1. I don’t think he expected the surge of disapproval towards to him to be this extreme both internationally and within his own country

    1. @How Dare You?! This war started long before 2014 u think he doesnt know wat he is doing let the NATO and US attack them like they did to Iraq,Iran,Syria,Libya,Egypt, Afghanistan,palesti,Pakast,and Yemen.With ur double standard democracy. He knows ur end game

    2. @Chris Oglesby Let try to over run him . if they got the might. U think he doesnt know wat you guys are upto

    3. @Aroma by josmary I think u r just not informed. check history for why he attacked. he has all the might to hit half the world

    4. @Cynthia May Ukraine is just a scapegoat got played by the west especially us and uk… Their president wants to be a hero. Russians could eliminate him easily within first 5 days given the size of the army like a blitzkrieg operation coz world thought that Russia would not attack…
      Believe me.. Ukraine isn’t a fairy land with all angels in their administration. They started manufacturing chemical weapons against donbass and luhansk. Which is poking right in the nose of Russia.

  2. “We don’t wanna get involved in politics.” Refusing to hold putin accountable, even verbally, IS a political decision.

    1. ofcourse in control just like usa in control of middle east.
      innocent people die. NATO encroaching is why this happens

    2. @Earl Heath Animosity towards Russia? The world has a right to animosity towards Putin! I haven’t seen any animosity towards Russian people at all. In fact I’ve heard nothing but praise for the courageous protesters(all eight thousand of them) from everyone! Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Russian people took care of Putin once and for all. Maybe then the world would be a little safer. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    3. How do you come back to the community of nations when they all think you’re a homicidal maniac? how do you negotiate your way back into the good graces of the world leaders when you tried to assassinate one of them? Just asking, I don’t know. How do you trust him ever again?

    1. ​@Right Hand man you forgot to add that Zelensky is an Alien from Mercury and its all because Andromeda halaxy will devour Milky Way in 10 years, thats the official RT line since yesterday. If you engage in spamming for criminal overlords at least do something better than copy paste

    2. supporting Putin= supporting Donald chump? Isn’t this about why NATO keep breaking their promises? Oh yeah what happened in Cuba was self defense and this is pure attack.

  3. Wasn’t the part where he stood up the part where he gave a moment of silence for the Russian soldiers that have died?

    1. Yeah – for like a few seconds.
      Would not matter how many.
      They all have to share the same 5-7 seconds.
      Not even a minute of silence.

    2. Yes it was a short moment of silence. But i think the point is how CNN explained that moment in itself. Its sad how any form of govt. (Democratic, autocratic) has some sort of propaganda. I hope there’s a form of govt that is neutral..for humanity in general.

    1. He stood for memorial rememberance to those who died in this war. The medias are taking out of context.

  4. The citizens are suffering no matter what country.. it isn’t about us… it’s about the Nations.. Money .. Power.. Respect

    1. @jimmy1life oh you must not have heard? Putin sent his soldiers expired food, and has been working on his personality for 20 years and blew it in a week

    2. @Speakup yt indeed..NATO thank god are not supporting any nation because world war 3.. I,worry Zelensky is quite content to go world,war..no way pal not for any one nations ambitions as right or wrong as they may be.. no world war first and individual nations ambiti9ns second for sure…the peace of the world is at stake.?

      Newsreaders: Putin is not going to invade any other country you news reporters come,on…more PR you are buying into ? If he does,mths view would be that okay, the entire allied force and those not allied, are at war, and,obviously, then NATO will agree I dare say as we all,would okay no choice, world war… don’t be daft….. this conflict is between the Ukraine and Russia? Leave it at that now right or wrong? Ukraine…nawdy boy comedian Zelensky, of,late? I thought he told us a few days ago from his bunker, this would be his last address? Mmm…..I do wonder if because NATO said no to him he thins f… you lot I’m gonna try myself, PR, social media to have the worlds,people back me? Careful everyone? Don’t get carried away? Leave it to the, now because truly,mit is not impossible to tell who out of Ukraine and Russia are prepared and wish for world,war. Glory to Ukraine? Mmmmm… No sorry. Pal…no world war is our chant out here thank,you very much. Get talking you two men….work it out because as time goes on here, ukrainemgovernmenr looking quite not like the democracy nor peace lov8ngmgovernment we have been supporting…come on work it out with Putin zelensky? Do your nato quest etc another time? Ceasefire buddy? Come on negotiate with the big bear for the worlds,sake….. we are not do8ng a world war,for,you….clear enough…not for any one nation i,say….no way…glory to no,world,war…. thank god Nate have all the facts and must know zelensky would have us,all,commit, mass suicide out here in the rest of the world…we are outmheremtoomzelensky, we,all have national,pride? Not at the cost of world,war,to us all,pal? Get real buddy? Ukraine has called for all,itsmcitizensmtomdiemfighting, yes well, we can’t stop that however, you really do expect us all’,out here to,die,fighting your nations cause also? Do not think,so matey😳. no zelensky…what the heck have you turned,into here pal..bright lights big rallies gone,to your head me wonders…I mean it…I think you’ve gone bit power mad of late?.. I am not,pro Russian nor prom ukranian, just trying make sense of the facts? I am pro no world war. I want my father, brothers, uncles etc not to go,off and die for the cause of ukranian or any other one nations struggle for separation from the bear….sorry but seriously too high a price Ukraine….work it out with your enemy eh? Leave us out of the fighting, we are helping your cause in other ways…we are not sending’our men folk,to you…forget it! Get negotiating and stop calling for fighting men from anywhere? Get yourself to the negotiation table like a leader,of a nation? This is not about your,popularity or support, you are not on the comedy stage now…you are now, blatantly encouraging demanding, rallying for your nations cause only…meaning you still want to fight and will accept any fighters on mass from any,country because nato said no? So via rallies and social media you are going to outsmart nato decision? You think so? Keep,going buddy and I wonder whether ordinary citizens in the west like me, will indeed start to wonder about your willingness to scarf ice us all for your,glory to Ukraine?

      Come on fellow citizens do be careful eh? Time we left this conflict to these two nations, we have done what we can and will concur to do so, money support, sanctions etc….. none of want our menfolk fighting in a world war for Ukraine or , Russia or any one nations hopes and ambitions? Or, the majority do? Okay then… at least we all tried in our own way to not have world,war? Glory to no world war✌️

    3. Putin is our hero he telling Europe how feelings of Afghanistan and Iraq people.Actually what happened in Phelisten

    4. @jimmy1life thank god,I am not alone in wondering what has happened to zelensky! I agree with you jimmy….mmm… the comedian seems to trying to outsmart nato refusal decision! Oh god we can only,hope the majority of citizens across the world stay thinking rather than just believing there is an angel and a demon here? I am not,pro Russian nor am I pro ukranian.. I am pro no world war…

  5. Watched this speech with someone translating and when he stood up, he was giving a moment of silence for Russia’s fallen soldiers. Just because I point this out doesn’t mean I side with Russia, just pointing out a fact. I hope Ukraine makes it through this mess.

    1. @quincyjackson1950 have you watched ukrain in the west fault on YouTube?. Its a lecture done at the university of Chicago 6 years ago.
      We funded ukraine over 5 billion after the cold War. We knew russia couldn’t do anything. We funded ukraine to becoming a democracy.

      We planed a seed, to be frank I don’t side with putin. BUT SEING HOW THIS HAS PLAYED OUT SLIGHTLY UPSETS ME. this could have been handled with better strategy. Now russia is in bed with China. We really goofed on this one. Why not fun 5 billion into brining all those in favor of democracy to America? Oh that’s right this is a war about land not freedom.

    2. @Mac Mcleod to hell with NATO AND EVILEMPIRE, if WW3 came about the evilEmpire is to blame , they want every land on earth to be in their control. Can wait for the evilEmpire to collapse , it already started, so they want to push for war. The evilEmpire has been in war since 1945 , they have invade so many countries it unbelievable. The only reason everybody so concerned about Ukraine is because they are blonde hair blue eyes ppl, majority of amerikkkan don’t gave a fck if this war a way in the Middle East or Africa or Asia.

    3. @Brendon Vineyard  @quincyjackson1950  have you watched ukrain in the west fault on YouTube?. Its a lecture done at the university of Chicago 6 years ago.
      We funded ukraine over 5 billion after the cold War. We knew russia couldn’t do anything. We funded ukraine to becoming a democracy.

      We planed a seed, to be frank I don’t side with putin. BUT SEING HOW THIS HAS PLAYED OUT SLIGHTLY UPSETS ME. this could have been handled with better strategy. Now russia is in bed with China. We really goofed on this one. Why not fun 5 billion into brining all those in favor of democracy to America? Oh that’s right this is a war about land not freedom.

  6. he gave the worlds shortest moment of silence when he stood up according to the translated version of the speech I watched

    1. Dude, even when the actual moment of silence began, it was even shorter. Minus the time it took to stand up and start paying respect. It was like 10 seconds.

    2. @Tim Marshall “Defensive alliance” destroyed my country (Serbia) in 1999, contrary to resolution of Security council UN! Maybe you don’t care about that, but Putin does. They just CALL themselves “defensive alliance”, in fact they are war criminals because they broke international laws. What the hell is NATO doing THOUSANDS of kilometers far from US? Looking for problems? Now they will have problems! Remember America lost Vietnam war and compare Vietnam to Russia.. you will realize why they won’t attack him.

    1. @Account Choculitis man ive wasted my whole evening f’n around on here. i hope u dont do this often. you seem too smart to waste ur life on youtube comments… but honestly man, look around u and get out of that line. the sooner the better. yea usa is crooked as sht. somebody more evil will take our place some day

    2. This thread was so EGO born. It sucked and was not even funny, like I thought it was gonna’ be…

    3. @THEY’RE GR-R-REAT! well the joke was awful. i would feel bad but ur sense of humor is wack lol

  7. putin was giving a moment of silence for fallen soldiers. literally a moment. it was the shortest moment of silence i have ever seen lol

    1. @Srinath Prashanth so just because he did all that, does that give him the right to invade Ukraine????? And why tf are Indians even siding with russia? Lol

    2. @Steve Hangzo bro I’m from US and biden doesn’t have no respect he be looking at his phone. pro putin. Orthodox Christian Russia !

    3. @Mavis V what about the 13 soldiers abandoned and killed and Afghanistan. Biden didn’t even acknowledge them

    4. @Srinath Prashanth and just so you know, I love Russian and the slavic culture, it’s history and all that so much to the point that I learnt the language. I can even sing both the current and former USSR anthem. I love Russian culture, its heritage and its people. I’m only standing up AGAINST TYRANNY and attack on the weak. Come back with a strong argument with a valid point as to why Putin has the right to do what he did. If not, don’t bother replying.

  8. Putin has a point about NATO expansion. Considering weapons manufacturers were instrumental in the expansion, yeah, Putin has a point.

  9. “Wars are not fought to defeat enemies. Wars are fought to bring about conditions” – Lincoln’s Secretary of War.

    1. Repent to Jesus Christ
      “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”
      ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    2. Which is just what Putin is trying, to create different conditions regarding his birders, and NATO.

    3. @Edmund F. Kuell III, Spiritual Nutrition Master , ​ @Marcus Sherlock

      The two of you have no idea of what you’re talking about, REJOICE!! for the time has come for us! our alien lords have come to the earth and will soon wipe the world clean of chaos and misery! we will all be taken away in their spaceships to the planet Sinepyhtnokcus where we’ll live for the rest of our lives in splendor and glory, all thanks to our magnificent otherworldly lords, all humans must repent! our lord’s name is Sunayhtkcuf, you two better start praying!!

  10. Even if what you “believe” is right, you don’t force it onto others. Especially not at the cost of THEIR blood. Stay strong Ukraine!

    1. @Electron Resonator with respect, there hasn’t BEEN a USSR for the past 3 decades, nor is Russia a communist country now. NATO expansion from it’s original members post WW11 has happened, in part @ least, as a response to the might & potential aggression from the former Soviet state Russia, with it’s development of nuclear weapons & defensive, oppositional, ‘bunker’ mentality.
      If it’s o.k. for Russia to hold & threaten nuclear power for it’s protection against Europe, why shouldn’t any of it’s neighbours have the equal right? After all, Russia has insisted it didn’t have expansionist intentions …… just a little ‘specialist military operation’ with their neighbouring brothers!

  11. According to Putin this isn’t a war. That’s exactly what it is no matter what bs he’s trying to say.

    1. The truth will, inevitably, catch up with him. Russian soldiers will return home in coffins, and Russian families will know what happened regardless of his propaganda machine.

    2. tell me do you considered a war when USA invaded Panama? USA did the same thing in Panama as Russia is doing now in Ukraine…destroying the army…that’s it. no international law..no UN resolution…USA went right through to Panama and invaded in order to destroy army forces in 1989..if they were narcos or not..it doesn’t matter..you don’t invade a country because the army are narcos..i am not saying they were but that is not a reason… all the world knows that Mexico’s army are very involved with NArco’s but USA don’t invade Mexico because is bigger,.so tell me again..was There a war in Panama or just an invasion? i mean a lot of people died most of all in Panama’s forces. A sovereign country… an ally of US till Manuel Noriega got into the power..by the way Manuel Noriega ascension to power was approved by US because Noriega was working for Bush father… but no…USA didn’t want Noriega..they wanted to destroy the army forces i mean..why would Panama need an army force?…same thing is happening in Ukraine, why would they need an army force?… a lot of civilians died in Panama…a lot of civilians are dying in Ukraine… Putin must be accountable for this…but US authorities…well..they never were for Panamanian’s dead. That is called Double Standard.
      P:S. when i wrote an “ally” of US is because till 2014 Ukraine was an “ally” of Russia and then the government changed by a “coupe de etat”… and was precisely that coup that let to this…USA treat some central american countries just the same as Russia treat old Soviet Republics. is that fair enough or not?

  12. “Without publicity, no good is permanent; under the auspices of publicity, no evil can continue.”

    –Jeremy Bentham

  13. His words go totally against his malign actions …please guys keep vigilant
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦💞

  14. I watched that speech. I believe at that moment he asked to stand for a moment of silence for soldiers that have died in the war and then he sat back down and continued.

    1. I don’t speak Russian…I see he stands comes to a full stop , counts to about 5 and briskly sits down …media hour has two speaches , second one for a different audience ..or intended to be separate in time . I didn’t notice him getting a signal …it is odd

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