1. they just need to lock the doors and they will be fine, do not need all that police protection, doors are the answer.

    1. Sure they are. NOT! People need to start reporting those who are showing signs of distress and mental imbalance rather than waiting for a tragedy. Self-Awareness is key, but not in this world of group-think.

  2. So much for mental health support when all you can do for a guy who does the right thing and calls 911 for help and the cops charge him with attempted murder put him in jail.

    1. @Stabbi Chan
      Poor widdle boo boo fussy foo he just couldnt do it.
      He just needed a hug poor baby.

    2. @Emory Zerty
      Poor little boo boo fussy foo 😄
      Called the cops and the doctor on himself 🤣🤣

  3. They ones they should be worried about are the ones that DON’T call 911 in advance and tell the police what they are intending to do…
    I’d call this a “cry for help” rather than an attempted murder.

  4. Did any reasonable thinking person out there believe this WASN’T going to happen?! Sheesh.

    1. Remember how certain people no longer want a police presence on school grounds? Remember? Be careful what you wish for….

  5. It’s too bad that kids going to school aren’t given the same amount of protection that Supreme Court justices are. I guess the lesson is, “hey kids, if you can survive your education, and you’re good at lying at confirmation hearings, maybe you can make this world a safer place someday.”

    Side note: I realize the supreme court hasn’t decided on any gun cases since Uvalde, but for some reason, I’m not hopeful for the imminent time when they need to.

    1. @Yvonne Rahmes Not without a background check….and there is a waiting period. Gun shop sold this gun illegally to the Uvalde kid.

    2. @Emory Zerty huh? Lmao like I care what happened to Russia or Ukraine. I care more about how I’m going to pay my bills here

  6. I like how the guy just said what he wanted to do . Wow ! Screw driver and zip ties .
    I hear if you zig zag when you run it helps . Or just hide under your desk

  7. I’m sure that Kavanaugh is safe because he only has ONE door that goes in and out of his home. There. Problem solved.

    1. @middle guy. The question is…why didn’t the police call the school to tell them there was an active shooter in the area so they could go into lockdown. Apparently he was outside of the school for quite awhile. Incompetent police failed in several areas. There was a fellow with a BB gun outside a school in Toronto and 4 schools were put into lockdown. The BB gun man was shot by the police.

  8. Cool Merrick, what about 1/6? Also it’s AMAZING the lengths law enforcement goes to protect certain people, but not 5th graders in our schools? Maybe Brett should only have one door leading in and out of his house

    1. Why would he have one door? That is stupid. The perp was caught before even getting to the house.

  9. Notice just how quickly the government responds when it’s one of THEM in danger. Justice and protection for the rest of us, not so much!

    1. @Freddy Gaulman And what do any of those things have to do with threatening others? It didn’t take long for you to expose yourself. Good luck with all that.

  10. It is amazing to see the DOJ responded so quickly to protect the SC Judges but when it comes to kids dying in mass schooling, crickets.

    1. What do you think he can do about school shootings? The last one had a bunch of cops in the hallway and they did nothing

    2. Blame it all on the “social justice” movement. Defunding the Police has consequences. “Social Justice” is another means of not being held accountable for one’s own (repeated?) bad behavior. Consequences.

    1. @Sheila. Well, he did have that lethal hammer as a back up incase the g.un jammed. Fortunately we tax payers are able to foot the bill for all that security.

  11. “I know that there is an outrage right now, I guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes and that’s the President’s position,” Jen Psaki

    1. @Nathan Jones who magically declared that we are war? again, you sound like a carbon copy of the jan 6 rioters

    1. @Lena Strope Strope Every single audio-visual media provider in the world is always trying to get their ratings up. You do realize that, right?

  12. Please pray for Gabby Giffords even now and thank Jesus that the potential assassin was stopped!

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