1. “War is rich old men protecting their wealth by sending lower and middle-class young men off to die” — George Carlin.

  2. Afghan women in fear for their lives because of Taliban.
    CNN ” lets send a female reporter to cover the story. “

    1. @Traci Schmidt that sucks. I hope our service men n women stop shooting civilians especially unarmed civilians. Thank christ the war is over

    2. @Dan Konnman Iam assuming these dead people were crushed trying to get in the airport. US military won’t shoot at citizens unless they are armed.

    3. @Traci Schmidt thats a lie. they do it all the time. dark web search would demonstrate this directly. Im sorry your heroes aren’t heroes. just ppl.

    1. @Zolu were not babysitting them just have bases over there same as Japan we don’t run thos countries at all they do their own thing and are good allies …we been feed afghan breast milk for 20 years now…maybe the taliban got their stuff together…hell they might make a great ally maybe…time will tell

    2. @Stephanie Williams
      The Bible is a historical fact
      You are a person born to be loved
      Trust Lord Jesus, and your house will be saved
      Jesus loves everyone even Jesus loves your enemies
      Watch Sid Roth’s on YouTube

  3. look at the background of each interview, we know where US money was spent: great gardening and room decorations, they seem to have lived a very different life versus the poor people we saw on the street

    1. @Philippe Wueste no. I am assuming either they are conducting the interview in the journalist’s residence or a lavish hotel that she designated, as it is really very costly/rare to maintain such environment in a poor and war-time country, even in the capital.
      But another possibility is the ones being interviewed are not ordinary people, how come they get to enjoy such unusual lifestyle compared to their countrymen, just as a simple gov clerk?
      And yes that did make me recall the last time I observed such distinction – anther developing country where people are poor and government are corrupt and officials enjoy extraordinary luxury.
      Statistically the sample is questionable. The journalist should let poor, ordinary girl express their feelings instead.

  4. Suddenly you are so concerned about the women in Afghanistan. Where was this concern when the USA was raining bombs on thier heads?

    1. @CaptainDerty stop waiting and read the context of the reply. I was referring to socialist nations that have universal health care and offer free college.

    2. @CaptainDerty And yet some Americans are being taxed north of 50% when you consider federal, state, local, property and sales taxes. Look at California and New York, for example.

  5. I’m really curious how many of those afghans there were flown out are extremist… We found out quick how much that country pretty much pretended not to care for taliban while USA was there then all changed quick

  6. I would like to suggest anyone that have optimism about this situation to move there, see for yourself how well it goes. It’s only a matter of time before it fully reverts to the “old ways” which weren’t that long ago.

    1. @You think i’m funny? the people have to want it more than us! We can not be their caregivers forever!

    2. @WildHeart that’s basicly what i was saying. and obviously they dont want it, not enough of them anyway.

    1. He’s doing actual work that the job requires. It’s not pretty, clear cut or simple. We all have to make the best choice under the circumstances when all the options have risks and benefits. It’s easy to say Biden is bad and be all judgmental when we’re uninformed and have no idea what we’re talking about.

    2. @TheMetalCosmic I don’t believe in any such conspiracy, I believe the election was won by Biden. So much for being a sheep. In fact, good that he won. His incapabilities are laid bare for everyone to see. The only thing that makes me sad are the casualties of his decrepit behaviour.

      You really proved my point regarding your decrepit leftist lot. Miserable.

      Please, continue to embarrass yourself.

    3. He just got the US out of a stupid war. He is doing a fantastic job. He may even get the Nobel Peace Prize.

    4. @Riley Scott
      I SINCERELY BELIEVE THAT we wouldn’t be dealing with the Afghanistan evacuation in this sloppy manner, people would not be FALLING to their death off planes.
      You love biden and are happy with inflation of gasoline and FOOD PRICES? No problem. Ok with FENTENAL and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS POURING INTO TEXAS? This is AMERICA and you can support anyone you choose.

  7. “You look very frightened” “You look very emotional too”. Clarissa Ward – is THAT all you care about; making sensational news at the expense of people in desperate fear for their life? Do better!

    1. I’d wager she never reported a single case of women being raped by U.S. Army or their family being destroyed by drone bombs or them getting disable because of it.

    2. @Truck Taxi I don´t know and maybe I was too quick to judge it just seemed wrong to ask. I saw it again and at 3.41 the reporter does look like shes´s about to break down when the woman talks about what will happen if she´s killed

  8. Our presence will have had impact but not to the extent to upset the whole apple cart, they still want to maintain their own culture as Afghans.

  9. “They are chanting ‘death to America’ but seem friendly at the same time”. -literally a CNN reporter.

    1. you tool, she said „it’s bizarre“ at the end. She reported it as see saw it. If you think you can report better why don‘t you go you?!?

    2. @Panzerkeks 85 Um that’s not at all what they are saying. The whole comment was calling out CNN for spreading false information that these Taliban are not good people

  10. We need to help Americans .. not other nations who don’t stand for what they want and hate us. This doesn’t make sense..

  11. 1:10 Lol. When CNN praised Biden’s election as a “return to normalcy”, I didn’t think they meant the return of the Taliban!

    1. Stupid. You know very well the normalcy was wrt the States. Afghanistan is a different country…it’s not a part of the USA.

    2. @Riley Scott how about open border, no concern for covid, while putting taliban back in power. great combo….

  12. CNN: Yes, the Taliban is back in power, but we have faith in them that they’re going to treat women better than they did in the past.
    What!? I would love to hear ONE thing the Taliban has done in the last 20 years that makes anyone believe they have changed their attitude towards women.

    1. 240,000 Afghani civilians killed in cold blood since the US invasion ‘including’ women i.e. 14% (33,600 women). Will the US military change their attitude against killing of civilians and specially women?

    2. Taliban and Islam share identical values though.
      That’s why the Afghan army gave up.
      Islam hates and kills women and gays.
      Taliban hates and kills women and gays.

  13. “A woman cannot go to school or go out to work if she does not respect our dress codes, or else she will end up in detention.”

    What I just read is not a statement of the Taliban leaders but an excerpt from the last French law

  14. “If you ever feel useless, just remember that it took USA 4 presidents, trillions of dollars, millions of lives and 20 years to replace Taliban with Taliban” @RajatSharmaLive

    1. I used to think I was an idiot. Then I started paying attention to politics and the media. Now I think I might be a genius.

    2. We have only lost 2,300 American troops in Afghanistan. Saying millions were lost is a gross overstatement. Doesn’t matter now though. Kabul is lost and they just reverted back 100 years of social progress

  15. Just wondering how much “infrastructure” we could build for $2T and 20 years? I’m glad we pulled out.

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