1. Thank you for sharing today’s best information… greetings from traditional Indonesian gold prospectors ❤️🇮🇩⚒️⛏️👍👍👍

  2. If Putin is somehow able to scrape up 300,000 more men to lose in Ukraine, who will wave at the Chinese army as it rolls across Russia’s southern border?

  3. Now it is right the time to send more and heavier military support to Ukraine to keep the pressure on. Putin will never end this war unless people of Russian force him to do it. That will not happen without Ukraine success in battlefields. To arms against tyranny !

  4. Looks like recruiting prisoners and homeless drug addicts didn’t work too well. And neither did the Special Military Operation.
    So embarrassing.

  5. Nick has a beautiful way with words. Conveying information as a reporter, and storytelling about the brave people of Ukraine. It’s so easy to get desensitized, Nick provides an emotional connection to the people meets and I think that should be commended. Excellent reporting and worthy of the defiant, proud and passionate Ukranians tragically stuck in this mess.

  6. That was intense. Surreal almost. Two armies with powerful means of destruction, massive injuries and loss of life, total destruction of infrastructure and housing. What a nightmare.

  7. I hope peace gets established in all parts of the world including between Russia and Ukraine. Nothing is achieved by hatred and greed.

  8. Each time Mr Nick is reporting, I just feel carry away. He is captivating and makes you feel as if you are there on the ground witnessing. I Mean you are like visualizing every single moment of the situation

  9. It’s horrible that all these people are being forced to fight all because of a madman’s ego! Stay strong Ukraine!

  10. God bless people like Natalia- braving a proper war zone to keep the neighborhood safe and fed.
    It was really lovely to see her laugh after they jumped at the sound of the explosion- the fear never leaves, but she is able to smile through the fear- and THAT is wonderfully admirable.

    1. не боялась сиреной соседка и привыкла к ней матя по немножку и плевал я-здоровый трехлетка на воздушную эту тревогу… our neighbor was not scared by the sirens. my mom got used to it, almost. and i, healthy 3-year-old, just spit on this air warning…

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