1. @Rune-Thorne Trump would send US troops to help Putin conquer Ukraine while he chugs diet Cokes and strives to look like a Cheeto

    2. US Citizens: Please contact you senators and representatives now! Help Ukraine! Demand harsher sanctions! These people are fighting for their freedom from having to live under Putin’s boot!

  1. If a news company sends a reporter into a warzone and the reporter does go no argument
    No matter political views that person got some balls

    1. @KentBalzer I’m pretty sure a video showing Russian troops isn’t fake, but generally speaking they are as trust worthy as fox

    2. @Yo Momma I support trump and obviously there’s a war. Also anyone who believes the bs from any mainstream media outlet rather it be CNN or fox is an idiot who can’t think for themselves. Like why even fall for their division agenda it’s so obvious?😂 I’m only here for the comments and this comment section is just to funny. What an absolute bunch of buffoons.

  2. Everyone giving props to the reporter but no one giving his fair share of praise to my boi the cameraman, the true BALLS OF STEEL

    1. Путин же сказал, что не будут трогать мирных жителей, в том числе журналистов. Да и зачем ему это? Может случайно прилететь, вот это опасно, но здесь, рядом с русскими солдатами, он в безопасности от России.

  3. I never thought it possible that I would ever have to fear war here in Europe – and now it’s real. It frightens me how fragile the peace was. My thoughts are with all the people who have now lost friends, family and/or their homes.

    1. @Vin Diesel Wikipedia:
      A confrontation between Russian forces and NATO forces over the Pristina International Airport (Russian Марш-бросок на Приштину Marsch-brosok na Prischtinu or shorter Бросок на Приштину Brosok na Prischtinu) occurred on 12 June 1999, in the aftermath of the Kosovo War. Russian troops occupied the airport ahead of a NATO deployment, resulting in a tense stand-off, which was resolved peacefully.(c)
      p.s. Go and read, idiot. Can you read in English? :))
      I’m Russian. ☕

    2. @UrGreatestEnemy NATO is a bs of Putin, NATO is not a threat to Russia, but a democratic Ukraine, is a threat to his authoritarian regime.

      Glasnost (“openness” opened the way for democratic reform movements) started the collapse of the USSR….the very same thing that Putin now fears, that can also happen to him.

      In 1990, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Moscow. The image of the Golden Arches in Pushkin Square seemed like a triumph of Western capitalism, and customers lined up around the block for their first taste of a Big Mac.
      In 1991, after one year, the USSR collapsed.

      A large number of websites and online services are banned in Russia by Roskomnadzor, the federal censorship body.
      Almost all western apps/websites are banned in China….YouTube, google, yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, whatsup, viber, messenger, Wikipedia, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, NYTimes, WSI, Fox, NBC, etc.etc….

      They live inside an electronic “Iron Curtain” of the cold war.
      Russians and Chinese cannot have glasnost.

    3. @Neffos Nine are you talking about the joint Russia-NATO peacekeeping effort in Kosovo that ended in a stiff confrontation between forces, but no casualties and a peaceful resolution ? That’s your best example of an invasion? That’s not an invasion. Do you have an example of a NATO army group invading a European country? Not just some airport confrontation? I can tell you’re Russian, you’re clearly uneducated!

    4. @Vin Diesel Right so in your mind Kosovo seceding from Serbia was wrong and Taiwan has no right to secede from China? In my mind when the democratically elected government was ousted from power with American help they had no reason to consider the new Ukrainian government as legitimate. Why would they? Victoria Nuland had more say who their president would be than they did.

    1. @Randy J wow, you realy measure human beeings completly different just the color of their skin, huh? In Ukrain is war! You make yourself look like a crybaby

  4. Ngl I went in thinking those were Ukrainian soldiers on patrol.

    Jaw nearly hit the floor when he said those were Russian VDV.

    1. @endintiers most female soldiers are single and if they are married their husbands would be soldiers as well.

    1. Those are Russian trolls or people who are brainwashed by Russian propaganda.

      Long live Ukraine! Death to the Donbass traitors and fascist Russia!

  5. 2:20 Note to self, when sent to a potential high intensity war zone put the minor amount of effort into researching what uniforms each side wears….it might save your life and definitely will help make you look less stupid.

    1. Press is press and universally recognized as a no kill / harm. Regardless of side.. their life isn’t directly at risk i.e targeted attack…. Now if something happens by accident, that’s another story.

    2. @Gregory Myers

      Putins want to gain more political power and wants to be viewed as liberating the Ukrain from the clutches of neo-fascists.

      His troops have probably been instructed to avoid actions that could be prosecuted as war crimes whenever possible because his objectives are political and he wants as little bad press as possible.

      Putin has a lot of control over the news in Russia, but I’m fairly certain that he is concerned about how he is viewed on the international scene.

    1. Instead of asking your imaginary friend to help how about you help them yourself and spent some money? No offence tho, just sayin’

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