CNN projects Rev. Raphael Warnock wins runoff to become first Black senator from Georgia 1

CNN projects Rev. Raphael Warnock wins runoff to become first Black senator from Georgia


Democratic Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock will defeat GOP candidate Kelly Loeffler, CNN projects. Warnock, the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, will make history as the first Black US senator from Georgia.

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    1. Currently down by 16000(0.4%) with 2% still to count. The gap has widened with 3% left it was 3000 votes a couple of hours ago. Living up to his family name it seems.

  1. Kelly should have dodged the debate like Perdue. Repeating “radical left liberal Democrat” 13 times didn’t make her sound very smart

    1. Make sure you Watch the historical day where all the evidence start coming out and a government gets crushed

    1. @Dustin E. yes, but when we can’t find jobs and our families are going homeless we expect the government to help considering they all ran on the promises that they would help us

    2. Yes now he is crying about Electro votes wanting to change it.Because they will never never be in power again.What happened when we all need your help.This shows what Rep. do for the Americans Notting never have.Just fill there own pockets with our!!!! money.So sorry for you all.

    3. To late to change Eletro vote.This came from Trump for sure.You all should of helped use along time ago.Like in march.Most Americans love this Change for sure.About our time now.

    1. Warnock, thank obama brother for ur win! You didn’t do it by urself. Do a good job on ur new role so obama can be proud of you.

  2. How wonderful!! We are jumping in joy down at the bottom of the world, for joy for the people of America.

    1. @Poison You’re getting boring. Post away all you want if it makes you happy, but I’m not going to satisfy your petty desires by engaging with you any further. Good day.

  3. Thank you Georgia!! This year is off to a great start! The Trump circus will be going on the road shortly

  4. Cant wait to see the concocted conspiracies Trump cult has to attack this result. Therell probably be a dozen or so before dawn. Its 2 AM here now

    1. Yes. As it happens, “perdue” is the female form and “perdu” is the male form. Have we thus emasculated him?

    2. @Simon Multiverse Yes! ….Probably his parents forgot to remove the “e” on his name written on his birth certificate which still emphasizes that he was a loser just after his birth! Still just saying!

  5. Poor Kelly Loeffler , she lost. She can dry her tears with each and every dollar of the 800 million she has in her bank

    1. @Morvicks nope who the hell told you that? We don’t care about skin color or religion or sexual persuasion but We don’t tolerate racism , anti humanity , and intolerance.

    2. @Carolyn Moore that is guilt by association if being associated with a church that partook in child abuse is bad just wait till you hear about priests and the Catholic Church

  6. “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.” Psalm 73:28
    “Our Lord, everything you do is kind and thoughtful, and you are near to everyone whose prayers are sincere.” By David for praise, Psalm 145:17

  7. Perdue is in a financial scandal; he allegedly traded in shares of companies over which he had to supervise a Senate committee, thereby abusing inside information.

    1. @D Y At least Trump made his money outside of office, Biden makes deals with China and Ukraine and launder american taxpayer money.. You think any politician is so great ask em why did you get 600 and illegals got 1400

    2. @Carolyn Moore Actually, Congress is a brilliant idea, as set forth by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. It is to be where the people’s voice is heard. Problem is, unless you’re a high-powered lobbyist these days, it’s hard to have one’s voice heard. And we just witnessed how easy it is for an illegal vote to nullify a legal vote.

    1. warnock is republican , he just used dummy cracts platform to get elected, he will stand up , fight for americans , the dishonest left will hate him

  8. I am so proud of Georgians! Endless appreciation for Ms. Abrams, what a patriot she is for democracy! People with power, what we can do as a country when we simply vote! Thank you Georgia!

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