CNN outside embassy where Belarusian sprinter took refuge 1

CNN outside embassy where Belarusian sprinter took refuge


CNN's Selina Wang reports from outside the Polish embassy in Tokyo after Belarusian sprinter Kristina Timanovskaya received a humanitarian visa from Poland on August 2. Hours earlier, Timanovskaya refused to board a flight out of Japan saying she was being forced to return to her native country against her will and that she feared arrest.

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    1. @Tom Barnett My hunch is that she doesn’t know him, and he’s not in Japan. So that’s probably why….

  1. How horrifying to be from a country where you fear for your life if you complain about sports. Belarus needs to be condemned internationally in very strong terms.

    1. @American Infidel Apples and oranges. And you are making an assumption based on no information regarding whether or not the gymnasts from Belarus face sexual exploitation. But we do know the political situation in Belarus and the fear that this athlete had about returning to that country.

    2. @Lahk1 I support athletes who kneel in protest of violence against black Americans and general police brutality and racism.

  2. Let’s Remember the history that in WW2 Japanese diplomat Mr.Sugihara saved thousands of jewish refugees from Nazi.

    1. @Charles Atlas
      BLANK homepage reads: “Joined 27 Jul 2021″….russian troll tries to school me about history….not gonna work.

    2. @The Tweatles Not clickin’ on yo’ shee-it links Boy!
      THE TWEATLES is not even significant anymore.
      His number get…..lower…..and….lower……just like trump. Tweatles has a pottymouth alter- ego in the form of “Richard Thomas” fake account.

      Tweatles = Insignificant potty.

  3. Way to go Poland. I’m glad this young woman is safe. I hope Belarus doesn’t turn on her family at home.

    1. @mike briganti You mean that same flag who people fought and died for that America disgraces? or you mean the national anthem that refers to sending slaves to battle? Have you read the third stanza of the entire anthem? Probably not. You bots are so predictable…

    2. @R T Do you have an idea of how many polish citizens did immigrate in other countries? Half Poland is living in Germany and England.

    3. People ask the same think in Poland:) I don’t spend much time in Poland but I can tell you that Poland is much more safer than other countries and in general is nice and I like coming back.

  4. trump patterned his coup after Alexander Lukashenko….who lost the election but just refused to go…

    1. @James Eagle That’s the thing. He was our 1st president who ever put that in doubt. When questioned, he NEVER promised a peaceful transition. He nevertheless promised ANY transition. He insisted in 2015-2017 & in 2019-2020 that the ONLY way he could lose was if it was “rigged”. When he lost the popular in 2016 & the electoral in 2020, he persisted in saying it must have been rigged. Not only did he not promise peace, he was the FIRST in US history, to give us a violent transition. Afterward, he weakly denounced the violence, while praising the insurrectionists. Now, & most of his party & right wing media deny the violence, even to the point of defaming the majority of police officers who fought against overwhelming odds.

    2. Does anybody on the left realize you are the new version of the German nationalist who believed every thing they were told ,The German people thought Hitler and Germany was saving the world! Don’t see it??….

    3. @You are right I have seen this live on TV and heard all the statements from the Fuhrer Trump. All I am seeing on the other side is exactly believing whatever the cult leader says without a shred of evidence

    4. Frank Bennett. Bub bub but but Trump. Bu but but Trump. Let it go frank. Now you have a demented racist woman hair sniffing mor*n that you REALLY need to worry about.

  5. Thumbs up to Japan and Poland for helping this young woman. Thumbs down to all authoritarian regimes.

    1. @Jesse Watters I like reading and watching you americans melt, its fun stuff… end of america, again… lmao….. CLINTON = END OF AMERICA, OBAMA = END OF AMERICA , TRUMP = END OF AMERICA and now BIDEN ITS THE END NOW FOR SURE.. Keep melting dude!

    2. @Laure Bejannin true they’re very right wing in Poland as well but Belarus is extremely oppressive right now, by comparison Poland IS Germany for a Belarusian.

  6. Japan is one of the safest countries in the world – so glad they intervened and protected her .. I hope she will be safe and not have to live in fear …And continue to do what she loves ..

    1. @Dixon Uranus if I wanted to get rich off of media sensationalism I sure wouldn’t go to Poland…I’d go where that media is based from so I could be closer to the bank that cashes my checks

    2. @Dixon Uranus believe it or not, it takes a lot of guts to do something like this. There’s probably a damn good reason she’s acting like this. Most well developed countries are not jailing journalists.

    3. @Dixon Uranus I see this is what the MAGA movement is looking for. They wish Trump was a competent and brutal dictator who put anyone who oppose the Maga maniac movement in jail and tortured!

  7. Meanwhile FOX denounces anyone whom does not lap upon Vladimir Putin’s boots. Their loyalty to the Mango Mussolini guides their rudderless ship. Belarus is a tool for Putin.

    1. @3 wolfs down how so Biden gave the go ahead for Russia to build the pipeline to Germany, and Biden shut down are pipeline how the @$#& do I got that backwards?

    2. @Matthew Estrada just like the pipeline was going when Trump was in office go figure.. we don’t need no China Keystone Pipeline oil is only used for China thanks Biden shutting it down

    1. ​@Matt Bonnet I bet you have an “L” and an “R” written in marker inside your shoes, so you get it right in the morning, don’t you? If you’re too dense to get it, I sure af ain’t gonna explain to your simple axe….

    2. @gacj2010 I don’t know how to break it to you, but “America” and “orange reality TV personality” are not at all the same thing. It’s not difficult to love America and despise a certain petty loser.

    3. @B Avery No dude, Marxism has always been the biggest threat to America and it still is, Trump’s not even close. For once CNN does something good by calling out the Marxist regime in Belarus you shouldn’t start about Trump. You’re misleading the people.

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