1. @otrxc

      When you write the words “shut up” in the comment section on YouTube, how effective do you believe your words will be?

      I’d like to tell you to grow up, but I doubt that it would accomplish much.

    2. @Justin0ldman

      You say this report is fake.

      How do you know? Were you there? Do you have access to a satilite that has high resolution cameras? Did you destroy those vehicles with Jewish Space lasers? Please tell me……….

    3. @Jay Will Even “funner” Fact(s): The Russians (V. Putin) has been involved “non-stop” in wars and invasions across Europe since the 1990’s. Fact is, Trump hasn’t stopped, turn around or prevented Putin from doing ANTHING. Moreover, Trump openly and vocally supported Putin, including against the interests of NATO and the United States. So why would Putin send his soldiers into war when he had a sock puppet sucker in Trump to do his dirty work for him?

    1. Russian soldiers shouldn’t even be there to begin with (and they know that), also, lots of countries are offering support for Russian soldiers who refuse to fight.

    2. @Hobobo Bobo You must be racist to support trump you know he almost started a civil war in America and he tried to bribe the president of ukrain The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) found out Trump
      administration broke the law by withholding congressionally appropriated to military aid to Ukraine. If he didnt hold there money back alot of them wouldve be alive today and he was buddy with putin so I’m sure he was on the invasion in the president of ukraine expose him. Donald J Trump suppose to be locked up in jail right now for those crimes. He was impeached he was also cheating during the votes in the election. He was racist, Almost started a civil war, bribe the Ukrainians, and he a rapist that’s your hero. Donald Trump only believe the rich should rule over America government and Congress basically starting a monopoly and he is against Democrats if it wasnt for all those thing yeah he wouldve been a good president. And he against women rights.

  1. Sad thing is, I guarantee most Russian soldiers shooting at them don’t want this either. But if they don’t fight, they could be killed or vilified. It’s horrible 😞

    1. That’s why Russians need to stand up to Putin and have a change of power. Side note think about the ripple that could cause if North Koreans got wind of that and did the same. So much prosperity to be gained by the people of both countries.

    2. All this would end if a lot of the soldiers defected. Got their orders and said,” No. Absolutely not, under no circumstances will I do those heinous acts.” Putin is just one guy, he can’t do this if nobody helps him.

  2. I’m nervous for the cameraman. How can he safely watch his footing and try to keep up with this guy walking all over the place. Especially when he had to walk backwards… I was holding my breath.

    1. @james Bono They camera person usually has a spotter and a security guard behind the scene and most war journalists are ex-military and sometimes active military.

    2. @grumbles sadly this troll are 100% homegrown here in the state’s.
      They have nothing better to do in live this poor soul’s.

  3. That teddy bear broke my heart.. those poor sons of Russia thought they would be liberators.. 😢 I feel sorry for all of Ukraine and those poor Russian soldiers that have duped and forced into this.. Putin be a damn human being and stop this needless suffering

    1. honestly thats the fog of war. someone will be destroyed. 1 mistake and this happens but if this mistake doesn’t happen than Ukraine gets it. I’m honestly glad Russia is too stupid to realize Blitzkriegs require 10 times the normal amount of fuel.

    2. @chris le Please remember that it’s not “Russia“ that is doing this, that is causing these Russian soldiers to die. It is *Putin* and his spineless yes-men, and the oligarchs who enable them. Not the Russian people, who are cowed by the police state, and endless state propaganda.

      Russians love their children too

  4. The reporters whose work allows us to educate ourselves about global events ought to be recognized for their courage and heroism. The citizenry of our global community are as dependent on the bravery and tenacity of these reporting men and women as we are on our Armed Forces. Without them the defense and ethical spread of democracy quickly becomes impossible.

    Thanks to the foreign correspondents and reporters, at home and abroad, who help to illuminate our choices. You are not forgotten.

    1. CNN reports the truth and the way things really are, they are amazing reporters, you gotta have much respect for them.

  5. So sad for all these people who are dragged into this drama. I hope that Russia will come to its sences and will realize that WAR is never a solution. Indeed for all soldiers of Both countries it is a tragedy what has to be stopped.

  6. Thank you brave reporters for bringing us these horrific images to show the reality of the situation. Stay safe!

  7. Never, ever pick something of interest up off the ground at a recent battle…could have been booby trapped.

  8. Apparently, this reporter has never watched “Full Metal Jacket”. Moving a stuffed Teddy Bear on a battlefield is beyond foolish.

    1. Wait, so how long does this apply ? What about clean up crews, or citizens who pick up guns/grenades off the floor to use? When this happens in my neighborhood, I’d be the first person trying to save people, and that’d require a lot of movement along with picking things up/moving things out the way. I appreciate the tip, thank you, I wish this upon no one, but it’s good to be aware of all possible outcomes

    2. @Joy Drip It’s ideal to get people with some expertise to check the area thoroughly before cleanup. It’s obviously not that easy when so much BS is going on, but ideally, that’s the way to go. I was actually more concerned about the body being booby-trapped. I doubt it is because so many of the Russian troops don’t want to be there and didn’t know what they were sent to do so they’re probably not thinking in those terms, but it’s definitely a concern.

  9. i know the soldiers are often the ones at the frontlines risking their lives, but the kind of work these journalists do (providing real time information to the world while getting in harm’s way) is commendable. puts into perspective how as civilians sheltered from such conflicts we take so much for granted and the sort of complaints we have against day-to-day inconveniences pale in comparison to the struggles lot of people are living through. my heart and prayers go to the people of Ukraine and the soldiers on both sides who didn’t ask for this war but are put in this position because of a greedy pig who puts his ego above humanity. 🇺🇦🖤

    1. It also proves that the press is NOT an enemy to the people – although dictators, and wannabe dictators would try and make you believe. They don’t want people to know the truth. I also have a lot of respect for the press, who put themselves in danger. I hope this correspondent and the camera, sound, etc.. folks are ok. ❣️🙏

  10. Kudos to Matthew for his brave reporting risking his own life . It takes guts being on this spot at this point in time. Stay safe. Respect, Sir!!!!!

  11. I’ve been to Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine. it is such a beautiful country with amazing culture, history, and people. Having been there before, watching this is really hard. My heart goes out to everyone who is losing their lives there in this unnecessary war of aggression, unprovoked.

  12. God have mercy each of these soldier
    Has a mother who is screaming out
    My son my child… 😢😔

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