1. That’s absurd. Who is going to invade Russia? Ukraine has serious personnel losses even with these recent victories. Invading Russia would be suicidal.

    2. @Emsley Wyatt yep what a ridicoules question xD world largest country “oh what does worlds largest country have that we dont have”

    3. @Snowshowslow Folks from Russia proper would show that same patriotic spirit. Not sure the same would be true of folks in the hinterlands.

    4. @Emsley Wyatt That may be true when it comes to serving in the army. But civilian resistance when the tanks come rolling by your own house?
      Either way, there is no way Ukraine can drum up enough soldiers to occupy Russia (and I’m not convinced they want to either).

    1. @Dean Barnett It fine in your country but Germany is on deindustrialization. Very smart move by USA. Trump had mentioned in n UN 2018 & German diplomat laughed. US & Russia gain huge profits in the conflict. It is obvious EU has no sovereignty & whatever decisions made must be get approval from their Master (US). Hungary seems to be more democratic country compare to 26 EU.

    2. @Eyak Len The reason why Britain left the European Union is that the EU has too much sovereignty and might have eroded more of our business laws etc. Separate from this though is that Germany had depended too much on Russia to supply energy needs and let their own energy systems such as Nuclear and coal become redundant. With the backlash from sanctions on Russia, It appears that Germany has become the prime victim and it’s not as if Germany is being more aggressive. In fact Germany’s response is quite passive.

    1. I’m not even a right or left kinda guy and i could tell trump wasn’t as bad as the media made him out to be open your eyes people worst thing about trump was he couldn’t speak very well as a president should be able too, Biden even worst😭

    2. @Terry SaundersYou do realize that NATO’S border with Russia has doubled under Putin. As a strategist, Putin is smart, like a bag of hammers.

  1. Part of the reason for the Kherson offensive was to get Russia to commit some of its reserves in the wrong section of the front. Then when these reserves were moved, Ukraine attacked. Once the front line was penetrated, Russia had nothing present to plug the gap.

    1. @WhenBoredomStrikes Russia sacrificed some of its best troops in the attack on Kyiv. That was not a feint. You must learn not to take everything Russia says at face value. Your story was just made up to save face.

  2. If we are serious about long term global security than citizens in western countries need to demand that Ukraine be provided the means to fully defend it’s land and drive Russia back to its internationally recognized borders. We have a unique opportunity here and decisively defeating Putin (especially if it results in his removal from power) is critical to dissuading Xi and others from trying the same.

    1. Yes I’m serious about long term security. Now stop begging, put your knickers back on and fund your own war. You will see how quickly peace returns

    2. @Redtops: «Советский Союз — это историческая Россия, но мы всегда с уважением относились к процессам суверенизации на постсоветском пространстве».
      — Shirtless-Shorty-in-the-Kremlin, пятница, 17 июня 2022 года

      Facta, non verba.

  3. The problem here: Putin is not a student of history. This sounds way too similar to what happened to the military dictatorship in Argentina in the early 1980s. It was suffering from some pretty bad backlash from the Argentine people for poor economic performance. So it sought to change the subject by having “a splendid little war” over the Falkland Islands in 1982, thinking the UK was going to passively roll over. Like Putin, the Argentine military deluded itself into thinking this wouldn’t be too bad, that victory would be quick and easy. The Brits were not having it, and the war was a total rout for Argentina. The losses were so terrifically bad that the military dictatorship lost almost all legitimacy and within 2 years it was overthrown and democracy ushered in to Argentina. These may be the first rumblings of Putin going through that same agonizing process…

    1. Putin is a student of history, his own revisionist version of Russian history. Problem for him is that his version of history bears very little semblance to reality.

  4. None of that sounds good. Those 18 people are so desperate they’ve decided to martyr themselves knowing that when they show up dead everyone will know why and the people will be divided between those who agree with killing “threats to the Motherland” and those who are horrified. Secondly to that, hearing that the “Strongman” is looking to confront Putin over military errors but didnt outright reject the military action and the treatment of civilians in the first place …. I smell a military Coup of Russian Federation. Third to that, don’t forget Odysseus’ ploy, pretend to be defeated so that the opponent opens their guard. I am impressed by the Ukrainian use of Musashi’s tactics … treat many as one and treat one as many.

  5. The one thing a strong man cannot do while he is in power is Appear weak. This war was a tremendous miscalculation by Putin and has exposed Both Putin and the Russian military as weak. The only question is whether the people around him can push him out before he does something desperate.

  6. TO ALL VIEWERS: Ukraine is a cause worth supporting. Let’s all contact our government representatives to urge them to increase military aid to Ukraine. You can call your representatives, send them an email, send them a letter, respond to one of their Tweets … something. Take the time to help Ukraine now … you’ll be proud of yourself when you do.

  7. The Ukrainian people had two options. They could either live on their knees as slaves, or they could fight back. The Ukrainian people chose the latter.
    Glory to Ukraine!!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. @Potato Joe So, why did Sweden,Finland join then? Say hello to your NEW NATO member on your border “830 miles” and the Baltic Sea just became the NEW NATO Yacht Club…..members only lol

  8. Thank you to all those Countries that came to the aid of the Ukraine 🇺🇦 peoples 🙏 Without the Weapon’s & support that was given to them, they would’ve certainly lost the War! But it’s not over until the Russian people hold Putin to task! Thoughts and Prayers go out to all the Lives that have been lost during this War. Plus to those who were uplifted from Ukraine 🇺🇦& have become political Refugees God Bless y’all 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Russia lost respect from nearly the entire world. The only way to get that respect back is for the Russian army to go back to Russia and overthrow Putin. Sooner the better! (share this post)

    2. Loved your comment.
      This is a great cause, humanity united,
      One for all, all for one.
      Dignity of respect for all who fight in the name of justice, freedom, family.

  9. President Zelensky: “Read my lips: If the choice is between no gas or you, we chose no gas; between no lights or you, we choose no lights. Cold, hunger, darkness, and thirst – for us these are less frightening and less deadly than your “friendship and brotherhood.” Eventually, we will once again have gas, electricity, water, and food – but, we won’t have you.”

    1. @Andrew Gause Zelensky Feb.2022″ I don’t need a ride i need ammo!
      Russian soldiers Sep.2022: I don’t need ammo, i need a ride!

  10. The speed with which Ukraine is regaining territory is astounding; it took Russia months to occupy those areas, but Ukrainian military are regaining them in just a few days. I hope that Ukraine can keep up this momentum and prevail.

    1. @Slidin’ probably be good idea to start sending the New 3rd Army Siberians in now then….oh…they already are.
      Beware of the Triangle.

  11. “…unusual because of the way that the opposition has been marginalized”… I believe “poisoned” or “pushed out of a window” is far more accurate than “marginalized” but okay 🙄

  12. Gotta wonder some of the soldiers managed to actually access the internet outside of Russia’s Restricted network and were shocked.

  13. Amazing and historic times. It’s wonderful to see a dictatorship built on hate, fear and lies collapses as a result of a self-inflicted war. Finland stands with Ukraine.

  14. There’s another factor that should merit consideration regarding Russia’s failure here. They have suffered an enormous brain drain– too many generals and colonels being killed by Ukrainian snipers, and senior defense ministers fired by Putin.

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