1. @neil A im not even reading your comment., gotta come with something less than that. im too busy of a person to waste my time, we all get a million viruses inside us at any given day. corona viruses are fairly common,, most people dont understand how common they are. .. i dont trust the news and government so get outta here with their facts

      excuse me, english is my third language so i hope i spelled everything correctly, im use to speaking english n not writing it

    2. @Music Biz Morty Ok so you obviously are just repeating lies without doing any real reaserch. You proved that you’re a clueless person that does zero research before writing stuff “”gotta come with something less than that. im too busy of a person to waste my time”

    3. @neil A so so sad. the american propaganda machine is WORSE than north korea propaganda .. at least their people dont really believe the lies, they just act like they do.. in america , everybody thinks they know everything just because they heard its true on tv… lmfao!!!!! your truly living the American dream .. thing is, its called the American dream cause you have to be asleep to believe in it. … excuse my writing, my english not my first language

  1. But yet your not brave enough to tell us what’s going in the white house or is it that they won’t let you in, what a laugh the media has become!!!!

    1. You appear to be so used to being fed crap by Trump and his Administration that you think the Truth and Facts are lies .

  2. If they had jumped in ambulance in America they could have changed the headline to “hardest hit 1st world country”.

  3. Type ‘ Was Abraham Lincoln a Liberal or Conservative ??’ on Google and then tell me that Linclon was a Conservative .

  4. “I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.”🕊How to be saved:
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  5. I’ll be honest the way how I feel about coronavirus it is here to stay it isn’t going nowhere just like AIDS and cancer🤔

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