listening. This is not a de-Ukrainization or dehumanization operation. We told the soldiers (Putin said several times) – lay down your weapons and go home. Not a single peaceful person was in danger. We have clear goals, a number of conditions for the government. No one is going to take away freedom or new lands or lives. But they (Ukrainians) called it a war against Ukrainians and started waging a real war with us because we came to take something from them. That’s what they were told. That’s what Zelensky tells them all the time. If you listen to them, they will tell you “we hate Russians and want to kill them, they are invaders.” If you ask Russian soldiers or Putin or officials from Russia, most of them will tell you that they respect the Ukrainian people and came for other reasons. This already shows a lot.

      In the east of the country, almost all military airfields have been destroyed. Ukrainians are forced to sit in cities and fight back there. In cities where there are thousands of people. It’s a human shield. If the military leaves the city, they will die. They have many opportunities to hide in the city. We do not give up our goals and therefore there are fights in the city. As a result of the fighting, infrastructure is damaged and civilians suffer. Ukrainian and Western propaganda picks out some of the information from the general context of the fighting in the city and says “Russia is shooting at residential buildings” and at the same time ignores that Ukrainians are also shooting from residential buildings. There are many people who confirm this, but you’re don’t want to listen. If we wanted to bomb these houses, there would be no houses left. It would be very easy to act like the US in Iraq. Just destroy everything. And win. Simply. But we can’t do that. These are our neighbors. These are our former citizens. You didn’t care about the people of Iraq. You don’t care about the children of Iraq. On the women of Iraq. We care about people in Ukraine. We have already evacuated HUNDREDS of thousands of people to our country. But they don’t tell you about it.

      About the “separatists”. They decided to become independent in 2014, when a mob overthrew the current president of the country, Yanukovych. There was a revolution then. Why some of the residents can’t leave, like Kosovo, why they can’t get a freedom? Why? The separatists are the same citizens of Ukraine. And why don’t they have the right to independence? They did not want to seize power in Ukraine. They just wanted to live their lives. In the east of the country. They have not attacked Kiev for 8 years in a row. Goverment came to them with weapons. Government killed many of them (civilians and soldiers). Government don’t accept their independence. Almost 14,000 civilians died. The USSR released Ukraine in 1991. But Ukraine did not let Donbass go in 2014. Hypocrisy again. That is, they can separate when they need to, and when they don’t need to, they oppose it.

    2. @playonesong Thank you for taking the time to write in such detail!
      No, I do not agree with any violence, any military intervention. In Yugoslavia someone had to intervene because the Serbs were savages. Yugoslavia was an artificial country, and it is understandable if the different regions wanted to be independent.
      Similarly, USSR was not a country, it was a union of different Republics. Ukraine didn’t belong to Russia, both were republics in USSR. And in 1991 they broke away, just as all the other Republics. Donbass is not a country. The conflict was started by separatists. Illegally. How come they had arms? Received illegally from Russia who manipulated them to start the conflict. If they wanted to be independent, they should have remained peaceful, work their way to obtain independence peacefully. But instead they launched an armed attack. And the “humanitarian” Russian incursions were just a coverup. If they wanted help, they should have employed some other means, maybe a neutral party, not Russia who was already involved in the conflict.
      After breaking from USSR, the Baltic countries managed to join NATO. Why did they rush to do so? Because history told them that Russia is not a friendly neighbor. It has imperial aspirations of controlling vast territories and multiple countries. And this wouldn’t be so bad if Russia were a country where people are happy, and they could share their culture and achievements. But instead, if you look at the emigration levels, one can tell that life in Russia is not that good. 5 million Russians emigrated during Putin’s reign. Look at what 45 years of Russian imposed regime did to Eastern Germany compared to what American influence did to West Germany. Same hardworking people, same geography- hugely different standards of living. Who wants that? Only autocrats and their cliques. The Baltic Republics, the Eastern European countries rushed to gain NATO’s support to give them some assurance that the nightmare of Soviet influence is kept at bay and they have a chance to develop and eventually reach similar standards of living as Western Europe.
      Western Europe is full of Ukrainians who went there to work. Of course they liked that kind of life better and would like to slowly transform their country to be more like the rest of Europe. It doesn’t mean they want to attack Russia. It means they want to embrace changes that will benefit their economy, open up more to Europe, for the obvious benefits. Would that impact Russia? Most likely. But not their security, only economically. Russia is a sore loser, they’d rather start a war so they don’t lose the grip on Ukraine. It is all for economic reasons. The “NATO is getting too close to us” excuse is just that, a coverup to gain the support of Russians and justify the thousands of deaths of Russian soldiers. Instead of adapting to the reality, instead of balancing the immense resources of Russia to benefit all levels of the society, Putin’s regime gives 99% to oligarchs in exchange for their loyalty and does little for the people. This is what happens when a leader keeps the reins for an unlimited period of time. They don’t even have to pretend anymore, they feel entitled.
      There are other non-NATO countries that have borders with NATO countries and they don’t invade them. Look at Austria! Sweden. Turkey.
      Nobody wants to attack Russia, at least not from Europe. If you want to worry, then worry about your Chinese friends. Don’t forget that Russia signed a non-aggression with Hitler and it didn’t last long. Don’t worry so much about imaginary enemies, be more careful about your “friends.”
      After learning that Russian people who protest the war end up in prison, non-state controlled TV stations are closed, Russians who have relatives in Ukraine don’t believe them when told about the level of distraction, I’m not sure there is anything that would convince me that what Putin did is defendable. If he shuts down protests, that’s a sure sign that he is a dictator who wants absolute control. Outside Russia we hear your side, Ukraine’s side, NATO’s side, Europe’s side, China’s side (to a certain extent) and we can make up our minds (of course, with the inherent bias that everyone has based on their previous experiences and values). Russian citizens don’t have those options. I am convinced that even if all info were readily available in Russia, at this point not many Russians who supported Putin last week would change their mind suddenly. But some would. And the more Russian soldiers die in Ukraine, the more mothers and fathers and widows would change sides. Assuming they even find out, since many don’t even know where their sons are.

      Anyways, this whole thing is very regrettable, and I’m afraid it will not even help the world learn anything. They had countless lessons from history and they don’t learn.

    3. Ukraine Volunteer Breaks Down, western media will never show you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QitliHzBnU.

      Russian “Invade”? … but it’s only the US who always INVADE others and Russia is only protecting their homeland and/or their front door. When Russian or any other countries soldiers die…..they die as a patriot defending their country, when NATO/Canada/UK/Aussie soldiers die…..they die for their Master, and when US solders die….they die for their Weapons Contractors ( MIC) and the rich. SAD.

    1. You mock, but looking at his history in Syria, that’s more of a true statement than you realize. Will it be chemical, biological or nuclear weapons he uses on the Ukraine to exact a revenge?

    2. @ProGrade Painting Why are you looking at this video, and not seeing Mariupol destroyed? The Russian people are not allowed to see it. They are getting propaganda, so what we see is what you see. We are not looking at propaganda. You are commenting on this video. I will be waiting for Russians to know exactly what is happening. Syria got a sample of Putin’s mind-set. He has no regard for Ukraine. That is a lie. Russia has some of the ugliest architecture in the world, and they design it to be that way. They will just hire the cheapest laborers to build a straight road to Odessa. Erect a dozen monolithic and gargantuan statues along the banks. Maybe freeze a few dead generals and place them in glass-lidded coffins. They will do whatever Putin dreams up out of fear. Many checkpoint barricades will be built, because they have paranoia. They may build some ugly cinder block apartments to further humiliate Ukraine, and attempt to entice some Russians who, out of sheer poverty and lack of opportunities, will relocate. It will look nothing like Putin’s compound, with it’s own church.
      ⛪️ he will drive around and wave at the peasants. He will go swimming and beat his chest. At some point his grandchildren might ask, “who is my grandfather? “👴 Vlad the Pale will try and try to design his tomb, to keep it from happening, but people will travel from miles around to spit on his grave. No one will be able to stop the popularity of the defacement. There will be dancing.

  3. Sadly his strategic value is that in his mind, he’ll be the savior that brings the city from the ashes to build it back better. Start thinking to counter how he would rewrite history to make him look good and you’ll get into his head.

    1. @Generic username Sure, the US is responsible for a lot of bad things, and I agree to many of the things, you point out but if we make a competition between the super powers in the world, I’d say that they are equally responsible for unnecessary deaths and misery in the world. The big difference between Russia and US is that Russia wants to make it seem that they have a functioning democrasy but they don’t and the US has a functioning democrasy despite that a certain ex-president and radical Americans went against the democratic idea two years ago. US has many flaws – and I wouldn’t want to live there – but there are freedom of speech, and I think that it’s positive that the elections are as close as they are. It seems to be a pattern in countries where one person gets 85-99% of the votes at national elections that there are less freedom in those countries, and the political system is made so the same leader can stay in power as long as he (she) wants. If I should choose between US, Russia and China, I’d definitely choose to live in the US but if I could choose between all the countries in the world, there are several, I’d rather live in than the US

    2. Ukraine Volunteer Breaks Down, western media will never show you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QitliHzBnU.

      Russian “Invade”? … but it’s only the US who always INVADE others and Russia is only protecting their homeland and/or their front door. When Russian or any other countries soldiers die…..they die as a patriot defending their country, when NATO/Canada/UK/Aussie soldiers die…..they die for their Master, and when US solders die….they die for their Weapons Contractors ( MIC) and the rich. SAD.

    3. @David Suro I think it did cuz when i look at how your president has been handling the situation lately even most Americans are not impressed,to me that is weakness,joe doesn’t have a solution to this except sanctions which in his mind believes that he will make Russia poor😂…US usually doesn’t hesitate to send their troops to a war zone but with Russia he had to chill n think clearly before he does,to me that’s another weakness when a killer that has killed millions of innocent people n children in Iraq,Afghanistan,etc is afraid of just one country…this proves that the US n NATO r not what they seem to be

    1. Kidnapping a leader and delivering him to the Hague is not unheard off. But yeah I doubt it. Maybe 1 or two captured generals.

  4. How can Russia’s military actually agree with targeting civilian locations?! It’s sickening that Putin ordered and condoned this for the “glory of Russia”!

    1. @JR1505 I have learned a lot more than you, I have even read Marshall Zukhov and Nikita Krutschev”s Memories, that is how little I know.,

    2. @RobBCactive You are right about the first but wrong about the second. Putin is no interested in doing the war U.S. style, indiscriminately bombing cities and killing tens or hundreds of thousands and then claiming they were full of terrorists. He rather have their populations give up and flee to the West, the more they suffer the most likely is that they wont come back. That is the main purpose of this campaign, to vacate at least the Eastern half of Ukraine of hostile populations and at that I would say they are succeeding.

    3. @ruben oteiza that is typical Russian propaganda counterfactual BS. This is why Russia has as much credibility as the Nazis under Hitler

    4. If someone shoot from there or there is some artillery standing nearby and some by missfire all of that

    5. @RobBCactive And that is a typical brainwashed sheep. These creatures are easiliy detected because they pretend that EVERTYHING THAT CONTRADICTS THEIR MYOPIC VIEW OF THE THINGS IS PROPAGANDA.. Only a maroon would assume that statying the obvious is propaganda of any kind. Yeah, like Radio Moscu is gonna say: “See, it doesnt matter how many of our tanks are destroyed and how many of our soldiera are killed because our main objective is to vacate ucraine of as many people as possible so we can occupy it ourselves”. Olny in the twsited little mind of a completely brainwashed sheep that could be considered as Russian propaganda…!

    SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙

  6. Why is the ICC still not speaking out on this and starting proceedings for prosecutions? The evidence is everywhere…

    1. Russia and Ukraine may not be members of the ICC, but Ukraine can request an ICC investigation. They have done so. The ICC is investigating and have been for a month now. They’re not simply going to call war crimes at the drop of a hat. They’ll gather everything and all evidence. Just like any investigation isn’t going to present a conclusion until the investigation is finished. You can view their statement on their webpage, though you won’t find much other than the request, a statement of the conclusion of a preliminary investigation leading to a full investigation, referrals and blahdeblah.

    2. @JR1505 Irrelevant once they get into the custody of someone who does recognise the iCC, and they are assembling a case for issuing International Arrest Warrants.

    3. @Ravan Pee No, sorry to disappoint you, but no credible case has ever been either presented to them or discovered from any of their own investigations.

    1. Did you forget how many countries destroyed the USA ??? Do you remind you? Just now ???

    2. Except Threads. Watch that movie alone in the dark. Also have some coffee because you won’t be sleeping.

    3. Wonder who’s going to be underwriting all those loans to rebuild… Hmmmmmmm makes you wonder who really benefits

    1. Ya I don’t think there has been a modern war between two countries with similar modern weapons and scale.

    2. Do you see destroyed houses in this video? I’m not. Yes, I see the damage, I see the gray ground as if something was burning there, exploding. But why are these buildings standing? Did buildings in Iraq remain intact after the bombing? This video proves that Russia does not use heavy weapons in the city. Otherwise, the houses would all be destroyed. it is obvious that there were explosions and shattered windows. There were also attacks from 2 sides. Fighting in the city will always lead to damage and death.

    3. @playonesong not all the building are leveled, but I hear they are all damaged in some way. It takes a lot to take down those apartment looking buildings, but it doesn’t take much to destroy the inside. I disagree they are using heavy weapons. Many buildings in Iraq where left standing and many were damaged. To be honest it scale that’s the difference and the amount or ordnance used. The Russians are using more missiles and arty shells in many residential areas. Granted it’s not on a WW1 or 2 level. I do agree when two forces attack on both sides there is a lot of damage that occurs everywhere

    4. @playonesong no Ukraine has stronger structured building and they’re a more modernized country 1 bomb may not level the whole building but could cause damage and major fires

  7. I might be wrong but I believe Mariupol’s importance was to complete a land corridor between Russia and Crimea? I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin tries to “claim” those lands in later negotiation rounds, It would provide Russia land access to Crimea and cut off Ukraine from the sea of Azov.

    1. @Prof_Kaos not true, Crimea has always had russian bases on it and voted to become part of Russia since its their colture, they didn’t invade or conquer anything. The so democratic Ukrenians, alter the referendum, started to send the so called “nationalists” and they cutted off their main water supply making it difficult to find drinking water. Carefull that the russians are no saints but the ukrenians are exactly the same. The only difference is that they are steategically important for the US and they follow it as a leader.

    2. Think you’v observe it right, but at this stage the possibility of taking it is becoming ” a bridge too far ” for Putinist forces

    3. @Jojo Delima they control over 70% of the city, the Ukranian forces are down to 6000 thousands from 14.000. The russians already control the rest of the region. At every war there is propaganda on both sides, its always the same, everybody is winning otherwise the morale and the support would be reduced. The statements of the Ukrenian overall victory is made by the Ukrenians and repeated by the media, we usually ear only one side of the bell but the Ukrenian forces are both winning one day but the other there is a massacre which couldn’t be’ possible if they where winning. Analyze the facts.

    4. @Jojo Delima I wish you’re right. But damn does it look bleak right now! I just hope civilians are able to retreat to safety because the Russians look desperate right now

  8. Russian Joke: A worker standing in a liquor line says: “I have had enough, save my place, I am going to shoot Putin.” Two hours later he returns to claim his place in line. His friends ask, “Did you get him?” “No, the line there was even longer than the line here.”

    1. @Mark Kane Americans are not aware of HISTORY and know who the ancestors of the United States of America are.

    2. Does USA want WW3? NO NO NO
      But wants limitated war as Biden asked to CIA to organise.

      USA needs Russia to control NATO and sell weapons and control the EUROPEAN ECONOMY.
      USA needs China to sell Weapons in Asian countries.
      USA needs North Korea to sell Weapons to South Korea and Japan that are not free countries. Their Democracies are puppets Liberal Democracies.

      Weeping ZELENSKYY IS Working for Biden and Boris to fool the world.
      UKRAINE was prepared to fight against and poke Russia to destroy EU economy and destroy any EU resistance to the US interest. US will crassed anyone who stands against her interest. It may be German, France, Italy and anybody. US loves every one right from Taliban, LADEN, ISIS, terrorists, Communist, Muslims, Christians, Hindu who supports her interest.


    3. Russian Joke: AN European standing in a liquor line says :”I have had enough, save my place, I am going to shoot Biden and Boris.” Two hours later he returned and claimed his place in the line. One of the fellow asked him whether he did his job. The man said that there was bigger line than this one.

    1. @Gavin Pope During his presidency, Obama approved the use of 563 drone strikes that killed approximately 3,797 people. Up to 116 innocent civilians

    2. @A. B. He was not the only president who approved drone strikes ,you only mention the Democrat one .
      Trump delivered 3,702 drone strikes in one term is been a Republican that is not mentioned ?

    3. Deal with it, just like you are dealing with American war criminals walking around Scot free. You cheer them on and make them rich!

  9. I somehow thought putin was level headed, but apparently I was wrong and he’s actually the worlds modern day hitler.

    1. He fooled the world, Putin did. That little half-smile. But when I found out for a while he was a taxi driver, that changed my opinion. Not that I have anything against taxi drivers. But to be a taxi driver in a second world, second class, still developing country like Russia is not the mark of a genius.

    2. Virgin Mary appeared in Necedah, Wisconsin in 1950 to 1975 and said that Adolf Hitler was murdered in 1939 and replaced by an imposter who had his nose modified by surgery and at the end of the war fled to Argentina. So who was running the war.?

    1. The Americans are clever they left the Europeans to kneel in the 2nd ww2 and they came as the liberators 😂🤣😂🤣

    2. Linh Nguyen
      why should the US politicians of the BIDEN government be terrified of Zelensky’s badass logo on his chest?
      The US CIA can’t help but know that the NEW fascist leader really exists in the US political world, so why didn’t the US CIA warn members of the New Fascist to manipulate US politics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mhg8AXXHoRE&t=112s

    3. @Nam đại Damn, Russia is getting Vietnamese bots in on this now? 🤣

      I guess the Russian trolls are busy with domestic operations. 🤣😂

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