CNN reporter and crew hit by tear gas in Hong Kong

While covering the ongoing mass protests in Hong Kong, originally sparked by a controversial and now-shelved bill that would have allowed extradition from Hong Kong to China, CNN's Anna Coren and her crew were hit by tear gas. #CNN #News


  1. Well press censorship at its finest ladies and gents. Also “im fine” sweaty and teary face while choking up

    1. Thats who Hong Kong is trying to break away from. China wants to exert rule over Hong Kong but they resist. Unfortunately it looks like an uphill battle. Wishing them the best

    2. Spring Blossom. Your response doesn’t make any sense. Factually is just dumb. Comprehend that?

  2. Protesters threw some eggs
    HKPF : Let’s make it with onion

    The world’s most fragile paramilitary

  3. I’ll care when you call out Antifa for beating others trying to exercise their first amendment rights.

    1. Jesus Christ this isn’t even coverage about the same country antifa is located. Entirely unrelated. You people are ridiculous.

    2. A loosely organized group with no real morals or strength that’s had a few incidents of violence is absolutely nothing compared to China, one of the worlds most powerful countries denying basic rights to their millions of citizens. You’ve gotta have your head buried pretty deep in the sand to compare those two.

    3. Spring blossom, do your own research. You trumpflakes and racist bigots don’t like facts so stfu

    1. we are all just here to celebrate the trash of CNN getting some non lethal gas…… lie merchants deserve to cough and sputter.

    2. cnn and green screening is almost a daily joke now… of course people come her for the comments. and to troll some easily offended pedophile democrats.

    1. @Zolfare the police let it happen. Look up their response to the incident. The guy forgot to adjust his watch when they pre-recorded the video.

    1. Man the negativity .. guys come on. Act with some empathy here. Idgaf about any of the bullshit media outlets, but we human beings are at a risk for definite failure when you dont realize that ALL these main stream media outlets are out to create tension among us. Be decent to one another.. after reading through 15 or so comments, my toxicity levels are off the chart. Not good energy to be putting back out into the world, let alone put back on one another..

    1. No, for unknown reason, the mask didn’t worked 100%.
      Even wearing a 3m 6200 mask with 6006 filter(which was supposed to work) the tear gas can still work.

    1. feel free to return to your propaganda machine Fox anytime you like. your deplorable friends are waiting…… 🙄

    1. Only because it shows them getting drilled by canisters of tear gas. But they portray America as this….

    1. Just wait a few hours. It was artificially up rated, there will be a reaction

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