CNN reporter explains what Putin’s war declaration would mean

May 9th, known as "Victory Day" in Russia as it commemorates the country's defeat of the Nazis in 1945, could bring a declaration of war on Ukraine from Russian President Putin, according to US and Western officials. CNN's White House reporter Natasha Bertrand breaks down what this could mean for the future of Russia's assault on Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. Sorry Vladimir … but declaring war over 2 months after you started it only makes you look more ridiculous.

    1. @Kim McCalpin president Putin is the greatest president of all time, let’s gooo Russia you got this

  2. If he declares war he will basically have to admit to the Russian people that his quote “special military operation” has failed

    1. Or….that it has been so successful that he is expanding the Op into a full war. War also gives more Strategic Options, than a simple “local operation.”

    2. Won‘t he risk being arrested for publicly using the word „war“, as his own recently declared law states? 😉

    3. I am curious to why many people Ignore the fact about how Putin claimed it’s a “Special Military Operation,” against a different country while It continues to receive support by foreign military troops such as Syria… I wouldn’t doubt the Syria’s commanders who are leading their troops against ukraine, had major influenced on the attack against their own people in Syria 2016. I would say in this case; Ukraine separatists are trying to do the same exact thing.

  3. The first time his troops invaded Ukraine and aimed at civilian targets, was a declaration of war.

    1. @sunitamay123 If Russians were smart You would all have gotten rid of Putin long ago

  4. It is a tragedy that a weak and cowardly old man can cause so much suffering and death. He even sits at the legendary coward’s long table because he is so much in fear.

    1. I could say the same about Russian loving Trump! So glad we are done with that loony SOB. He used the same tactics as Putin on his base.

  5. The irony of Russia saying they’re fighting “nazism” in Ukraine while taking plays directly out of Adolf’s bedside playbook.

  6. I pray for the Ukraine people. Canada has alot of Ukrainians here and they are wonderful people. Glory to Ukraine and all its peoples. Love from Canada

    1. We have a lot of great people from different nations, you’re right about Ukrainians, I have a few friends whose parents are from there. We’re lucky to attract mostly the cream of the crop, I hope they’ll admit some decent, well educated Russian who already left the country – their loss, our gain. 🇨🇦👍💙💛🖖

    2. @anthony bourdon most Canadians were against those minority of truckers who made a fool of themselves, thank for asking maga.

  7. That means that his “special military operation” has clearly failed.
    How embarrassing 🤦‍♂️

  8. The trained professional soldiers couldn’t get the job done, so he’s instead sending into the carnage waves of boys who just learned how to shave.
    And some people still call him a great leader.

    1. The GOP seems determined to do the same in the US. Some ” intellectuals” of the trumpian movement are calling for that type of strongman regime. And the next trump might be smarter then the original ( which is not that hard) and more cunning….

  9. If he declares it a war, then he could go to prison for 15 years. Those are his own rules, so they should lock him up.

    1. those maniacs in power consider themselves above ALL rules! These guys think of themselves as God’s favourites.

  10. Won’t he then have to imprison himself for spreading “false news” about his Special Military Operation?

    1. He will change the rules and say anyone that used to call it a special operation a traitor

    1. @EE1423 European queens were 27% more likely to wage war than kings throughout history, so the correct way of saying it would be ‘Older people declare war. But it is young men that must fight and die.’

    2. @WildHeart They can drive into Belarus and then into the EU. They could apply for political asylum.

    3. I’m sure that you won’t be welcome in a lotta places because of 5th column risk.

  11. Using the day when one celebrates the end of the worst war in mankind’s history to declare a new one is like the top of tastelessness and hypocricy.

  12. Stop giving “russian forces” all the credit for defeating nazis! Russian forces alone could not do anything without fighters from 14 other republics of the Soviet Union.

    1. ​@Anne Walden Hitler himself explains it here: He feared an attack by Russia on Romania from which Germany sourced a lot of their oil. Without oil, tanks are not very useful. He thought that Russia wanted to dominate Europe (given the international aspirations of communism and the future of the Warsaw pact, hard to fault him). He thought that having finished off France, freeing his divisions in the West, he would have had enough resources to beat Russia into submission. But his forces weren’t ready to fight in the winter as he explains. For the Russians, it was a matter of stalling them until winter. Also, Italy’s losses in Africa forced a diversion of troops. When a war becomes a resource war, whoever gobbles up the most wins. It’s very hard to stay out of it.

    2. @J L – tart70 Dude, both joined the war the same year, did you forget that? It’s only the beginning of operation Barbarossa when Japan bombed pearl harbor and Germany declared war on both the US and the Soviets.

    3. @Anne Walden Indeed. We like to forget that Poland was invaded in 1939 by both Germany AND the USSR. Without Stalin´s complicity, Hitler wouldn´t have dared to invade Poland.

  13. one more thing: desertion is a high crime in a state of War (currently desertion is called “refusal” and has no criminal consequences)

  14. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein

  15. I am not political science expert. I understood all along that if a declared piece of land by country XYZ is not recognized as sovereign territory by the international community, then is doesn’t exist. The Annexation of territory by the Russian Federation in areas such as Crimea and now possibly Eastern Ukraine is still going to be sovereign Ukraine territory regardless of what the Russian Federation declares.

    1. They do what they did in Crimea. No legal basis, but if you want to go there you need a Russian visa, not a Ukrainian one.

    2. People can deny reality, but Crimea is gone from Ukraine and it seems very much that the population in Crimea want to keep it that way; 70%+ are Russian.
      Crimea is a unique region, it operates as a autonomous state; Operating more independently and with more control over itself then other states did in Ukraine and apparently even in the Soviet Union. My understanding is that it exercises separate control within it’s own borders, but is fully integrated into a country; Is not involved in International arrangements and uses currency issued from the host country. It is effectively a zone designed to house some of the most important military installations of Russia.
      The Crimean Government took action to rejoin Russia and the military swiftly moved to protect it from Ukraine. An election was held and it was heavily in favour of returning home to Russia. There is a reason that Ukraine has not made any serious effort to try and take it back.

    3. It might not be recognized internationally as such, but it still must abide by the laws and customs of which the country that annexed it declares. They must speak Russian as the formal language and use the Russian ruble as their currency and little by little it will be Russianized over the course of many years to the point that it is no longer distinguishable from Russia. At that point, it is no longer an annexed territory. It effectively becomes a part of Russia.

  16. Just gonna say that this victory day will forever be tainted for Russia. No longer could they see it as the day they ended the war with Germany but instead the day when they turned into the fascist state that they tried so hard to stop in the past.

  17. A declaration of war would mean Putin would have to officially recognize the status of Ukraine as a separate country. That opens up the question officially as to why Russia is at war with another nation. No more special operation garbage talk.

  18. Declaring war on Ukraine? Just an empty formality at this point. He will get what is coming to him.

    1. What’s coming to him? or to us? West can’t even do anything. Coz one move we go all to hell.

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