1. Citizens: The roof. The roof is on fire!
    Firefighters: We don’t need no water, let the m’fer burn! Burn!🔥

    1. Did the arsonists check to make sure there was nobody in lockup? Oops, sorry we burned some people.

    2. And what these criminals are doing is called arson and grand theft and vandalism. How is everybody overlooking these “protesters”?

  2. This is like Rambo at the ending because they wouldn’t let him have a sandwich at the cafe

    1. Yeah, let’s destroy the city and make the citizens pay for the destruction because I’m sure that’s what George Floyd would have wanted right?

  3. The cop responsible for this is at home watching it all. He caused all of this with his damn knee ego.

    1. Fr hes like “I’ll teach Kapernick a thing or 2 about kneeling” tbh not a moment to be joking tho😔

    2. @Katie Frasher 3rd degree murder isn’t enough and the other three arent arrested yet. Let the RIOT continue

  4. This was inevitable, and so will another act of violence against cops if they don’t do anything to fix their problems. And it’ll be completely justified.

    1. You blame all cops for the actions of a few cops. Would you like it if people held all black men responsible for the actions of a few? It seems you are nothing but a bigot.

    2. That’s a pretty big generalization. Almost like a white guy saying all blacks are criminals because he saw one get arrested on TV. By your mindset, racisim would be justified.

  5. All this … In the midst of a deadly pandemic.

    2020 feels like a goddamn horror movie yo. Smfh

    1. @Diamond Leigh
      These same people will be calling emergency services when they are hurt causing their melee or get infected with Covid.

      The mentality of those committing these crimes is that a pure stupidity. They are not protesting the death of anyone they are there to satisfy their criminal behavior by burning down buildings, destroying property and looting. They are opportunist who went their specifically to cause chaos not to stand for a Cause.

      Anyone who would think that to avenge the death of one person it is okay to possibly kill innocent people, leave people jobless, homeless and hungry is a sociopath or psychopath!

      Anyone who condones this type of behavior is a criminal!

    1. @Marco A ah you must be referring to the politicians that established the systemized racism amongst law enforcement apparatus.

    1. This is disgusting, crazy people acting like criminals and destroying somebody else property. All off them should be prosecuted !!!!

  6. There was plenty of police presence later in the morning – when one of CNN’s reporters and his cameramen were arrested!

  7. Unbelievable ! 3 months ago we had a normal life . Now days we don’t know what we gonna wake up to!

    1. Damon Watson yes sir!! It’s been a helluva start to 2020 so far and something has got to give.

    2. I’m waiting for the Aliens to come out publicly to every country in the world at once. That will be June’s news

  8. Wonder what tonight will be like

    At this rate Netflix’s will just have to do a special on the whole year

    1. It should be real quite there now that y’all have that curfew y’all been waiting on for the last 3or4 days!

    1. @Allie Hughes but how is burning down a city and looting innocent businesses owners helping? They’re criminals, not “protesters”.

    2. But how is burning down a city and looting businesses helping? It’s just needless destruction for the action of one man, who has always been arrested and his actions condemned.

    3. @William Roman-Ros Right so we ignore the Democratic government, Democratic appointed police chief, and the black police chief. I am sure though Liberals destroying medical clinics during riots is a great way to make ends meet currently.

    4. @John Freedman that is an absurd ad-hominem, and a hasty generalization. Do u know what a “Liberal” is(?), bc I highly doubt most of those protestors are.

      Obviously people have to be held accountable, but also whom ever is going to give the order to shoot, and everyone who pulls the trigger will have to live w the consequences. History has an example, it’s called the Boston Massacre, and it’s a lesson in the importance of de-escalation, so there are no future blood baths. Also, the British, the most powerful empire at the time, fell to American colonists, bc they were ruling w too hard an iron a fist. Let it remain a lesson of prudence for how to navigate this situation.

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