1. Did they censor Russia collusion? Censor coming from Wuhan lab? Call hunters laptop Russian misinformation? I could go on and on but you get the idea.

  2. “Facebook is a place where you share information and you can kind of pick and choose which information you think is good and which isn’t all that great” NO ITS NOT. It’s just a place to communicate. It’s not suppose to be some sort of news source.

    1. @JustDvine It has been debunked at every turn but if all you watch is CNN and the like you will never see or hear it.

    2. @Giodi Gian True say, friend. A true man will own up to his mistakes and knowledge he does not have. Everyone should be willing to learn.

    3. @Roger C I agree, CNN is garbage. But that doesn’t excuse this woman’s ignorance on the matter or any matter.

    4. @Max Mustermann You are replying to someone who not only is ignorant, but is willfully ignorant living in a bubble. I would just let it be.

    1. How did liberals get so stupid so fast? It’s amazing how the hypocricy oozes out of you like your bigoted rants. You fools are seriously everything you hate

    2. Wuflu has an over 99% survival rate. Mask boxes CLEARLY have disclaimers printed on them. Once a mask is touched it’s considered contaminated. Medical personnel dispose of contaminated masks. NONE if the mrna shots have been fully approved, nor tested on humans. The CIA made up the term “conspiracy theory”. “But Orange Man BAD!” …every low information voter out there. Smh

    3. @no body Triggered snowflake alert 🤣🤣🤣 the only racists I see are the emotionally manipulated sheep pointing it out.

    4. @Matty ice Well said. I believe so many people just didn’t want the confrontation on social media, or cautious to speak up in public due to what media had led so many to believe. Yet, the same people are growing tired of the lies, the bullying, the bigotry, and the outright craziness and violence of the far left. I believe it took the far left to tell us that patriotism was wrong, and most importantly how we should raise our children, for the public to reach a boiling point.

    5. @Matty ice, hahaha, looks like Matt ice forgot to take his medication this morning. 😅 Talk about snowflakes? You are melting down. Or is it a breakdown? Eat sh-t.

  3. “It’s impossible” to have a shared reality, she says. So what’s the very point of education? Are people to simply base facts on what they “feel”? This woman is insane.

    1. @Scott Weaver You do realize you ARE that woman in the video right? You are that insane person that literally can’t tell the difference between facts and anything else. Yeah the left hates science lmao, really good argument. That’s why the left wants everyone to be vaccinated, that’s why they want to make progress on climate change. Oh and the people that are directly against those things science clearly tells us? “Climate change isn’t real you can’t trust THOSE thousand scientists only these 3 I like that say what I want to be true. Vaccine isn’t actually good it’s actually worse than the disease it prevents, who cares what hundreds of doctors say I found 2 that say this other random medicine that is for a totally different ailment works way better but no one wants you to know.” When those are the arguments on the right you really show how utterly moronic and lack of higher brain power you have. Please go get help, you’re not ok, someone can help fix your brain (I hope).

    2. They’re addicted to likes and follows, and will share any garbage that feeds that. This is sickness and it’s destroying America.

  4. “Facebook is a place where you share information.”

    This is the most boomer thing I heard so far. This woman obviously doesn’t know the real purpose of social media.

    1. I’d argue that Social Media is working as intended. It drives content that people want into thier faces. The problem is what humans are putting into it. Trump and those like him have basically poisoned the well, and now everyone who drinks it gets the same poison, it’s impossible to stop people from drinking it.

    2. @tbirdguy1 you’re right, its pretty cool that I can stay connected with my family from another country and also connect with like minded individuals from around the world. Just sucks that its been poisoned. To be honest there’s always been conspiracy theorist on social media since MySpace. I remember being friends with a guy deep in the rabbit hole. He now looks like a burned out Alice Cooper and lives in his parents basement.

    3. @Sadie Stoltzfus yeahhhh umm I’m gonna go on a limb here and say it’s safe to say that a majority of your day is spent looking through the blinds of your windows…would I be wrong?

    4. It’s where a liberal can share information..that’s it . deleted acct over a year ago…you can survive without it

    1. @John Titor “loving pioneers of free speech” says the guy that wanted the orange authoritarian dictator wannabe in power.

    2. @John Titor You are brain washed so bad you don’t know the difference between what’s true and what’s false. CNN makes mistakes as does MSNBC but when they bring on experts they name them, Faux Spews only says “recent reports indicate” and “some are saying!” and you can’t tell what’s true and what’s false…. Really?

    3. @Mr. Monkey What is ironic about that is the fact that all of the news anchors you listen to on right wing media are mandated to be vaccinated, and are vaccinated. While telling viewers like yourself not to, but instead take horse heart dewormer medication and chug bleach as an alternative method that no sane (democrat) person would ever even consider.

    1. The point I’m making is that we all have different realities, or perceptions, even when it comes to established facts. For example, we both know that covid-19 exists and that people are dying, but you and I might have different ideas on how to best deal with it and what we believe the outcomes of our ideas might be.

      It’s literally nothing to do with the colour of the sky. Clearly I’m not in favour of anybody who suffers from a mental derangement, and there are plenty of them on both the left and the right.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 – I understand what you’re saying, and I understand people and their skepticism when it comes to leaders in this country giving us “facts.” ie. our government literally lies us into wars that end up costing us, taxpayers, trillions of dollars. But the pandemic is not just a US issue. It’s a global issue and that IS the reality. I’m just sick of hearing about people needlessly dying, just because they refuse to get the vaccine. It hurts my heart as an American, and as a human being.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 how to deal with covid isn’t a factual issue, it’s an opinion. what covid IS is a factual issue. facts don’t care about your opinions, that how it works.

    4. @TheDiamond2009 reality is important.. there is no your reality and my reality.. there is one and only one truth.. she may not like the truth but it doesn’t mean she gets to create her own reality .. I always amaze at people who fight over religion.. nobody has seen God.. yet they think their form of God is superior and do things exactly what their God asked them not to do ..

  5. “It’s impossible because of the bias…” She accuses other of what she’s guilty of. All other form of information is bias except her own.

    1. @Robert Hartford, why would a racist Democrat endorse a Republican? Yes game over, you lost. You can say our debate was rigged. 😂😂

    2. @Robert Hartford Wow, you are not very intelligent. Evidence of a flip? It’s so sad that this what you extreme conservatives cling onto, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican right? And you’re thinking stops there, right there.

      There is no argument here, the confederacy was conservative as conservative gets. Lincoln’s politics were much more aligned with left leaning than right, it’s not close. Yeah, slavery was a liberal policy? Really? This coming from a conservative that I have no doubt denies the continued existence of prejudice and racism, hates any black movement such as BLM, and thinks acknowledging the existence of systemic racism is racist against white people.

      What is the point you’re trying to make anyway? What, that modern day liberals support slavery? Hmm, which side is it that regularly opposes a minimum wage? How about private prison labor, are you against that? Ffs, you can listen to prominent conservatives TODAY defend slavery. Where are you more likely to find a confederate flag, in the house of a liberal or a conservative?

      So just stop. This is so childish of you. Seriously, this is what 4th graders argue about, where you’re more concerned about the name of a party, rather than the politics, policies, ideology, and actions. You’re republican, so Lincoln’s on your side? Really? Grow tf up and study.

    3. @Non sibi sed patriae FFS, some of you guys are so delusional, so thoroughly brainwashed by conservative media, that everything has become a conspiracy theory. Everything is some secret plot to somehow hurt you. It’s so embarrassing…

      Why do even watch CNN clips? You’re not even paying attention. Go ahead, explain what the video is about

    1. The only thing that I know for certain is that Mary ducks those dogs. You can fact check it but I won’t believe it. (Autocorrect intentionally left in)

  6. TWO WORDS said it all, “Whose reality?” There is only one reality, and then there are false perceptions of reality. You don’t get to pick a reality in the same way you pick a religion, just because you like it.

  7. She’s gone – lost down the social media rabbit hole where ‘up’ is ‘down’.
    “To not know is bad. To not want to know is worse.” African Proverb

  8. “It’s impossible because of the bias…” – says the person with bias.

    Why is it so easy to believe lies and so difficult to believe truth?

    1. Bias is the ‘bad boy’ of self-esteem. The truth… is boring. It just sits there… being reliable and predictable.

  9. “…Who’s reality is more important than your own reality?” Wow, she must have her own matrix world.

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